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  1. Yeah, laser warning system would definitely be nice.
  2. You have to use top-down mode.
  3. This one was from Kamino to an airfield ~5km, but I'm pretty sure I've seen that 8km somewhere in official intel.
  4. Turning in tracked vehicles causes them to accelerate (it also happens in old vehicles), it's easiest to spot it while driving backwards: And a little bonus, for those who haven't seen the true power of Rhino yet:
  5. I've messed with Rhino's ATGMs and I love them, but when I tried shooting with top-down attack mode at targets behind hills lased by the drone it overshot.
  6. Would be nice if they showed her on April Fools'.
  7. You can (or could, I've played with it long time ago) do even better than that, wearing rebreather and attaching a repair offroad/truck to the tank allowed you to drive on the bottom of the sea.
  8. Zygzak191

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    https://steamdb.info/app/107410/dlc/ Now we know normal name of Orange DLC - Laws of War
  9. Zygzak191

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    "Tell me where rich men and camels..."
  10. Zygzak191

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    From today's Development Branch Changelog
  11. Zygzak191

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    @S3blapin This should help. At least it's worth a try.
  12. @Electricleash They're thinking about it. [source] Btw, was Fenghuang overlooked? Right now it doesn't support dynamic loadouts.
  13. Zygzak191

    Tanks - Fire-control system

  14. Maybe switchable throttle system for VTOLs would solve this? Landing VTOLs with new throttle is similar to landing a heli with AFM, very hard on keyboard and mouse.