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  1. It has saved frames a lot with my friends if I hide areas just beyond visual ranges in the jungle. I am going to try set it up for 1000 meters beyond radius of all players all terrain objects do not show, or objects of a choosing such as the trees, and then it shows all objects within the meters that way it only shows what is used and renders nothing else https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/nearestTerrainObjects Another solution i tend to do is completely hide whole cities if you fly past them with a helicopter for example, you are not going to be in the city and it lags quite a bit at times, so i just switch all buildings off. But hiding trees it would be needing to be cluttered hide modules all over the map, and that slows down the server by a lot.
  2. Tried to put it in and seems to work really well! So much fun! Thank you both!
  3. 1. I am spawning men(groups) and vehicles by script as well as zeus. So I am working on applying DS to all units, whether grouped, or singular, men as well as vehicles. addMissionEventHandler ["GroupCreated", { params ["_group"]; _group spawn { params ["_grp"]; waitUntil {sleep 0.5; units _grp isNotEqualTo [] or isNull _grp}; _grp enableDynamicSimulation true; }; }]; This works fine, but it only applies to infantry groups so far. Infantry are spawning in groups, and vehicles are spawning as single units. 2. Yes, everything can be edited as Zeus. Can be commanded, customized, killed off, ect. I just need to make them selectable through a module in the Achilles mod called Add/Remove Editable Units first sometimes.
  4. That works! I could not find VehicleCreated for spawned in vehicles so I assume it is EntityCreated
  5. Thanks j0nes, I am not very good at this. Sounds like the second scenario is what I would go for. Trying to figure that out how to set it up with DS now https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Dynamic_Simulation
  6. Hey there guys, I am looking around and wondering if anyone knows how to set up Dynamic Simulation, for ALL non-player units in the session, at all times. .. maybe a sleep or check timer where it applies it in periods for all non player units. Both from the start of the session and when you spawn them in mid session, through script or by Zeus Micro managing activating dynamic simulation on any and all units is a bit tedious for me as Zeus
  7. Hey everyone! I am looking at different options to improve the performance during my arma sessions. Frequently, I make use of the hide objects module for various purposes. Now I am wondering if this module, or a code, can be used in a radius around players .. effectively hiding certain objects beyond the distance from players? That way you would only immediately render what you can see, and nothing else beyond what is around you.
  8. saddle

    Zeus gets deleted

    Thanks. I am going to try do some searching how this works
  9. Hey guys, quick question. I have been looking around all over and not managed to find an answer. When I am hosting a session as zeus, when I as the zeus die, and my body gets deleted .. for example blown up or the auto clean-up removes my body, it also removes my zeus access with my former body and in mid sessions I lose all zeus permissions. Is there something I can do to completely prevent this, or give myself back zeus access in mid session? I am using the Game Master module with #adminLogged. Thanks
  10. I see, I still want to try. Either by game files or by script if someone has any suggestion .. today I am going to spend some time to try working on this
  11. Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time. In short, I am working on an immersive zombie experience for my friends. I want to run the following mods together: Ryan Demons and Zombies Max Zombies Ravage All of which uses different AI settings and such things as variables it seems. I want to use them all for the biggest variety for the experience .. or else I could just stick to a single one. But spawning in these zombies as Zeus or through Mod/Script is my challenge. these mods, despite being on the same side EAST in this case, they will attack each other even though they are all same side and zombies. I am looking for a way to make this not the case. After doing some reading, Max wrote in the comments of his mod that you will need to apply these parameters to a unit init; _Unit setVariable ["Zombie",true]; _Unit setVariable ["Angry",true]; but that is just covering his mod. I have added this to a script to ensure these variables are applied to each unit ... but when I spawn them in as Zeus, they do not have that variable. I am thinking ... the easiest way might just be for me to run a script that apply whichever variable you define, on all units and classnames you define .. for all the units in these mods in this case, in all instances where a unit spawns in whether it be by Zeus or another method. Any tip or feedback is greatly appreciated.
  12. About me: Age: 33 Male, Sweden Fluent in English and have basic speech in many languages. Any other question speak to me. Looking for: Now looking to explore new unit(s) and test some waters. Willing to give most things a try. Open to discuss designated roles. Open for different mods, themes and other experiences. Active community/group English language Interested in PvE mostly, a few exceptions Interested in official or unofficial scenarios with goals and objectives, not game modes such as King of the Hill or Antistasi Easy going outside the game conduct and maturity is what I will be looking for If Milsim, able to separate in character and out of character conduct Experience: - Arma veteran with 5.000 hours on Arma 3 alone now looking to explore new unit(s). - Deep experience in the Zeus role and custom Mission creation. - TFAR/ACE3 - Plot developments and narration. Drop me a message anytime. Initial contact will be via Forums. Availability: European Time Zones only. Flexible most evenings.
  13. Yes, I want a simple number displayed for All Players in the session, like in a corner of the screen, that I as the host can change the numbers simply plus or minus and it will show for instance typing into the global statement "something +200" and it will show 200 in the numbers.
  14. Hey guys, I am wondering if there is a way to show a custom value, such as a simple number on the screen for All Players in the session and that can be altered during the session by the host Zeus, by something like the Esc button Extended Debug Console and executing statements. My idea is I want to control a visible number for all players, that when we sell or buy an item, or gain a number of points, I can add and remove plus or minus numbers on the get go. Any tips or ideas much appreciated
  15. Just did some extensive testing of this. You have just helped me resolve one of my biggest headaches in hosting Arma sessions, and I hope many others will enjoy your talents. Thank you so muchpierremgi, big props to you.