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  1. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Honestly it would only be eye candy for licking distance. Arma already is not a good runner as it is even with gitgud GPUs, and at functional distance what we currently have is perfectly fine. The increase in space and performance hit would not be worth any increase in visual fidelity, especially since most people I know who don't have god-tier PCs run on medium tex quality for performance reasons (some of us aren't in a financial position to acquire a better GPU, Tim...…).
  2. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    We also have 727s (labeled as M16A2 carbines b/c markings and most ppl don't care about AR minutia), and all of our pre-RIS ARs and AKs are still LLM compatible thanks to barrel clamps. Plus they look snazzy. There's also a limited selection of IBAs and PASGT vests, and a lot of the older stuff has been reworked and made loved again A1 w/ grenade launcher currently absent; didn't have time to fit it in before the latest CUPdate, but if you don't mind things breaking on occasion, dev builds are publicly available
  3. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Yeah, and while I'd normally agree with that sentiment @cu3b4ll, some people are bothered by having an optic on their gun that wasn't released until 2000, or 1993/97 if you want to count the early Comp models (Comp in 93, ML in 97). Then again, from a modeling perspective the 2000, 3000, and 5000 are quite literally just tubes with a battery case stuck on, and adding pic-compatible scope rings is a matter of just finding a pair. Plus Aimpoint's discontinued products section offers most of the dimensions to get the scale right.... Funny side note, the Comp was developed as a more compact solution for high-end IPSC shooters sticking Aimpoint 3000s and the like on their handguns, hence the name. So Aimpoint not only invented the red dot, but the first red dot for pistols as well, which ended up being a favorite for combat rifles. Huh 🤣
  4. Hvymtal

    NIArms Release Thread

    Yeah but the sound on that one is wrong. Meh, minor detail Also, I wouldn't get too excited about the M16s yet. It's still.... early days in terms of visual quality.
  5. Hvymtal

    NIArms Release Thread

    The update itself is done. For those of you who are impatient (like me) https://pastebin.com/eCtMAXUf No, I don't know when it's going up on WS, I just follow Toadie on twitter
  6. Hvymtal

    Zee Identity Pack

    Someone overslept a bit
  7. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    @wsxcgy Oh you poor innocent, ignorant soul 🤣
  8. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Tim, I understand how you feel, but Arma 3 is about shooting stuff and winning, not examining minutia. Good details are a good thing, but when you're actually playing and not just playing soldier Barbie (….....) stuff like that tends to become suddenly less important As far as my own preferences, Colt can't money, Minimi aside FN guns are top-shelf, and success of capitalism relies on actual competition. Besides, dog slap is better reserved for when I remind you about DESERT TIGERSTRIPE
  9. Glad it's coming alone so well! Yeah the ZSh was a fairly big departure from the Altyn, espwcially compared to its predecessors (Maska, K6, Rys). I believe it was the first modern Russian combat helmet to use bulletproof glass for the entire visor rather than having a steel component, as well as shell and ballistic materials and interior guts. I have used a replica of the -2MR from Grey-Shop.ru (an airsoft supplier, really good) and it's a pretty slick piece of kit. Unfortunately it was a friend's and I couldn't keep it 😞 Frankly there are so many versions of the ZSH-1 it could fill it's own mod. Personally I think I'd like to see a plain, non-radio version along with later a couple covers in more common colors (green, khaki, black, flora, emr, snow...) to keep things simple and not have the sort of massive list of possibilities the Altyn currently stands at! No offense OYO, but the Altyn could use a bit of variant reduction at some point...
  10. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Queesh, what rock have you been hiding under to not hear about GM until yesterday?????? But yeah as far as CUP's classic weapons goes (and being an official tester I will happily plug), we were given permission for almost all of the stuff from ACEx2. The new M4, A4, and A2 came from that. The A1 was a project by Urban, thought the M203 did miss the release window;its coming next update and has been in dev builds for a couple weeks now (dev builds are now available publicly!). The 727 (which is indeed labeled as m16a2 carbine as per IRL receiver markings, also because its simpler for those who dont care about the minutia of AR15 variants) was done by Dusin as a splice of A2 receiver bits and M4 Carbine everything else with "burst" scratched off and replaced with "auto", and while the 727 specifically was mostly particular to Delta, it can stand in as a reasonable facsimile of a number of A1 and A2-derived carbines used by USSOCOM and US allies throughout the 80s and 90s. Originally the A2 carbine was going to be a burst gun a la XM4, but I pointed out to Dusin that the 727 (which is the specific model per the classname) is full auto. AFAIK, there are currently no plans for a burst XM4 carbine. Lastly, in the grand scheme of things who really gives AF about manufacturer markings. An A2 is an A2 is an A2. It's not like we're reenactors here lol We're glad such an esteemed content creator as DeltaHawk enjoys our work (no shame in you plugging, since you have joined recently to do some textures), ACEx worked their butts off on their myriad models, and we are incredibly fortunate that they have allowed us to inherit them!
  11. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Simple, durable utility gloves are timeless...
  12. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Just for the record on how fast this got done, the ALICE rigs were finished less than a week ago and the gloves' mesh was finished yesterday Tim is on a roll. I don't wanna spoil what's next, but I will say that there is a natural companion that went with ALICE gear most of the time... Also, thanks a bunch for the pistol belt version. Will go nicely with MPs and the like. Hope that appears for the vests, too
  13. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Good news everyone, Deltahawk is going rock climbing with friends! At least that's what I think it is. He was mentioning something about gloves, harnesses, and someone named Alice over on Patreon
  14. *Quietly hopes for EMR and Flora camo covers for Altyn and/or ZSh You know, for the fashion-conscious polite person 😁