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    @evrik Nvm, this is TADST related problem and it just not applying new config and starting empty server without any mods
  2. Sanaj 1337

    3CB Factions

    Can't run it on dedicated server mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/Item0/Entities/Item0.type: Vehicle class UK3CB_ADA_O_MG no longer exists
  3. Me and few people making scenarios for our unit. We using mods (100+) and some of them causing problems like this. And you probably understand that checking every mod is really pain in ass even if there is error i should unpack pbo's fix problem inside mods and then repack them This causing a lot of problems, because i don't really have time to check every mod and scenario on errors, so i just wanna know is there is command that can make dedicated server pass through scenario with errors like that. As i said, i remember that i've seen command like this somewhere around. Maybe im just having kinda mandela effect
  4. I've made dedicated server with mods and some of scenarios having small errors like "xxx.sqf not found" or "no entry xxx" and so on. They aren't really major because i can simply press "ok" and scenario will work without any problems if i'll start it in LAN from server browser But if im hosting dedicated server then there is no way to press "ok" button and server not passing through and returning back to lobby with error in console Question is - how to avoid kicking from scenario if it contains small problems like i described above without fixing the problem inside scenario, because it kicking even if it can't find script that i simply not using in scenario and just forgot to delete execution command of this script I remember that i've seen somewhere command which allowing me to start scenario with errors, but i haven't found it anywhere