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  1. Thanks a ton for the support so far guys. I might try an option and make like a script/trigger/init line radius around all players on the map, that if any and all AI ends up outside the radius they will disable simulation, and then when they enter the radius the simulation is on again.
  2. Thanks. Will large amounts of AI across the map still affect performance? Even if they are all disabled in simulation?
  3. So maybe an easier sample could be to populate the entire map with specific AI, but then have something like a trigger or script where, all units in a proximity of players gets Simulated or not?
  4. Hello guys, thanks for taking the time. I am working hard on an experience for some people that I am going to entertain as Zeus and mission maker, but gotten to a point where I have not manage to find any module, mod or other script that meet my specific needs. My friends during their adventure through a map, will come and go to different locations, and return to the same ones again potentially. Each time they do, I want to be able to spawn in AI units, under specific classnames, in very specific location like a marker or trigger. Maybe one AI of one type of classname stands at a gatehouse, and another AI of another type of classname is standing outside in the rain. But each time they go there, they will spawn in into the same spot or markers. And if they leave, they will despawn again, in order to save on performance for the server. I have seen many population scripts out there, but they generally populate areas and houses, they do not place them into very specific manual locations, or i can choose which classname will be placed down to the detail. I am also looking for the option that if I spawn a third guy by the guard house, he starts to patrol in a small radius when he has appeared. I can easily create this by placing down NPCs, but it is going to tax the performance if I have so many different locations populated all at once. It would be better if they despawn on leaving, and respawn on approach. It would also be useful if there are specific enemy classnames in an area they can attack, they will respawn later in case they want to go back and do the same attack over again. Anyone has any ideas or suggestions? Much appreciated!
  5. Hey foley! Thanks for the tip! I run the VCOM AI script/mod and despite trying to change the skill settings, it seems to reflect none what so ever in the actual execution of the AI behavior when I am in game and running things as Zeus. I used to add 2000 in rating to all the players over and over. Perhaps that number is low and runs out quickly during an operation. Perhaps this will be resolved if I give them a large rating, indeed. Cheers. Not sure how this one works or if I can implement it in a good way, globally as Zeus? A script that runs in the background and applies modifications to all units in the game, would be awesome but I have limited coding experience. Not sure how that would work with addAction to list myself commands. Thanks Gunter I will look it over again. You are golden for making these lists for the community.
  6. Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time. I am an experienced Arma Zeus and like the title of this topic says, I am looking at options when it comes to the enemy AI in order to generate as seamless of a stealth gameplay as possible for players. Been looking around a whole lot and not managed to find any answers so far, any tip or input is very appreciated! On it's own, the game is hardly an ideal game for stealth gameplay? It can be very sensitive and fidgety in how AI works and scripts too. So the idea is that I regulate all of this manually as the Zeus for the players. Even making the AI a bit dumbed down, to give the players a sneaky chance to pick people off. How I currently do it is that I turn the enemy faction into an ally for the duration of stealthing, that way the AI will not do anything strange or go alert, until I choose to .. which I switch the AI back into hostile relation again. All of that works perfectly - but when players kill the 'friendly' ai, they lose standing and become eventually renegades and traitors. So players will have issues getting into vehicles ect with some traitors on the squad, and eventually the AI even if friendly in relation will still open up on the player that ends up becoming renegades. How I have tried to resolve this is; to increase all players standing and rating constantly throughout the operation, but eventually this will not work out or be viable. I have also set all players to max rank of Colonel. If there was such a function like making all AI on one side, currently spawned in, not engage or go alert until I press a button or so that would been good but I doubt this exists? Anyone have any ideas or pointers for how to run manually controlled stealth gameplay like this as Zeus? Or other work arounds or options? It is far too much work to manually press pockets of spawned units, and run an init line on all of them everywhere, and then run an init line to activate them again ect. Things are happening too fast for that.
  7. Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time! As the title says, I wonder if there is a way to completely prevent any player while looting the dead to take uniform, vest or backpack and put it into their own slots? I have been looking all over the place for this one and not managed to find anything yet. - I still want people to be able to loot what is inside the containers, I just don't want them to be able to transfer the containers themselves, or any other inventory slot such as helmet/headwear. cheers,
  8. Squad name: Arma Lads Timezone/location : CEST / EU Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Co-op Contact: STEAM: nayD (thaosan) https://steamcommunity.com/id/thaosan901/ DISCORD: vemone#2673 feel free to contact me here anytime and/or ask for other means of contact Website address: arma 3 unit: https://units.arma3.com/unit/armalads discord: https://discord.gg/tv7E4dTw Short description: We play every week, usually more casual gamemodes in the weekdays and every second Saturday we do Zeus Operations. I am a very experienced Zeus and mission creator, hosting very custom and unique experiences to my circle of players. We are a mature environment and have been playing for quite a bit of years by now, we play for fun but also blend with semi-realism. My operations are focused on such things such as immersion, light role playing among members (if one wants to). Arma Lads has done anything from proper horror and zombie survival stories to intense milsim battlefields! We expect all our members to at least own Apex DLC, Prairie Fire DLC and Global Mobilization DLC today. Lately we are doing a Vietnam setting. More questions or wondering something feel free to contact me anytime! I am happy to speak to you! Language: English
  9. I did test the code, but now I am starting to think that I have been testing it wrong .. I do want it in a script, as in an sql file. This is how I test it? Running the Prairie Fire DLC, but I assume that is no issue since the classnames are already set to the DLC first aid kits and not the standard
  10. Cheers pierremgi, It makes no difference so far. All medical items in the inventory of AI are there as normal.
  11. Optimally I would want a script to deal with it as I am busy a great deal as a Zeus. I would also want to be able to spawn units on the get-go and with lots of different types of gear.
  12. Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time. As the title suggests this is what I am trying to work out and I have been trying to learn and figure this out on my own for almost two weeks now. I have done many different tests and workarounds but not managed to solve it; What I am trying to create is a script that when any and all AI is killed, pre-placed or spawned, all numbers of a specific inventory item .. in this case first aid kits are removed. I don't want any of the enemies to have any first aid kits at all. In my case as a Zeus, I want to manage the number of first aid kits given to players on my own and that they will not loot them on bodies for themselves. - removeItem command solves the issue, but it also removes many other items. - removeItem(s) has not worked out during my testing either. - removeAssignedItems is not what I am looking for either. Some different attempts so far which has not worked: { if (!isPlayer _x) then { _x removeItems "vn_o_item_firstaid_01"; _x removeItems "vn_b_item_firstaid_01"; _x removeItems "vn_o_item_firstaidkit"; _x removeItems "vn_b_item_firstaidkit"; _x removeItems "Item_FirstAidKit"; }; } foreach (allUnits); if (faction _killed == "O_PAVN") then { removeItems "vn_o_item_firstaid_01" _killed; removeItems "vn_b_item_firstaid_01" _killed; removeItems "vn_o_item_firstaidkit" _killed; removeItems "vn_b_item_firstaidkit" _killed; removeItems "Item_FirstAidKit" _killed; deleteVehicle (nearestObject [_killed, "WeaponHolderSimulated"]); }; Any feedback is appreciated!
  13. I understand how the Inheriting works now, thanks for giving that sample to me. Done a lot of mission making, customizing and troubleshooting in arma .. but I think this is the first time I am going through classes and defines. Usually scripts does not have them. I have found no results for BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd so I will keep looking see if I can find the search action EDIT 2: Been trying several programs now that can find text inside many files, and I have searched for other results such as Search or Space but with no results. Been spending more time trying to redefine the classes but no results, it becomes the exact same result every single time. Picture 2. You'll have to find the script that adds the second action. Been manually going through lots of files for over an hour now, not managed to find any hint at all yet Two files has been the most prominent so far: (already tried renaming the classes in them to remove errors, but it does not solve the issue) GREUH_interface.hpp standard_controls.hpp
  14. Thanks 7erra, it is all a little complex for me but i will try and work it out on my own! EDIT 2: I have managed to define it back and resolved all errors. However, the results are still the same. The search is in Picture 2 and not working like it should in Picture 1. There must be defines/classes in the Liberation files somewhere that breaks or changes the script defines/classes? All script files work entirely on their own in a sample mission, but when I bring it into the Liberation files, this happens EDIT 3: There are two different search functions defined(?) at the same time showing in scroll wheel options. The search that is bound to Space is not supposed to be there, the other is the loot script Searching with Space option is the one that occur in Picture 2.