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  1. guy960915

    MGI Tactical Pack v3 updated

    Haven't got to test that part by the way, MOD works on CONTACT using "PLAY MODS&DLC ON" , "PLAY CONTACT" is standalone no MODS allowed. sometimes there's script errors, but did not notice any break/error on the game play.
  2. guy960915

    MGI Tactical Pack v3 updated

    using 3.3.17 it occurs on some unit in missions, showcase, GM. and when recruiting AI inside vehicles
  3. guy960915

    MGI Tactical Pack v3 updated

    when recruiting AI to join my team, sometimes they drop down and crawl. How do i make them normal?
  4. guy960915

    DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    ERROR when putting riffle with different type of magazine ex. MX rifle black --> standard MX magazine (desert color) MX rifle --> khaki MX magazine MX rifle --> black MX magazine MX rifle khaki --> black MX magazine MX rifle khaki --> standard MX magazine (desert color) after the ERROR, Inventory will not open anymore ALSO, magazine for Black/Khaki MX rifle is lost when you cycle the rifle back to primary slot.
  5. guy960915

    DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    weapons from Global Mobilization not supported,
  6. Arma 3 v1.94.145.977 , some lines are having error -- fix.sqf line 16, and others any chance for an update?
  7. been searching, all i can find is maximumLoad= i need is backpack to load any mass weapons.
  8. guy960915

    Vehicle Turbo Script

    thanks very much Happy New Year!!!
  9. guy960915

    Vehicle Turbo Script

    great script, it interferes with the sprint key, can someone fix, or point me to other similar MOD ?
  10. update for Arma 3 v1.82.144710 hit index moved bike , 2 lights at index 21 "#light_l", "#light_r"], MRAP , 4 lights at index 25-28 "#light_l","#light_l","#light_r","#light_r"] Marshall has 6 lights at index = 25 -30 "#light_l","#light_l_flare","#light_l2_flare","#light_r","#light_r_flare","#light_r2_flare" B_MBT_01_TUSK_F , has 4 lights at index 22 "#light_l", "#light_r", "#light_l_flare", "#light_r_flare", is there a script command to find just the word "light" in the array, then from there, you will get the index location? i was trying this but could not get it to work , i'm not good at this. hint str ""; _x = cursortarget; 'target veh _array = getAllHitPointsDamage _x; _g = (_array select 0); get the first array only { _st = _x joinstring " "; merge the index , just in case _st = _st splitString "#_,"; remove the # and _ from #light_l_flare = result will be "light" "l" "flare" _st = {_x == "light"} find _st; check if there is a word light if (_st > 0) then check if true { _hitme = (_array select 0) find _x; get the index number _x setHitIndex [_hitme, 1]; }; } forEach _g;
  11. Arma 3 v1.82.144710 i encounter this in sp mission while inside vehicle , open your inventory and transfer your item around, inventory hangs, then cant move anything anymore, temp solution is close and re-open inventory or get put and get in the vehicle again.
  12. 40mm grenade launchers as secondary weapon (r_launcher slot) is there a MOD for a 40mm grenade launcher that can be equipped on the secondary slot?
  13. How do i force ARMA 3 to use my external/PCIe card on dual card setup? I have this dual setup: 1: external/PCI-e - Geforce Card 2: Internal/On-board GPU - Intel HD GPU ARMA 3 is detecting Physx -> CPU How do i force ARMA 3 to use Geforce Physx?
  14. Where do i find radioNames for commandRadio? ex. player commandRadio "SentCmdHide"; where can i find the list of radionames SentCmdHide