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  1. Hello all, and thank you for taking the time. I have been looking around plenty on the forums and on threads about scripts and mods, there are a lot of nice content out there - all similar to what I am looking for to some extent, but not fully. This is why I wanted to create a thread and throw my question out there, as I am looking for something like a script with specific functions; I am making something like a cops and robbers mission for my friends to enjoy on MP and dedicated server, one side will be police and one side will be bad guys. Wondering if there is a script out there that when a police is in close proximity to one of the bad guys, it plays a surrender animation on the bad guy, as if the person has been grabbed and caught after trying to run away or get away from the police! Cheers, saddle
  2. The issue has now suddenly been resolved after I looked into your latest post. But the solution came from somewhere I did not expect ... I spoke to the server host and asked if they could move all the content over to a new machine, which they did, and ever since - all the issues on lag has completely disappeared. Now the server is running fault free and with no lag. So this has had to be on their end. It is nice to have the issues solved, but a little frustrating trying to fix this for over two weeks if the problem the whole time has been the hardware on their end. Regardless, I am eternally grateful for the support you have given me Gunter. Cheers to you.
  3. Now the server refuse to give me any real logs after I updated the mods, and says steam API fail to initialize .. and not manage to solve it yet based on your post, but thank you for the support so far i am soon going to do a complete fresh reinstall of server, make a whole new mod list, and make a whole new mission for operations because this just seem to get worse and worse
  4. This is my current server.cfg setup Also I will add that line into the cfg thank you timeStampFormat = "none"; RPT file sizes so far since this issue started; as for mod versions, i will completely re-download all mods to my computer, fresh downloads, then re-upload everything fresh to server see if any bad versions or corrupted files might fix it other than that i have no clue hehe
  5. Well I am able to remove or edit the logFile = "server_console.log"; line in there
  6. Thank you, Gunter. I will see what I can do about switching those logs off, see if I can find anything else that sticks out because the spam makes it all a little overwhelming to look at. Hoping someone else might be able to dig deeper into this!
  7. Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time. I have returned to Arma 3 mission making and server hosting after a break, and have been really excited to get going. I know some ins and outs how to manage a server, and do some troubleshooting already, when it comes to mission making, scripts, and to find out problems with the server and the logs. However, this issue is not something that I have managed to resolve as of yet; There is some kind of desync issue with the server, sooner or later as I am hosting an operation, or another gamemode such as Escape, sooner or later at some point the server will start to desync strongly in periods .. like when AI is spawning or moving about. I have tried to run the missions without some scripts, to test if it fixes the desync but it hasn't .. so I was thinking maybe there is an issue in the mod list, somehow, or corrupted files in the server, or something to do with the server getting overloaded and too busy .. which has led me to read about Headless Clients, which is too complex for me. Current mod list during operations; Mod list during Escape (custom modded); Keep in mind we experience same desync issues, with both mod lists. Perhaps answers can be found in the log, I appreciate if anyone could take a look; This is the log from yesterday when we were playing Escape Tanoa (custom with mods).
  8. Squad name: 163rd Reconnaissance Company 'Recon Wolves', Kuroi (casual) Timezone/location : EU West, Evening hours Gamemode preference: CO-OP Casual (Arma 3) Short description: Mostly casual squad/gathering of people taking on fully custom co-op game modes of all kinds of themes, though on rare occasion we do serious operations with emphasis on atmosphere and story. Language: English Ways of contacting us e-mail: andre.threms@gmail.com discord: nayD#2673 steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/thaosan901 you may add me and ask me any question or let me know of your interest through these details, would love to see you!
  9. Squad name: 163rd Reconnaissance Company 'Recon Wolves', Kuroi (casual) Timezone/location : EU West, Evening/Night hours Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): CO-OP Casual (Arma 3) Contact email: andre.threms@gmail.com Website address: -- Short description: Mostly casual fun squad/gathering of people taking on fully unique custom co-op game modes of all kinds of themes, on rare occasion serious operations. Language: English
  10. Thanks for the tip George! Unfortunately, I already made that attempt with the spoiler. It was so much text that it .. lagged out and expired every time. I am going to edit and make a pastebin.
  11. Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time. I have been doing missions in Arma 3 for quite some time now and after much troubleshooting and learning through places like these forums, I have learned a whole lot. There is one issue I have recently that I have not managed to work out, despite making search and research on it the google results and threads are different and unrelated ACE issues from mine; I have an ACE issue not with installation, or server, but only with a specific Liberation mission that I am trying to make work. My question is that I have not managed to figure out which might be the cause, specifically and I will admit that I am not really good at understanding RPT logs sometimes. I have included the latest RPT log in this post as well. No matter what kind of tests I have ran, the ACE interaction menu (Ctrl+Win/Win) does not work. Been at this for two days now. Some notes: - The issue only persist in that one mission, I create a blank new mission and ACE works. - ACE is fully loaded, as all content including items and addon options are there. - Only ACE Interaction menu is not working it seems. I have been doing a lot of troubleshooting on my own, this is one of the only times when I have not been able to figure out an issue on my own yet. Anyone who have an idea or input it is greatly appreciated. EDIT: Split up the RPT Log through pastebin. RPT Log 1: https://pastebin.com/ky6UUfD1 RPT Log 2: https://pastebin.com/PEGYXHX0 RPT Log 3: https://pastebin.com/H9Acsm5Z
  12. Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time. I have now spent a good while in attempts to troubleshoot a particular issue with my dedicated server. As the title of this topic says, I have an inventory issue, and far as I know .. I have no modules or code lines that should prevent taking inventory from units on my server. In the Eden Editor, everything works fine, I can pick up any piece of equipment that I choose to, but when I upload the mission on my server .. some items I can pick up and some items refuse to be picked up. I have tried dragging them to the ground as well, but despite many different attempts I have not managed to solve this issue. I did not manage to find any other topics on this matter, only people who seek to restrict players from looting, but in my case it is the opposite .. players are unable to pick up items that they should be able to. The server should have all the latest versions on my mods, the server files are updated and validated. Does anyone know how to proceed with a matter as this? Thanks in advance.
  13. Exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!!