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  1. Hvymtal

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    'Struth. French Armed Forces are perpetually dead broke 🤣
  2. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Ah, the M1. The classic US Military helmet. Good to see it's finally arrived
  4. 1995, A US Navy SEAL conducts tropical endurance testing of the H&K Offensive Handgun Weapon System prototype in Hawaii [DEV] CUP Units, [DEV] CUP Weapons
  5. CUP Dev Branch Update 13 September 2019 (Weapons r1191, Units r569, Vehicles r1842) Ooooooooooh boy, this is a big one. No time for cheeky intros, CUPmigos, straight into the highlights! -I, Hvymtal, have finally managed to get my freaking vest mass edit in. All unarmored Load Bearing Equipment has had their mass reduced to levels rougly equivalent to Arma 3 default. About damn time, too. As for my other contribs: USMC, US Army, ACR Pilot vests reduced in mass to match their armor level, BAF Pilot Vests mass and armor reduced to match other pilot vests, PASGT and MBSS Carrier vests armor increased from level 1-equivalent to level 2, and RRV Delta Armor increased to level 3. -Auburn and Urban have brought us revamped Czech Army kit, with new uniforms, vests, and weapons for you all to check out, donated to us by the ACR A3 Team -Auburn has brought us some new German camouflage JPC variants for maximum KSK-age -Dusin has added a bunch of new Camouflage variants of the AK-74M, PKP, and verious associated attachments, as well as overhauled M1014 donated by Purple -Varanon has at long last completed Tanks DLC Upgrades to the Bradley Fighting Vehicles -Taro has completed a visual and functionality overhaul of the UH-60M utilizing components from the SOCOM MH-60, as well as improving the textures for the PASGT vest and ALICE harness -Classic-san has been gradually moving display names over to stringable, which continues this week, I assume for performance benefits? This is in addition to the ongoing Japanese localization as new things are added And a whole lot of minor improvements under the hood. Check it out on the [DEV] CUP Steam Workshop collection!
  6. Bob, our discord bot, is having a bit of a fit right now. I'll take care of the update post in a little while, for now, here's some more things from our Discord, showcasing some new stuff. Czech it out! *badum tssh* This is a pretty meaty update 🙂 Don't worry, there's a lot more inbound when Bob figures things out. CUP Dev Weapons revision 1191 is available right now, though!
  7. CUP Development Branch Update, 6 September 2019 (Units r539, Weapons r1169 giggity, Terrains Core r153) *Slowly walks past* OH, hey there CUPerinos! Looks like it's that time of the week again, eh? So to facilitate my work with configs, I have been promoted! I am now officially a CUP development team member glorified tester! Unfortunately, thanks to being a freaking noob at this stuff (WHY ISN'T ANYTHING PACKING WAAAAAA), I wasn't able to finish the tweaks to the various unarmored vests until just after this week's dev branch update. Oh well. It'll be taken care of as soon as my desperate pleas for help are heard in the cool kids only section of the discord and will be in next week's build. On the plus side, we have a bunch of fixes and a couple exciting new items! Here's the highlights -Urban has once again been working on some more pew-pews. The OTs-14 Groza in 7.62x39mm is now in CUP, as well as a new 20rnd magazine for the existing version. They've also done some tweaks to the recoil and rate of fire of the Skorpion and Micro Uzi -Auburn/AUTiger, being a freaking hero, has added even more new infantry gear. There are new Glasses-slot ESS Goggles, New Shemagh variants, New goggle/shemagh combos, and, something that will go very well with your special forces units, The Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier in the 4 core colors: Blacker-than-Black, Classic Olive Drab, Poopy Brown Coyote Brown, and some weird niche thing called Multicam There's also a bunch of tweaks to existing items this time, so I'll list off the big ones -Japanese translations have been updated for various new items thanks to Classic-san, who has been working hard at this for a long time!. -The AUG A1 now has proper reload animations donated to us by Toadie2k of HLC/NIArms fame, and integrated by Urban -Certain variants of the German protection Vest now has a pistol holster with proxy courtesy of AuburnAlumni/AUTigerGrad You can check out all these new and updated items as well as the myriad of small improvements by subscribing to the [DEV] CUP collection on the Steam Workshop and loading it up in the launcher when you play Arma 3. The full changelog is available on the "change notes" page on the right-hand side, as usual. As for me, I'll slowly begin treading through the various configs of the various parts of CUP, seeing what i can do to make CUP more consistent with itself, logic, and Arma 3 Vanilla. For now, though, I'm gonna take a short break from contributing, just this first one has left me a little drained trying to figure out how to get pboProject to do what I want it to. Thanks, and enjoy, CUPerinos!
  8. Hvymtal

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    @germanaagun That's entirely on them. I wouldn't count on the ACU, but maybe Deltahawk's donated BDU model that is being used for the ABU and ERDL. But that's RHS' decisions I'm not privy to, and it would be irresponsible to speculate. If you want a solution now, CUP's dev branch just dropped an a-bomb of BDU variants, or there's of course DHI Uniforms and Gear
  9. Hvymtal

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The problem of stolen assets, illegally ported assets, unpermitted alteration, etc is one of the reasons the photography thread prohibits "private" mods. In many cases, those "Private" mods were based on illegally ripped assets from other games (old GEARSOC, VSM's last update before Jarrad saved it as MLO, to name to more public examples) It's also why much of the milsim and content creation A3 community despises the Life community; too many of them rely on not just legally purchased assets from 3D shops (which are usually fine), but just straight taking stuff from other games, not even mentioning the amount of repacking of other mods' assets into their own PBOs in violation of our terms. CUP had one incident dealing with this kind of nonsense in 2017 that has become an inside meme. #350
  10. @ruff In the future, please condense quotes to what is relevant to your response. Quoting the entire thing unnecessarily clutters the thread. Thx CUP Development Branch Update, 30 August 2019 (Weapons R1159, Units R528) Well, it's that time of week, again CUPheads! More additions to the development branch. In the future, I'll avoid doing new posts for updates without any major additions or changes, but this week.... Oh boy. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to organize the necessary help to do the vest weights. Hopefully that can be done for next week. In the meantime, here's what the team has been working on for the last week: -Urban has been working on some updates to the FN Minimi Family (M249 SAW and L110 LMG), with magazine proxy support and corresponding brand new 100rnd softbags, 200rnd softbags, updated 200rnd boxes, and finally updating the L110A1 to the L110A2, thus retiring the last of our legacy Minimi models. CBA Joint Rails muzzle support has also been added. Do be advised, classnames for the L110 have been altered and files have been rolled into the M249 PBO, so update your missions with the corresponding new British LMG gunners now, so that they're ready when it's CUPDate time!! (Note, there is a little bit of confusion regarding what exactly has been changed or moved.I've been unable to get a clarification, so take precautions and update any CUP British missions) -Alwarren has contributed a new firearm to the project. Continuing the recent theme of PDWs, the Intratec TEC-9 is now in CUP as a semi-automatic civilian model, with its own 32-round magazine. While not really a suitable weapon for military or police forces, this new, civilian-legal firearm may find favor with those who interpret common and criminal law.... loosely. -Dusin has worked on a couple of smaller additions this week. The M110 SASS now has Woodland and Black variants, along with corresponding VLTOR Modpod bipods, Suppressors, and a new variant with a Knight's Armament stock rather than the Magpul PRS. Next, Dusin has worked a bit on the Russian helmets, with new variants of the 6B47, with various combinations of headset, goggles, covers, and bare colors. Additionally, the display name for the 6B46 has been altered, I believe it is now 6B47 (Plain), but I could be wrong. Last, but not least, the M68 CCO (low)'s mounting bracket has been altered to the proper QRP L-Bracket. The high version with the sloped bracket is unaltered. -Temon has added new civilian gear, with the Racketeer clothing and Functionary (Jacket) models and color variants. A nice little addition to the civilian side of CUP Now, this next one may either elate or enrage you depending on how you view Arsenal cluttering. As you may know, our Battledress uniforms have remained with their variants hidden to save space. I asked the creator, Taro, to add the gloved and rolled sleeves versions for the US flag DCU uniforms, since the Woodland uniforms also receive it, "for the sake of consistency, style, and freedom of choice," I said. We got into a bit of an argument... Let me make myself absolutely clear here: I only asked for the US DCU rolled sleeves versions, not for everything However, this seemed to make something snap inside Taro, and, well.... Here's the exact quote from the Changelog: (emphasis mine) I may have been the instigator but I take no responsibility for him actually following through. Love it or hate it, we now have the most variations of the US-pattern Battledress Uniform of any mod in Arma, including DHI Uniforms and gear. Enjoy? 🤪 -In addition to finally accepting his destiny as a memelord, Taro has also done a couple more minor additions, with a new version of the PASGT Helmet that can be turned into an LWH with appropriate textures, US flag versions of the Desert and OD BDUs, as well as adding some new variations of the PASGT helmet and patrol cap for consistency (specifically, ERDL Highland and Woodland-Urban Helmets, and DCU Patrol Cap), and last but not least Dirty BDU versions for those who play in the mud. The only substantial tweak of note that doesn't involve one of the above is to the Saiga 12, specifically, its magazine capacities have been reduced from 8 to 5 and 20 to 12, as appropriate to their actual sizes. RIP Perfectly Balanced Saiga. If you want to continue memeing the crap out of everyone with a shotgun, there's always the AA-12. You can check out all these new and updated items as well as the myriad of small improvements by subscribing to the [DEV] CUP collection on the Steam Workshop and loading it up in the launcher when you play Arma 3. The full changelog is available on the "change notes" page on the right-hand side, as usual. Thanks, and enjoy, you CUPheads! I'm somehow gonna be blamed for this BDU shit, aren't I? 😅
  11. CUP Development Branch Update, 23 August 2019 Hey there, virtual soldiers! Seeing as people reacted well to my post two weeks ago updating the community on the status and additions to the development branch, I thought I'd see about doing another CUP Dev Update post. I had a bit of apprehension for doing it again seeing as I'm a tester (the lowest rung on the CUP team ladder, so to speak), but senior team members had no objection last time and some even asked me to do it again. So here we are! The team has been busy the last fortnight with further new additions to CUP Weapons and CUP Units. Vehicles and Terrains have no logged changes, this time. So, here's the big-ticket highlights -The steady march of late 90s/early 00s USGI gear is continuing, with brand new DCU and Woodland MICH Helmets with variants (yessssssssss!), new textures for the BDU and PASGT Helmets, Folded US Wood Booniehat, Improvements to the US Woodland texture for mod-wide uniformity, and New variants of the various BDUs, all courtesy of AUTigerGrad (aka AuburnAlumni). Senior member Taro was responsible for getting most of this stuff off the ground in the first place, as well -The Izhmash Saiga 12 has received a massive update, with a refreshed model and textures, better recoil, as well as a new 20-round drum magazine! This one comes courtesy of Urban -The Knight's Armament M110 has received a big update to its model and materials as well, bringing it in line with the other M16-derived weapons in CUP, committed to the project by Dusin. -We have an all-new gun for you all to try out, the Heckler & Koch G3A3 in a couple of variants with black and green furniture. They were originally donated to CUP by Toadie2K (creator of NIArms, with another credit listed to Krycek) and integrated into CUP by, once again, Dusin. Yes, he put a vertical foregrip on it. IDK, it's his thing A couple of minor updates and additions: Improvements to the Czech Booniehat, M92 Helmets in Black, Further tweaks to the NAPA uniform textures, Black version of the LLM Mk3, New Textures for the M72 Special, improvements to several scopes (Leu VX-3, S&B PMII, PVS-10, both PAS-13s), MAC-10 Texture tweaks, and more. Normally it would be irresponsible for me to comment on future changes and additions, but sometime this week when schedules align I'll be working with another team member to address a long-standing issue regarding the excessive weights of unarmored load-bearing vests. I had hoped to get it in this week, but things didn't turn out that way. You can check out all these new and updated items as well as the myriad of small improvements by subscribing to the [DEV] CUP collection on the Steam Workshop and loading it up in the launcher when you play Arma 3. The full changelog is available on the "change notes" page on the right-hand side.
  12. Hey, guys. Just a heads-up on the CUP dev-branch status, since things were a bit funky the last two weeks There was no update on CUPDev last week as the person who manages our repository was moving. As for this week, our illustrious capable competent funny ...present Discord bot, Bob had a little bit of an oopsie, and needed some time to sort himself out. CUPDev Units and Weapons have been updated this week, though the launcher may not identify it as such, highlights include: -Reworked Battledress Uniforms including a brand new Desert Combat Uniform colorway (currently it's too overly saturated, I mentioned this to the author, Taro, in the members section of the Discord and he said he'll work on it) -Updates to the NAPA Uniforms including the new BDUs and improved Flecktarn textures -Texture updates for the Interceptor body armor -Texture updates for the PASGT helmet to match the new BDUs -New PASGT Helmet variants with the Norotos rugged helmet NV mount and strap -A bunch of new variations of the FN FAL; camo, wood furniture, long barrel, short barrel, and even Rhodesian baby barf camo. Plus, all versions can now support side rail attachments -Two new compact SMGs: the Heckler and Koch MP7A1 (with the integrated folding grip), and the Military Armaments Corporation MAC-10 in .45ACP. Both come in primary and secondary weapon versions (for supported and freehand firing, respectively), and both are total bullet hoses! The MAC especially!! There's also a smattering of minor improvements and bug fixes, as always. Stuff like the Z-Point textures being tweaked, M16A2 mesh update, EOTech 551 mesh update, M4A1 Grip and GL attachment positions tweaked for consistency, and more As always, full changelog is in the workshop notes EDIT: Also be sure to check out the revamped FN Mk48 Maximi and Izhmash Saiga 12 that came with the update on 15 August, along with some minor additions like a black LLM Mk3, new black M92 helmets (wee-woo), updated textures for the M72 Special, and another smattering of minor improvements to CUP-Units and CUP-Weapons. No updates to Vehicles or Terrains this week
  13. The relevant author or authors would have to get in contact with the team, first. There's nothing stopping another community member contacting them and saying they should consider donating to CUP, other than reasonable persistence restrictions to avoid harrassment, but there are a couple of challenges regarding the mod you linked. 1. IIRC Project RACS was very much a team effort that relied heavily on donations and permissions from other community members, not entirely unlike CUP. For the complete set as requested, all of the authors who directly contributed to the creation, implementation, and integration into PRACS of those assets would have to agree, and some of them are unlikely to be able to be contacted at all. Of those that can be contacted, any of them may choose to decline, which would leave the set "incomplete" with very little we can do about it. 2. All of the assets in that mod are made for Arma 2, and would have to be converted to Arma 3. Many of them have already found themselves or counterparts in Arma 3 already, but not all, and of those that have been converted, it is up to the individual authors to donate on their own accord (or be persuaded to do so). Even if they cant be implemented into CUP proper, the biggest one I can think of (HCPookie's various stuff) already plays well with CUP. 3. The CUP team would have to determine whether the donation is wanted at all. That is a very multifaceted question, regarding what it adds to the gameplay, what it may restrict or take away from other assets' gameplay, implementation into Arma 3, integration with other CUP assets, etc. That doesn't even get into the question of how it would fit in to our members' often busy schedules along with all of the other stuff we want to do. So yeah, a number of stars would have to align to fulfill your request to any substantial degree. Possibilities should never be ruled out, but I, unfortunately, find this one unlikely. Sorry 😢
  14. Hvymtal

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    What the actual scott miller how did I so completely miss the release!?!? o.0 Congrats!!!!!! (Do get on the armor values thing though, kinda important given the amount of bullets and explosives that tend to populate arma) Edit: Holy shitballs the headgear in particular could use with being segregated into packs organized by camo family, you guys went a little overboard xD
  15. Hvymtal

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Nononononononononononono never change classnames unless it absolutely has to be done or you may break older content!!!!!!!