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Found 23 results

  1. Since the latest update I can't lock on targets with the Titan Compact anymore. AA seems to work, even without pressing "T". I have the Jets DLC, no mods installed. I did reset my keybindings after the latest update. Anyone else has that problem?
  2. Hey, tudo bem com voc├¬? ­čĄô Gentlemen, I've read the Jets DLC functions to understand how the USS Freedom Carrier accepts landings by planes with tailhook, 'cause I wanna print out a hintSilent "You did it!", but only and precisely at that cables area (X, Y, Z), even if the Mission Editor changes the carrier's spot. A3_Jets > BIS_fnc_AircraftTailhook A3_Jets > BIS_fnc_AircraftTailhookAi How can I smartly track that area to print out the message with no triggers and hidden objects dropped around?
  3. Most community released terrains are tiny, bis made Stratis is tiny 8km where Altis is decent size 30km, so your Jets DLC options are very limited. There are no "flyboys" terrains as good old Bushlurker (RIP, brother) used to call them. But jet pilots don't need to worry because PMC comes to the rescue! Jets DLC PMC Real World Data Terrains for ArmA 3. Real world terrain data is: SRTM heightmap, maps.google.com satellite texture and OpenStreetMap.org roads. This is realistic 1:1 scale terrains for their real life locations, nothing has been scaled down or faked. If not stated otherwise all terrains are 143km x 143km in size with 71,680 x 71,680 resolution satellite texture which is 2 meters / pixel. There are no (or very few) objects placed! 2020-11-16 note; there are millions of objects in vegetation depending on specific terrain. Plan is to develop these terrains further, for example populate them with objects (trees, rocks, town/city buildings etc), but no promises. Releases (not up to date as of 2022-04-27T08:39:00Z, see PMC Tactical Terrains page for latest updates): PMC Iraq, Al Kut v0.1 PMC Iraq, Baghdad v0.1 PMC Iraq, Basrah v0.1 PMC Iraq, Erbil v0.1 (erbil currently conflicts with afghanistan ghazni and iraq baghdad, so you need to run them separately. this has been fixed for next update). PMC Iraq, Hillah (40km x 40km) v0.1 PMC Iraq, Karbala (40km x 40km) v0.1 PMC Iraq, Kirkuk v0.1 PMC Iraq, Mosul (81km x 81km) v0.1 PMC Iraq, Najaf (81km x 81km) v0.1 PMC Iraq, Nasiriyah v0.1 PMC Iraq, Ramadi (40km x 40km) v0.1 PMC Iraq, Rutba v0.1 PMC Iraq, Samawah (81km x 81km) v0.1 PMC Iraq, Sulaymaniyah v0.1 PMC Iraq, Tikrit v0.1 PMC Afghanistan, Ghazni v0.1 (ghazni requires CUP Terrains Core because it uses takistani village buildings and vegetation). PMC Afghanistan, Jalalabad (81km x 81km, 81920 resolution satellite) v0.2 PMC Afghanistan, Kabul v0.1 PMC Afghanistan, Kandahar v0.1 PMC Afghanistan, Kunduz v0.1 PMC Afghanistan, Lashkar Gah v0.1 PMC Afghanistan, Mazari Sharif v0.1 PMC Syria, Al Hasakhah v0.1 PMC Syria, Al Mayadin v0.1 PMC Syria, Aleppo v0.1 PMC Syria, Ar Raqqah v0.1 PMC Syria, Damascus v0.1 PMC Syria, Homs v0.1 PMC Somalia, Baidoa v0.1 PMC Somalia, Kismaayo v0.1 PMC Vietnam, Da Nang v0.1 PMC Vietnam, Dong Hoi v0.1 PMC Vietnam, Hanoi v0.1 PMC Vietnam, Pleiku v0.1 PMC Vietnam, Saigon v0.1 PMC Libya, Ajdabiya v0.1 PMC Libya, Bani Walid (81km x 81km) v0.1 PMC Libya, Bin Jawad v0.1 PMC Libya, Misrata v0.1 PMC Libya, Msallata v0.1 PMC Libya, Nafusa v0.1 PMC Libya, Ras Ajdir v0.1 PMC Libya, Sabha v0.1 PMC Vietnam, Vinh v0.1 PMC Libya, Sirte v0.1 PMC Libya, Tripoli v0.1 PMC Libya, Wazzin (81km x 81km, 81920 resolution satellite) v0.1 PMC Afghanistan, Asadabad (81km x 81km, 81920 resolution satellite) v0.1 PMC Libya, Benghazi (143,360 x 143,360 resolution satellite) v0.1 PMC Ukraine, Donetsk (81km x 81km, 40960 resolution satellite) v0.1 PMC Ukraine, Luhansk (81km x 81km, 40960 resolution satellite) v0.1 PMC Ukraine, Mariupol (81km x 81km, 40960 resolution satellite) v0.1 PMC Pakistan, Abbottabad (81km x 81km, 40960 resolution satellite) v0.1 PMC Balkans, Belgrade v0.1 PMC Balkans, Kosovo v0.1 PMC Balkans, Montenegro v0.1 PMC Balkans, Vojvodina v0.1 Satellite screenshots see PMC Tactical ArmA 3 Terrain page and download from PMC Tactical ArmA 3 Downloads.
  4. Is there a way to make AI takeoff from the USS Freedom like in the showcase? I'm sure there is, since it's in the showcase... I just can't find the right commands. I've looked through the new commands added with 1.70, but there seems to be nothing of the sort added. If you place AI on the carrier with a waypoint it just stands there or it rides off the carrier.
  5. Hi i have a doubt about a script to move the USS Liberty (static ship)... Are any script guide or something to make it work? Like to free move as a vehicle. I found this on reddit but the publisher said that is works "fine" in SP but in Mp didn't work (I test it and he is right), he said that may be it could be fix doing... that was 2 years ago, someone could tell me how to do that to fix this error? just imagine the possibilities in multiplayer with a movable USS Liberty ­čśÄ . ┬ĚLink (reddit post): ┬ĚLink (files): https://github.com/Keithenneu/arma_moving_ships
  6. I am proud to present my new mod for Arma 3, in a (hopeful) series of alternate universe planes. the F-201 Sparrowhawk, a retextured To-201 Shikra for the NATO Faction Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1952473306 Backstory The F-201 Sparrowhawk is a fifth-generation, single-seat, twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter jet. The aircraft was designed by a venture between two American companies, with the goal to build a highly agile and maneuverable air-superiority fighter. The F-201 also has ground attack capabilities, and is able to support various weapons configurations via its conventional pylons, but also its internal weapons bay. The program was marred by accusations of technology theft by the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), with claims by criticis that the technology behind the F-201 was used in the J-181 Tiger Hornet. Features Two reskinned Shikra's for the NATO faction Two liveries available in the virtual garage, Camo and Grey Zeus compatability Credits Polpox for helping me out with virtual garage stuff Krytera on A3 Hub for suggesting this NOTES A BISIGN key is included for those wishing to add the mod to their server or modpacks. Alternate livery only available in the virtual garage. This mod is covered under Arma Public Licence (APL), if you use the content of my mod for your own modifications, please ensure that i am publically (and visibly) credited.
  7. Please use this thread for discussion specific to the Jets DLC. Content is already available on Dev-Branch for you to try and if you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to post them below. Please remember that the content is still in beta and the preferred method of reporting issues is the Feedback Tracker. Thanks!
  8. Can there please be an option added to the settings where i can change the throttle style to either the old one or the new one by this i mean how you use to accelerate planes before the jets dlc came out, i find it a lot easier to fly my planes with that throttle, where as the new 0-100 throttle can be hard to control for me because it makes my plane go from not moving at all to moving very fast while on 5% throttle, its also a lot harder to control vtols with the new throttle.
  9. Note: I'm new to posting on the BI Forums and decided that because of the mass of replies to the Jets DLC Feedback thread and how old it is it may be best to create a new topic to get a more immediate response. During the few hundred hours I've been flying, I've noticed that while the Wipeout's slow speeds give it a great loitering ability and gives the pilot plenty of time to hit multiple targets on the ground when diving, when coming out of a run, if you attempt to pitch up at around the ideal amount of degrees, for me 22 degrees, or attempt to turn, you will stall almost immediately. From what I've heard from other people I play with who flew the Wipeout long before the Jets DLC came out, they've said that the wipeout was able to climb almost vertically when coming out of a run like actual A-10s are capable of doing in reality. One video I've been able to find of the Wipeout doing CAS before the Jets DLC is this one, posted below. The Wipeout is capable of gaining much more thrust, flying with flaps fully down and climbing and doing loops to turn around and engage a target the pilot missed without any issue of stalling. What I'm asking in this topic is if there's a possibility that the Wipeout's stats or what ever you may call it as I'm ignorant of the terms, can be potentially reverted back to its old state, or specifically, have an increased climbing ability or some method to stop or minimize stalling when coming out of a gun run.
  10. esfumato

    Jets DLC Encore Update.

    I have seen the news about the encore update, I supposed that after the Tanks DLC, there will be no more additions into the game, so for me, it have been a really great surprise. BUT!, in my opinion, what arma 3 needs the most, are several good multiplayer game modes. No more King of the Hill please.
  11. Hey guys, I have a question... I was experimenting with fighter jets (Black Wasp, Shirka, etc.) playing the different available scenarios, mods, and some editor experimentation. In videos I've seen it was mentioned that upon locking onto a moving target (with the radar turned on) a Target Lead Indicator should appear to show where the pilot needs to aim to hit the target. But every time I tried doing so I can't seem to see the TLI. I've tried approaching at different angles and speeds, tried different planes, but so far I've yet to understand how it is supposed to work. I do see the large circle with the dot in its center, and I thought that was supposed to lead the target, but when whenever I see it, it always seems to be trailing slightly behind the target... Any tips, ideas, or even a link to a more comprehensive guide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  12. How do I use the thrust reversers with the jets on the jets dlc? Every time I set the plane to auto land I see the thrust reversers come out but I am not sure how to do it manually. If you have any information on how to work the thrust reversers that would be nice. Thankyou!
  13. hey guys, new to the forum been looking around but you guys are busy around here. im currently working on my IFR and SEC ratings for FAA. was wondering if any of these below ideas will be implemented in the future to better round the fixedwing flying in arma starting on the ground i must say i love the new HUD runway identifier and BGS computer but i feel the actual runways and airports were left out with this DLC. i would love to see VASI and/or PAPI lights at the big tanoa airports and future maps [info on vasi papi lights ] https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/1493/whats-the-functional-difference-between-papi-and-vasi also better taxiway identification signs/paint in the further future as the flying community grows. with nato phonetic designations and ramp designations going on to the traffic pattern and (i realize this is only going to be possible with community and server cooperation) a map overlay when in a aircraft that shows FAA chart style traffic altitude (example; right traffic 2500AGL) and Delta Airspace circle markers around towered airports marking where you would start broadcasting your position and intentions over the radio(VOR) to the tower or other aircraft in the area (example: "tanoa tower, F/A-181 (callsign) with you 10 to the South east requesting runway 25Left?|| F/A-181 10 to the south east advise when you are 4 miles out make right traffic 2500AGL # 2 behind UAV mid field") i realize getting people to jump into actually flying with radio requests is best left to millsim and stuff but a overlay with the foundation of airspace and traffic paths would be great. coming into the cockpit the MAIN thing that kills me is the unit of measurements. id like to see the option to use flying as imperial with AGL,MSL,and speed Velocity in feet and Mile id like to see the measuring unit system change when in cockpit to better calculate Vspeeds and altitudes [info on aviation measurements ] https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/2566/what-is-the-measurement-system-used-in-the-aviation-industry i would like to see the Caesar civilian plane get some love too the synthetic Instrument panel is great but very rough im sure to avoid any legality's but if it could show Feet mile and engine RPM that would be enough. also the speed tape color system would vastly help with the flight coordination during landing and take off. in real life that Plane rotates at 60 IAS "indicated air speed" and its max speed is only 125. i have much more but will save that for the impending conversations if these are agreeable improvements. i realize arma is not a flight sim but at the same time they have just released a DLC that touched on the expanse of bringing a renewed angle to the battle field what do you say?
  14. Don't know if anyone noticed, but the handling on the VTOL's changed. Sure, the new thrust control is awesome but you can't land a VTOL vertically down anymore. (Landing with vectoring on doesnt work anymore). Now having to land like an airplane defeats the purpose of even having a VTOL in-game. Please can you fix the vectoring when landing a VTOL. Thanks in advance. Regards L0N3_W0LF
  15. Wondering if there's any way at all that I can use the old 'cruise control' like system that was in place before the jets update. I'm having a hard time maintaining speed with the new analog throttle system implemented with the update. For example I'll be flying straight and level and then when I go and do a tight turn or sharp maneuver I end up stalling because the throttle doesn't automatically adjust for drag and pitch anymore. The analog throttle makes sense on a joystick or yoke, but flying by keyboard needs as much assistance as possible in my opinion. So is there any way to switch back, or am I screwed unless BI add an option to switch in the future?
  16. Hi all, Has anybody else noticed that pressing the escape key whilst in a jet causes the controls to gain a mind of their own? We have been testing the new jet mechanics in local multiplayer sessions and earlier we noticed that whenever the escape key is pressed to open the menu, the plane begins to do its own thing. This includes; Thrusting up, thrusting down, raising flaps, lowering flaps, deploying the speed/air break. It is exceptionally annoying and makes flying dangerous at times. The same thing tends to happen when working with GUI's as well, such as the INS/GPS targeting interface in Firewill's F-16's. Though this has been tested in vanilla ArmA and has the same effect, though only in a multiplayer environment (even through the editor) where the game cannot be paused when escape is pressed. I've put up a ticket on the tracker so hopefully it gets seen to soon. Anybody else noticing thing? Tracker Ticket: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124868
  17. I dont remember seeing anything in the the update info about changing the way helicopters fly
  18. As title. Would it be possible to add it in the Hotfix? Thanks. EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to mention, this is the CAS Module in the Effects section, not Support.
  19. Hello, the last update ruined the game experience completly, the disadvantage for people who play King of the Hill and are not playing with premates is now incredible big. The AA has to lock on again everytime one rocket was shot, the rockets hit even less than before, the new radar is not showing the right symbols and you cant see shit on it. The Tanks got no rangefinder? You cant lock on to enemy tanks? Where is the sense? Why do you downgrade the game? Why is the Minimap now on the otherside of the screen while driving a normal tank? Why cant you move it? What the hell is going on with the camera while flying chopper in 3rd person?? why cant you leave it as it was, now you need VR and a Headtracker to fly proper? Im angry and slowly but surely im losing the believe in this game and the dev's. Explanation would be great
  20. After the update I jumped into a single player jet mission to test out the changes and I am encountering issues. For one, I have trouble with how the throttle functions now. From a stationary position I start up the engine and the jet immediately starts to roll at 20/kmph. The slightest tap on the throttle makes the jet increase the throttle to max untill you brake. When you do brake the jet goes full stop again. This behaviour I also encounter in the sky. It's either full speed or full brake, playing with the speed and keeping it steady at lets say 400/kmph is undoable now. Second, I am unable to lock on to anything anymore, AG missiles can only be used as HE-dumb fire rockets. Locking on was meh before, but before the update I did a camara zoom to get a target lock, now I can't lock shit anymore. Can a dev enlighten me how I am supposed to fly jets in single player mode now without a pointer guy on the ground? How do I lock AG missiles now?
  21. Hi everyone, I am enjoying the Jets DLC so far, but I can't seem to find the U.S.S. Freedom in the 3D editor. Can someone tell me where I could find it please? I looked in boats, and everything else. Thanks! LTthom
  22. Hvymtal

    Jets - Performance Tests

    All aircraft began on the ground with full fuel and all tests were performed with at least 75% fuel. All aircraft were flown on the same day on the same terrain at the same time by the same pilot (Wake Island, default time/day, me) All tests averaged over at least 3 runs, Roll median at 5 Controls were mouse and keyboard with default curves All planes were relieved of ordnance but had full guns and CM, Shikra and Wasp were stealth and had no external pylons, Buzzard had no gun pod PERFORMED ON 12 MAY 2017, ALL NUMBERS SUBJECT TO CHANGE Oukej states that any major flight model changes will not occur between now and launch so this is it UPDATE 12 MAY The big re-test, numbers final until FMs are altered further Fighters & Sentinel CAS
  23. All aircraft began on the ground with full fuel and all tests were performed with at least 90% fuel. All aircraft were flown on the same day on the same terrain at the same time by the same pilot (Wake Island, default time/day, me) All tests averaged over at least 3 runs, roll median at 4 Controls were mouse and keyboard with default curves PERFORMED ON 18 MAY 2017, ALL PERFORMANCE NUMBERS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE UPON RELEASE