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  1. Star Wars - Jedi Power Battles

    Here is an update on the Force Powers. As said befor, you can only pick 1 force power at the beginning of the game. You can regain force power by picking up the force item. Right now there are only 4 different force powers to choose from. Maybe i will add more later but for now i will focus on the level design and game mechanics. You also can see the working HUD (health bar and force bar) and the improved movement (there is a smooth transition now when changing direction).
  2. Star Wars - Jedi Power Battles

    Heres a small preview of the upcoming force powers. Right now theres "Force Repulse" and "Force Lightning". The Player will have the options to choose one Force Power at the beginning of the game. Thinking of adding Force Heal and maybe Force Push. Any suggestion are welcome. Force Repulse: -Smashes away all enemys near the Player and adds damage. -Instant death for weak Enemy (Blue Droids) Force Lightning: -Stuns the Enemy for short time and adds damage.
  3. Star Wars - Jedi Power Battles

    here is the first look of the custom menu:
  4. Star Wars - Jedi Power Battles

    If you mean that the melee/combat system will work in normal arma editor, no this will only work in the jedi power battles mission. well this would be possible but i want to stick to the original game.
  5. Hey guys! i want to show you my current progress on my new mod -Jedi Power Battles-. After Super Miller Land i had the idea of making some "beat em up" gamemode, means fighting with fist/weapons agains incoming waves of enemys. But then i thought why not "remaking" one of my favorite PS1 games, Jedi Power Battles. In fact this is a mix of a beat em up and a platformer game. What i got so far is: -Custom controls, which lets you walk/run in 8 different directions. -Different types of saber attacks (some attacks will change animation when pressing the button repeated) -Blocking enemy attacks, including blaster bolts. (when blocking for longer time the blaster bolts will deflect in random directions, when pressing "block" right befor impact the blaster bolt will directly deflect to the next enemy and kill him. -Jumping + Double Jumping -Force Powers (Force Repulse, Force Lightning, Force Healing, Force Rage) -Enemys AI trying to beat you / shoot you. -Some Enemys can block your attacks -Dismemberment of Enemys -Custom parictel effects -Custom HUD -About 45 custom animations yet -Interior Parts of Droid ship Hallway More attacks and combos will be added. Will this be MP compatible? well i wanted to make it a 2 player coop mod. but i have to admit i am to stupid for MP scripting :D Maybe someone wants to help out make this MP compatible my plans for the first release are to make 1 story demo level and some kind of infinitely enemy waves survivel mission. But pls let me know what you guys would like to see. Also i would like to know how you want the controls to be set up. We need to setup: 4 keys for moving, 1 for jumping, 1 for running, 1 blocking and 3 for attacking. cheers Ruppertle
  6. Hey guys! i just want to show you an older project i did back in the days but lost intresst because i wasnt sure about how to get things working correctly. Its some kind of remake of the classic game "Dino Crisis". I got my hands back on it to add the camera and controls system which work out pretty good so far imo. Of course this i far away from finished and is more a prototyp to show of what could be possible. Let me know if theres interesst in seeing some kind of demo level or maybe a complete new "game" featuring this kind of gameplay. Cheers Ruppertle
  7. Super Miller Land

    i did a Speedrun with no deaths can you beat it?
  8. Arma3 Videos

    just a normal day on tanoa.... dont ask me why i did this.....
  9. Super Miller Land

    Hey everyone! Im happy to get so much positiv feedback! I really invested some time and love into this project even if it started as a fun side project! I hope you guys all made it through the game without destroying your computer equipment! :P Well not exacly for this game but i have something else / new in mind which really could work out as a coop game! I uploaded the full Super Miller Land Main Theme if someones intressted. (made by Phat) enjoy PS. thanks for the votes :D
  10. Hey guys! Finally i can release my current FUN project i was working on for longer time now! It all started with some camera/controlls test when i was planing to make a oldschool game mod like dino crisis / resident evil...I made small parkours to jump around and test things.....well lets say it escalated quickly. Here some Infos to the Mod: -4 Levels including hidden secrets. -Custom Enemys -Some small Puzzles -Custom Main Menu / Level Select / UI -Custom Controlls and Camera angles -Password System to unlock Levels and other "things" -Custom Soundtrack made by Phat I know the Controlls are not the best but with some practice you get into it. Hey its still arma engine ;) I hope you enjoy this as much as i did when making / playing this. STEAM DOWNLOAD http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1281184230 Cheers Ruppertle
  11. hey man, any updates on the light saber mod?

  12. Great white shark

    congratulation on release! Really nice Shark! I totally forgot about how cool it looks to dive under water in arma....and now with that shark ...just awsome! I added you on Steam, i think i can help out with that camera glitch! cheers Ruppertle
  13. Lightsaber System

    I made a new Cinematic / Gameplay video with the Lightsaber and other old WIP Stuff.... i know its just a video but i hope you enjoy it.
  14. Star Wars - TIE Fighters

    Yeaaaah star wars :D looks very good so far! Maybe you can add a driveable and complete inside walkable deathstar too? Shouldnt be that much work :P
  15. Tanoa Trains

    Arma 3 - thomas the tank engine MOD confirmed