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  1. Your fix works! Thank you so much! My attempt at using the inAreaArray: _carCount = ["B_MRAP_01_hmg_F","B_MRAP_01_gmg_F"] inAreaArray [getMarkerPos "trialAO_1"] { deleteVehicle _x; //delete everything! } forEach _carCount; //... Well, everything in this array atleast. Getting same "error missing;" msg but not on the last line. I think I am using it wrong and it's somehow storing the wrong thing in _carCount.
  2. _carCount = entities ["B_MRAP_01_hmg_F","B_MRAP_01_gmg_F"] select {_x inArea "trialAO_1"}; //finds all cars in area of trialAO_1 { deleteVehicle _x; //delete everything! } forEach _carCount; //... Well, everything in this array atleast. Need some help with this bit of code. Getting "missing ;" error with first line. First line should be making an array of all entities, of the 2 classnames, in the marker. The forEach is just deleting all those entities.
  3. Not really what I'm looking for, it seems your script assigns the kits randomly. Or I just can't find how to assign a kit to a specific unit. This is on the right idea of what I am looking for (I think), but this never worked when I tested it in the editor. Also tried replacing "this" with "player" and got nothing. will try it in a server with a friend and take a look. I checked that out and that is far more complicated than I am whilling todo. I already made the loadouts in .sqf format. I just want a way to pull them over. I don't want to ban ppl from dropping shit cause that could just make more problems in other areas. Ty for all responses. will keep exploring.
  4. For the past few years I've been doing custom load-out kits for my unit. How we've always done it is I just have a box that has this in the init: this addAction ["Rifleman", {player execVM "CAF_W\Rifleman.sqf";},[],1,true,true,"","true",5]; Well this and many other kits of many other names. When you pick it, the game just removes everything and gives you the kit in the file. Really easy. The problem with this is people tend to pick up the stuff from one kit, drop it on the floor, pick another cit, then combine the two. Making for some people to have really OP load-outs which were never the intent of the system I made. So what I want to do now is when a unit loads they spawn with that sqf file. And I have no idea how to do this... This is how it goes in my head: Player joins server for op >> player enters role selection screen. >> player sees plenty of open slots, some say Teamleader, Sniper, Rifleman, etc. >> player selects rifleman slot. >> Player then goes to load into the game. >> Players spawns with load-out that was given in the rifleman.sqf >> have fun. I've kept doing some variation of... player execVM "LOADS\Rifleman.sqf"; But with no good results. Pls halp.
  5. @HazJ I will give it a look thanks
  6. oh sorry, That was what I got before I deactivated the mines. This is what I got when I difused them... ::[]
  7. @HazJ What I got was :: [438911:mine_at.p3d,438913:mine_at.p3d]
  8. Sorry no, that just fired the trigger on the spot.
  9. @HazJ Test Results: !mineActive testMine Placed one mine down like you said and disarmed it. Trigger fired. {!mineActive _x} forEach [testMine1, testMine2]; Placed another mine down, and like last time. The trigger went off. {!mineActive _x} forEach allMines Did not make any changes to the mines that I placed down. The trigger did NOT fire with this condition
  10. Not getting any sort of error. But not matter what I set the activation type to (i.e. "game logic" or "anybody") The trigger just won't fire.
  11. @HazJ I got the following error, when putting where I said I did... 'call{waitUntil { {!mineActive _x} forEach allMines };}' Error Generic error in expression.
  12. @HazJ Will give that a try now will let you know. I'm hoing to try an put it in the activation field of the trigger
  13. I have a Minefield use'ing the A3 mine Module, but I have now idea to make a trigger fire when all the mines are deactivated. I know it needs to be something like this... if allMines are Active then don't activate... or something like that. My scripting is still very rough so I am just lost on where to start to get that to where I want it.
  14. Works! Thank you so much!
  15. Lol sorry, still new to scripting. But yeah, I have the object set to spawn randomly with some markers on the map. Then once it's where it starts I want to have the two units move to said object.