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  1. @Andres97 please remove images from quotes, when you leave them in it unnecessarily clutters the page. Thanks :)
  2. NIArms Release Thread

    Since there hasn't been anything on the thread for a while, I would just like to remind everyone that Toadie does indeed have a twitter and that there is plenty of progress being shown there: https://twitter.com/toadie2k In addition to SCAR and Mauser updates, there's also something else in there that a couple of us will appreciate. I guess you could call it a logical extension of the XM29 project... All of my past-near-future-standard-issue dreams are coming true :D
  3. NIArms Release Thread

    Glad I could be of assistance :) Sidenote: Funny, I went to check out the original post, and it mysteriously disappeared! The darndest thing! Now how will I know people are scumbags?
  4. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Ah, combatreform, right every once in a while, one not-terrible idea here and there, usually so hilariously wrong
  5. NIArms Release Thread

    @toadie2k I'm not seeing an RHS compat specifically for core only in the Workshop separately, only for all-in-one
  6. A US Navy damage control party in training descends into a simulation of a flooded compartment aboard the USS Chaos training simulator. An instructor plays the part of a sailor desperately attempting to control the flooding by themselves Terrain Hebontes, not that you can see any of it Bohemia Modules Arma 3 Apex ("SCBA" Packs) Arma 3 Laws of War (Hard hat, "Fire suits") Arma 3 Encore (USS Liberty static ship model) Featured Mods RHS USAF ("Fire" helmets) Hidden Identity V3 ("SCBA" Mask) Arma 3 Aegis (Uniform) Either TAC Vests or Multi-Play Uniforms (Not sure which, NVG-slot Balaclava)
  7. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The Plamya and Zarya are spherical, thus allowing the opportunity for extraordinarily immature jokes about flashing, banging, and balls Oh you meant on a technical level? Sorry, no clue :P
  8. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    For the uniforms, looks like a very heavily (and well-done) reskinned version of the Viper uniform. Helmets seem custom-done and the vests and belts are just a mashup of stock parts (namely the Raven vest and rangemaster belt)
  9. NIArms Release Thread

    I suspected that, I just didn't know for sure And don't you put mah game balance in quotes :)
  10. NIArms Release Thread

    Two small criticisms 1: That trigger finger doesn't seem to go anywhere in the reload animation 2: BI mags don't appear (though I suspect you have no real control over that. RIP cross-mod ammo standardization, at least appearance-wise) Otherwise, great job, can't wait for the SCARs :)
  11. BUT WHUT ABOUT *Insert thing that I feel I'm entitled to have and has been GLARINGLY omissed and have no understanding of the idea that things have to be, y'know, made and sometimes that's not always possible*, SURELY U HAF 2 HAF DAT Personally for me it'd be the AH-1F/G/S unless slatts found a way around that mixing existing AH-1Z and UH-1H parts. Everyone wants something, but sometimes, man Enjoy the final product for what it will be, not what you necessarily want it to be. You can ask about things, but don't expect them to fall out of a tree. Tanks and helicopters especially tend not to hide up trees very well...