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Found 25 results

  1. what do i have to type in a triggers COND field if i want to check if a player picks up a map the "item_itemmap" from the game. i want to have the player finish a task when player picks up the map. thanks Play3r
  2. Hey guys, I would like to add for my players the ability to use an action which would only appear to them if they met a specific criteria. The criteria is to have a specific backpack and inside it, a specific item. I got the script responsible for the condition working, but only once I put it in the init.sqf. If I did it that way, the action would appear and remain available even after the condition was no longer fulfilled (the object being dropped for example). Naturally, I'd like to remove the action if the condition was no longer met. I basically do not know how to check for the condition so that it always pops up for the player once he meets that criteria. This is the script that I don't know how to call: if ((unitBackpack Player isKindof "tfw_ilbe_a_gr") && ("tfw_rf3080Item" in (items player + assignedItems player))) then {Player addAction ["Test Action", "test_action.sqf"];} Thanks!
  3. !(HandgunWeapon Miller=="") iv got this and when ever a handgun is in the gun slot of the player the enemy shoot him. How do i add a few more items into that bit of code ? _itemsplayer = items player; [<Map>, <Compass>, <Watch>, <Radio>, <GPS>, <NVG>, <Binoculars>] same with his uniform / cloths aswell. I found the bits of code above on the wiki but i still cant see how to stuff the bits together. this will help with the immersion. if the player stands up, or starts taking his items back out of the box they will shoot him. so this way he is forced to watch the screen and listen to the music. another condition im thinking of is making the hostage player have to constantly crouch and stand otherwise he will get shot :) this will destroy the player lol but i cant decide on making him sit and watch or dance sort of thing.
  4. OO VITEMS Lastest version: 0.4 by Code34 Hi, I propose a first alpha version of this system, which I will improve if you are interested. This version does not show all the features already present in the library .Virtual Items is an OOP Class which allows to manage virtual inventories in ARMA. This system makes it possible to store virtual objects in any of the 3D objects of the game. In this first demonstration, you will be able to see the contents of 4 x 3D objects deposited in the editor. These virtual objects were created directly via script in the initserver.sqf More informations: This class creates containers with properties that will contain virtual objects with properties. The containers are attached to the 3D objects of the game. You can easily add many objects that do not require 3D modeling, and all without using mods: keys, cans, screwdrivers etc. Properties for the containers are: - size - the weight Properties for objects are: - the price - size - the weight - the owner - the description - durability These properties may evolve which allows to add very elaborate features to the games. Any feedbacks are welcome ! Github: https://github.com/code34/oo_vitems.vr Download: https://github.com/code34/oo_vitems.vr/releases Reference: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?167980-Object-Oriented-SQF-Scripting-and-Compiling Features: - Simple demo version Licence: Under Gpl, you can share, modify, distribute this script but don't remove the licence and the name of the original author
  5. Hello, i've come along some problems with my missions in multiplayer and now i'm wondering, if there are some workarounds for them. 1. sometimes players can't pick up items from dead bodys. this is a arma classic by now. any ideas how i can minimize the change of it happening? 2. sometimes a mobile spawnpoint (tent) is not available for certain players, while it is for others. also disconnecting and rejoining does not help for the client, who cannot see the spawn point. repacking and resetting the tent does not help either. any ideas? 3. animals (from the animals modules) either don't spawn in MP, or they do spawn but are completely static. i noticed that there are different animal modules, but i haven't had success with either of them. any ideas? i really need some sheep in my missions! 4. the first shot fired from the new VLS on the liberty destroyer doesnt't work. there is a sound and VLS reloads, but the missile does not actually show. the second shot and following shot seem fine. it's not a game-breaker but a bit of an imemrsion killer... 5. not a real issue, but i will add this here, instead of making a seperate thread: a player that entered ZEUS mode, will still have some UI on his screen, even when he leaves ZEUS (i think it is the ticket counter on the right, if i remember correctly). is there a way to limit ZEUS UI to the time actually being in ZEUS mode? thanks for you help:)
  6. Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time. I have now spent a good while in attempts to troubleshoot a particular issue with my dedicated server. As the title of this topic says, I have an inventory issue, and far as I know .. I have no modules or code lines that should prevent taking inventory from units on my server. In the Eden Editor, everything works fine, I can pick up any piece of equipment that I choose to, but when I upload the mission on my server .. some items I can pick up and some items refuse to be picked up. I have tried dragging them to the ground as well, but despite many different attempts I have not managed to solve this issue. I did not manage to find any other topics on this matter, only people who seek to restrict players from looting, but in my case it is the opposite .. players are unable to pick up items that they should be able to. The server should have all the latest versions on my mods, the server files are updated and validated. Does anyone know how to proceed with a matter as this? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello there to Everyone! I was searching , on how to disable the option for opening the backpacks of others. So for anyone interested , this is the code: The best solution so far is here thanks to Grumpy Old Man :
  8. Human players can access individual AI soldier's inventory when they are the acting squad leader for a squad filled with AI soldiers. Acessing the inventory can be done from the Action menu by selecting menu number 6 ("Action") and from there selecting Open subordinate's inventory Also already thinking past that human squad leader can also give an "inventory command" which makes the selected AI to approach some container and after reaching the container the AI's inventory dialog will open where the player can then freely transfer items between the AI's inventory and the container. Might there be some way to prevent players from opening, accessing or manipulating AI's inventory in aforementioned ways?
  9. Hi, I recently started to get addicted to Zeus missions and I'm currently working on a second mission for my friends. However this mission is a Campaign. I want to "recreate" the Arma Cold War Assault: Resistance campaign. The Idea is: The players would be spawned in as civilians, each with a different profession for instance, Mechanic, Motorcrosser, Doctor, Chemistry Teacher, etc. Their loadout being matched to that profession. Shorty after the players spawned they will get a radio message signalling the start of the russian invasion into Nogova and they'll have to find the Resistance and support it. They are supposed to recruit civilians, find weapons and ammo and claim vehicles and eventually turn into resistance commanders with the forces they gathered. Now I can deal with the recruits they get and the vehicles they find but I still need a solution for their personal loadout that needs to get saved between missions and a solution to keep all the items they find and store in crates. The problem is I want to keep editing the mission in the editor so I can plan the next mission, enemy moves, etc, etc. But I need to know what my players collected in the crates and on their own loadouts. Maybe there is some way to save the mission while it is in progres or when it ends and to then edit that mission in the editor with every loadout and container inventory saved? I do not want to use arsenal since I know my players and they WILL take weapons and items that are not related to the mission. Also I'm not a scripter. I do understand a few little things but I cannot write a simple script without help. Just so you guys know my level. Thanks in advance.
  10. Arma 3 v1.82.144710 i encounter this in sp mission while inside vehicle , open your inventory and transfer your item around, inventory hangs, then cant move anything anymore, temp solution is close and re-open inventory or get put and get in the vehicle again.
  11. Hi all, This may or may not have been answered. I did have a good look but couldnt find what I was looking for. Is their a fix or even a reason why the inventory in arma moves around when right clicking to move items around. eg. click an item in backpack to move to crate, click same item and it moves down the list. Thx in advance.
  12. Hi guys ! I'm currently searching for a solution, I'd like to check if there is a specific item in the vehicle inventory... I use the addon "Hero survive" and I'm currently creating a script that allow to repair brokens car if you have the specifics items. But some of them like wheels and battery are to heavy for backpacks so... I'd like to check if the tyres etc are in the car inventory. something like : _vehicle = _this select 0; _Wheels = {"herl_o_tyer" == _x} count ("InventoryOfCar" _vehicle); // Like (BackpackItems _player) if (_wheels == 4) then { blablabla car is repaired...} else { blablabla wheels missing.... }; I have all the "blablabla" thing, I just need to know how to check the car inventory, I already know how to check if player has specific item in his vest/backpack/uniform... but for vehicle.... :/ Thanks.
  13. In Arsenal within EDEN, I have tried to add the sand Laser Designator to a NATO unit like a rifleman and then of course the battery, but the battery disappears when I play the mission or reopen the arsenal editor. I've tried adding the item with commands like addItem and assignItem in the init field but it doesn't work either. I've also tried adding it to the vest and the uniform. Is this a bug? It's ruining my mission making induction. I seem to always come across bugs like this that stop me in my tracks and they don't seem to be resolved for years. Sometimes these bugs cripple massive features or my dreams of drag and drop combined arms missions that should take seconds to put together. I tried searching the bug report system and couldn't see anything exactly like this. Pls tell me this is my fault and not a bug so I can live out my dreams.
  14. Dear developers! Time to do a small but useful change on the player inventory. Would be fine if a 2nd rifle can be carry on the place of rocket launcher. If i don't want to use rocketlauncher it's empty place, useless now. This change add some tactical features to the player, who can carry 2 rifle at the same time. For example one rifle to the close combat, than another one to sniping. Please support this idea, it is really missing, and may not complicated to do. ;) I hope this will be supported, SAV
  15. How can I increase the option "Inventory" distance from an ammobox?
  16. Hi Guys, I am looking at the possibilities to count the value of an object and return that value in a format that I can display. The context is to display currency (Item Equivalent) in a GUI menu, furthering this I'd look to work out how to display this global trade system to each clients local currency. Any pointers?
  17. For some video work I am doing at the moment, I wrote a small addon for 3DEN to make it easier editing the inventory of vehicles/containers. Download it on Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1124993203 The mod does not add any additional dependencies to the mission as it uses the existing ammo attribute that is used by vanilla ARMA.
  18. Hello everyone, I have just experienced this for the first time tonight and even though it was quite funny it remains very problematic, havn't managed finding a thread already speaking about it so here i will explain it. What happens : You will randomly loose all your inventory during a round, everything, even your clothes, basically ending up in underwear. This can happen to a single person just like it can happen to the whole both teams ! Pictures for proof : https://snag.gy/kL4zFo.jpg ; https://snag.gy/OVoTKb.jpg ; https://snag.gy/dv35QP.jpg
  19. Hey guys so i've noticed that my gear in my inventory when i look in my inventory looks kinda weird like it's gone dark and stuff. Here's a screenshot so you can see what i mean. I've tried looking in the color options in the game settings and everything is on default. Magazines look super dark when they never used to. Any ideas? Thanks James
  20. Hi guys! So I built a COOP mission for 1 - 5 players on Chernarus also with custom buildings. Yesterday I played with my brother for beta testing purpose and came along some really weird issues: First the doors' status of two buildings were differed between host and client. For example when the client opened the door and walked through I and the host tried to follow, the door was closed and no interaction was possible. Same vice versa. This problem did't occur with original Chernarus buildings. Second I put some ammo boxes down. One for equipment, one for magazines and another one for weapons. The equipment box could be opened though the inventory wasn't what I set it up to. The other two boxes couldn't be opened at all. AND when either one tried to change equipment from the box or dead soldiers it didn't work. We couldn't put stuff out of our uniform and also couldn't fill it with new stuff. When I tested the mission in SP everything worked as intended. Has anyone an idea about that? EDIT: Unchecking "dynamic simulation" solved the issue for the weapon / ammo boxes I guess same goes for the desynched doors issue though I don't know for sure. I placed the same building again and it worked as it should.
  21. Hello, I've been working to get some guns in game for a friend; however, I've hit a roadblock with crashing errors. To be more specific, the game will crash whenever you preview or play a mission and you have one of these guns in your inventory. The crashes have a message saying "no entry .model", or I simply get a memory error crash. Due to it being a memory crash, I'd assume the crashing would be caused by a bad model.cfg, which shouldn't really be the case, since I am using the BI sample weapon model.cfg file, adjusted to my needs, of course. Here are some pictures of the weapons in game: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/158032821958466197/0B998D220EF3D9E347AFEDA3DBEF3D5914805BC5/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/158032821958466084/5F271A78FC8C5BBCBD8F0641A68C4EC56E4A3D0C/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/158032821958465874/8029B0318F96F85565B24A92CC35C7F5DB350DC8/ Here is the model.cfg for one of the guns. The model.cfg for each weapon is the same, except for the p3d name change, of course. https://pastebin.com/Nksb7xyz Ammo.hpp https://pastebin.com/GqW4jABC Magazines.hpp https://pastebin.com/U0ahBL83 Weapons.hpp https://pastebin.com/KRDdmK8N Config.cpp https://pastebin.com/hdYuyS7P Apologies if any of it is long, this config is going to be a base for many more weapons later on.
  22. Hey, I was wondering if there's a scripts or mod that makes the items in the backpack unusable unless you move them to vest or uniform? e.g. you can't magically reload your weapon if all your mags are in the backpack. P.S. sorry for possible misleading title.. as english is not my native language I was/am not sure what kind of title it should be :D Thanks!
  23. Simply because Arma lacks inventory items that are pickable/dropable/useable. Feel free to send me your item suggestions that you would like to see in game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- you will find the items in the magazines, via edit unit loadout or i have included a .txt file with all the classnames in it and info on how to use. W.I.P, Survive mode, gives you hunger/thirst status and the ability to add interaction menus/buttons to items (like old school dayz), find the attached instructions on how to use. subscribe to the mod on steam workshop here: steam workshop - click here)...enjoy.
  24. Hello everyone, I have a question here. I started working on something that I considered really simple which turned out fast a bit more complicated. I've been continiously banging my head on my desk for the past hour so I decided to come over here where I would surely get help from some of the more talented folks out there. Basically how do I check if and what the player has selected in his inventory? For example: In this screenshot the player has selected the First Aid Kit. How do I check if he actually has done that?
  25. Ok. I have old problem with Inventory management in briefing. I can use weapons and magazines in "description.ext", but can not items. I know about Post #135 in DEV Changelog at 26/09/2013 * Inventory management in scenario briefings is enabled, but still undergoing quite a lot of work But 2016 is NOW! How was the problem solved? When it will be resolved? Will it solved? (Sorry, I used google translate)