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  1. jhonenglish


    thanks for replying to my question. How can i slove this problem?
  2. jhonenglish


    Hello, im trying to play this animation "Acts_welcomeOnHUB05_PlayerWalk_3" in a cut scene, im using the SwitchMove command, after a few moments the ai stop moving but keep doing the animation stationery, anyome knows why?
  3. jhonenglish


    Hey, so i made an intro for a MP game [using the intro phase, not in the scenario phase], how can i get everyone to see the intro? because when i place playble units in the scenario phase it skips the itnro all together [in multiplayer]
  4. jhonenglish

    Problem with a While loop

    Thanks. solved the problem... distance condition is not what i need, i needed the camera to follow somthing to a certain amount of time.
  5. Hello there and thank you for giving attention to to my problem. Im creating an intro in which a camera follows a player (see below), but for some reason it wont exit the while loop, anybody got an idea why? StopFollowing = 0; Follow = 0; T1 = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", [0,0,0] , false]; T1 setTriggerStatements ["StopFollowing = 1","Follow = 1",""]; T1 setTriggerTimeout [5, 5, 5, false]; // i set this trigger with a timeout so it will turn the While condition false after 5 sec StopFollowing = 1; titleCut ["", "BLACK OUT", 2]; sleep 1; titleCut ["", "BLACK IN", 3]; while {Follow isEqualTo 0} do { _camera camPrepareTarget man1; _camera camPrepareRelPos [1,1,3]; _camera camPrepareFOV 0.700; _camera camCommitPrepared 0; WaitUntil {camCommitted _camera}; };
  6. jhonenglish

    WayPoint activation

  7. Hello there. Ive been trying to set conditions to waypoints to activate but the ai moves there before activation. tryed all sorts of condtions, anyone else having the same problem? any solutions?
  8. hi, im trying to script an action that its condition will be that you are not visible to enemy units. *( the idea is that you can switch your identitiy (i made an action for that) by luting a dead enemy corpse, but it will be stupid if this works when the enemy can see you doing it)* i tried to do this: _visibilityCheck = {[objNull, "VIEW"] checkVisibility [eyePos (_this select 1), eyePos _x];} forEach (allUnits select {side _x isEqualTo east}); if (_visibilityCheck > 0) then {code...}. ------------------------ but it wont work, any ideas why?
  9. jhonenglish

    Help with While loop

    thx alot guys
  10. jhonenglish

    Making AI forget you

    Thanks alot, im only just started coding so htis is alot of help!
  11. jhonenglish

    Help with While loop

    thx, but i want this code to activate whenever a group is killed not just once, but the problem is once a group is all dead it keeps repeating without removing that group from the list
  12. ive been trying to run this code the problem is that once one of the conditions in the "waitUntil" is true it keeps looping non stop, i tried to delete the group that was killed as you see below, but it didnt help. if anyone has any ideas it would be great. while {true} do { waitUntil {({alive _x} count units A == 0) or ({alive _x} count units B == 0)}; hint "boom yah"; A forgetTarget player1; // A & B are group names B forgetTarget player1; sleep 3; }; if (({alive _x} count units A) == 0) then {deleteGroup A}; if (({alive _x} count units A) == 0) then {deleteGroup B};
  13. jhonenglish

    Making AI forget you

    Thx, how do i get the unit and killer? these variables change cause any player can kill anu ai. ive thought maby to do somthing like this: ----------------------------- waitUntil {{alive _x} count units _myGroup == 0}; _enemy Group forgetTarget _myPlayer; ------------------------------- worked, but the problem is that now i need to define all the enemy groups and set a code for each: while {true} do { waitUntil {({alive _x} count units A == 0) or ({alive _x} count units B == 0)}; A forgetTarget player1; B forgetTarget player1; }
  14. jhonenglish

    Making AI forget you

    but how do i make them forget only when i killed the spotter in a certain amount of time
  15. jhonenglish

    Making AI forget you

    but how do i make them forget only when i killed the spotter in a certain amount of time