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  1. Mmmmm, tasty multicam actually textured properly (Except the helmet cover. Could use with a darkening pass)
  2. Okay, that was much easier than I thought...
  3. I must commend you on making a terrain that focuses on usefulness rather than just being pretty, and actually fleshing out that utility and making it feel like a real place rather than just making a couple of ranges. Very happy this made the front page and stayed there for like a week, and I hope that this encourages others to create more training ground/proving ground focused maps in the future. It's been far too long since we've had something like this and the vehicle ranges on Stratis and Tanoa are not nearly big enough to really allow people to get a feel for the heavy stuff and what they're capable of. I also like some of the little things, like the old amphitheater and adjacent ruins in what is otherwise a total free-fire zone, plus some other cultural touches I'll let others find for themselves. These really highlight the challenges of creating traininig ranges like this in a part of the world steeped in ancient history, and help sell the setting of it being on a Greek island :) The addition of a small runway suitable for helicopters, light attack aircraft, and trainers, along with some islands designated for target practice is another nice touch for someone who has been gradually migrating more to DCS recently. I'm glad that an airfield was included with this update, and look forward to seeing it and the bombing ranges being fleshed out more (don't go too nuts with the craters, but looking more bombed out will be nice. Maybe some T-72, BRDM, and BMP wrecks to add some precision targets...)
  4. NIArms Release Thread

    Sharing is caring :D
  5. Jets DLC Official Feedback

    thing to note about CCIP though is that it is definitely not infallible, it simply puts the ordnance about on target, not on the 1x1m circle I was aiming at. This is more pronounced when trying to hit point targets with rockets or bombs.
  6. NIArms Release Thread

    Does that make me... double happy? Not sure...
  7. NIArms Release Thread

    Current Work list (publicly available from the front page) I am a happy man now :)
  8. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Wellafter playing around with them a bit, it's pretty obvious at least to me that they aren't done yet (Aviator model doesn't fit in the HGU's mount, Rhino-mounted one doesn't have rhino model when on, etc). Cool and something to look forward to, but they're definitely not done yet as they exist in the current patch.
  9. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Did I miss something because a wild pair of ANVIS-9s just appeared in the arsenal for me? Modlist I used to make this happen (cold war themed in case you're wondering)
  10. US 75th Rangers

    Join us wsxcgy, we have internet cookies :) https://discord.gg/ux5dCcb
  11. US 75th Rangers

    Nooo, you're supposed to keep it on discord and force everyone to use it (jk)
  12. Didn't bepe open up the assets from Black Ops Weapons? There are some assets in there that would fit the 1980s timeframe, and not just red dots... https://www.dropbox.com/s/6slvn8154q6fufm/20160731 Black ops weapons backup.rar?dl=0 They would need a bit of polish, but I think they would suit your purposes well. As far as the mod in general goes, great work and keep it up!
  13. *Grabs M1A1 Carbine* *Shoots that like button* Hmm, one like is not enough, let's see how many more we can give him... *POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW CLICK CLICK* My work is done here. Oh, wait... *Draws M1911A1* *Unloads on follow button* There we go