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  1. Depends. I don't think that ACE was ever designed to be compatible with the campaign.
  2. Would you mind telling us about those discussed issues?
  3. canadian1337

    Zulu Headless Client (ZHC)

    Looks very cool! The steam workshop link is incorrect tho 😛.
  4. canadian1337

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Hey guys! Have you considered splitting the Utility pack into drones and airplanes?
  5. canadian1337

    Changing the server connection address

    Resolved. No setup needed on the A3 server side, only needed to add A Name via my domain provider.
  6. Hi guys! Not sure if I should ask this question here but here we go: I'd like to connect to my Arma 3 server (Ubuntu) via a custom address instead of IP:PORT. Something like arma.domain.com. Is there anything I should do on the Arma server side?
  7. canadian1337

    Linux Ubuntu Server & Installing Mods

    I'm using @marceldev89s script, it's very useful :)
  8. canadian1337

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That's the first sign of being famous.
  9. I think it's defined in CfgSounds so the 3d sound could work properly.
  10. canadian1337

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm quite sure that Redphoenix meant the F key :P
  11. canadian1337

    Rosche, Germany

    Lovely map, defo one of the best. Keep it up :)
  12. As far as I know - it is not possible. The only workaround is using markers to cover them up.
  13. canadian1337

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Sadly steam workshop does nothing in such cases
  14. For some reason it didn't work for me in SP so I took the other option also listed by pierre.
  15. Thanks R3vo, will take a look into Polpox's code.