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  1. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    I'd personally prefer a PASGT vest, but I won't say no to an IBA. Those of us who throw small amounts of money at Tim from time to time on Patreon will know a bit more about things coming in the near future.... (Still haven't forgotten about Desert Tiger Stripe)
  2. Hvymtal

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I believe those are XM1125 utility tractors. Well, that's what the MPs told me before they hastily shuffled me out of the area
  3. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Correct, no shoulder pads and visible MOLLE webbing Delta has stated in the thread before that he wants to eventually update everything from USMM. That would include the PASGT vest and RBA
  4. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    THERE'S an autumn side out! (dyed a bit, too)
  5. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    I love seeing photos of the Mitchell cover flying Autumn side out. Don't get to see it very often (either that or it is just a plain khaki cover, in which case herpaderp carry on) I also can't help but lol a bit at the use of lab safety goggles as dust goggles 🤣 (Hey delta, have I given you your periodic reminder about our lord and savior, desert tigerstripe?)
  6. It would help if the reporter and/or admins were more specific with what is apparently/actually stolen...
  7. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    TCUs (Tropical Combat Uniform) are a version of the 3rd pattern OG-107 uniform modified for use in hot and humid climates, hence the name. They were the standard-issue battle dress for most US forces during the Vietnam War after their mass introduction in 1966, and were officially produced in olive green and ERDL by the US for the USArmF, while Tigerstripe copies made locally were popular as well. There may or may not have also been a khaki version of OG-107 for use in arid environments; I don't remember nor can I easily find sources or reference photos, and period photos of US forces in the southwest desert just wore OGs cause who cares, it's home duties
  8. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Awww, no desert tiger :( One day Glad to see the patreon nametags though! Looking forward to it :) Too late for this update, but I'm just gonna leave this right here..... https://www.patreon.com/deltahawk/ BTW I should reiterate my appreciation that you don't use flags on your uniforms. That lets people like me who prefer fictional factions to avoid IRL bullshit to have awesome things like this: Man Ace Combat is so awesome PS: Your Portugese DPM is still being referred to as Lizard
  9. And? Words would be helpful :)
  10. I cannot believe I never noticed this before. 10/10 easter egg, BIS! Scope: Schmidt & Bender PM II from CUP: Weapons (Originally Arma 2) Other mods
  11. Hvymtal

    USMC Packs Vietnam

    Oh there's loads of readily available reference material on the internet. Just google "M1 helmet Mitchell cover" Actually, LMGTFY Rising Storm 2 also has probably the best out-of-the-box condition M1s with Vietnam era Mitchell cover I've ever seen. Comes with a whole game, too!
  12. Gerddermit, you aren't gonna be cruel and make us pick between playing your mods and Ace Combat 7 are you? xD
  13. Hvymtal

    USMC Packs Vietnam

    Liking the USMC helmets. I'm glad you list them as early experimentation, Mitchell covers when put on correctly are much more form-fitting than that As opposed to WWII frogskin covers which were made during, y'know, a war and weren't as precisely trimmed