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  1. Hey guys! i just want to show you an older project i did back in the days but lost intresst because i wasnt sure about how to get things working correctly. Its some kind of remake of the classic game "Dino Crisis". I got my hands back on it to add the camera and controls system which work out pretty good so far imo. Of course this i far away from finished and is more a prototyp to show of what could be possible. Let me know if theres interesst in seeing some kind of demo level or maybe a complete new "game" featuring this kind of gameplay. Cheers Ruppertle
  2. Super Miller Land

    i did a Speedrun with no deaths can you beat it?
  3. Arma3 Videos

    just a normal day on tanoa.... dont ask me why i did this.....
  4. Super Miller Land

    Hey everyone! Im happy to get so much positiv feedback! I really invested some time and love into this project even if it started as a fun side project! I hope you guys all made it through the game without destroying your computer equipment! :P Well not exacly for this game but i have something else / new in mind which really could work out as a coop game! I uploaded the full Super Miller Land Main Theme if someones intressted. (made by Phat) enjoy PS. thanks for the votes :D
  5. Hey guys! Finally i can release my current FUN project i was working on for longer time now! It all started with some camera/controlls test when i was planing to make a oldschool game mod like dino crisis / resident evil...I made small parkours to jump around and test things.....well lets say it escalated quickly. Here some Infos to the Mod: -4 Levels including hidden secrets. -Custom Enemys -Some small Puzzles -Custom Main Menu / Level Select / UI -Custom Controlls and Camera angles -Password System to unlock Levels and other "things" -Custom Soundtrack made by Phat I know the Controlls are not the best but with some practice you get into it. Hey its still arma engine ;) I hope you enjoy this as much as i did when making / playing this. STEAM DOWNLOAD http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1281184230 Cheers Ruppertle
  6. hey man, any updates on the light saber mod?

  7. Great white shark

    congratulation on release! Really nice Shark! I totally forgot about how cool it looks to dive under water in arma....and now with that shark ...just awsome! I added you on Steam, i think i can help out with that camera glitch! cheers Ruppertle
  8. Lightsaber System

    I made a new Cinematic / Gameplay video with the Lightsaber and other old WIP Stuff.... i know its just a video but i hope you enjoy it.
  9. Tanoa Trains

    Arma 3 - thomas the tank engine MOD confirmed
  10. Tanoa Trains

    Hey duda nice idea there! i remember there was a good working train mod for operation flashpoint! Maybe you can still download it somewhere and see how they did it
  11. Arma 3 Working Horse Mod - WIP

    A working horse would be really cool in arma, i always thought about making one. It should be doable I found this video, someone ported that dbo horse but it looks horrible :D https://youtu.be/BibW4688uBU
  12. Lightsaber System

    Hey guys! So its been along time i replied here and yeah i kinda stopped working on this mod because of lack of time, motivation and technical reasons... But i want this thing to get out for you so i started working on it again and redone most of the conifg and script parts because it was a mess. Im now focusing on a little demo mission where you have to fight against incoming enemie waves and i will also include a multiplayer mission. I did a few changes like adding a custom animations set, redone the lightsaber look added force push and some other little things....oh and now you can reflect incoming laser back to the enemie and kill him. there still some things to do but soon i can start on creating the missions. i also made a new "map" the Docking Bay 327 from the Deathstar (i made it in O2 so not the best looking thing but should do the trick) cheers Ruppertle
  13. Advanced Rappelling

    Wow that is really impressive :blink: Nice job there! If you ever want to make this into an Addon and you need a fitting holding animation for the rope, contact me
  14. Jurassic Arma

    btw server keys are now included in the Steamworkshop!
  15. Lightsaber System

    Hey guys! So here is the video of the Multiplayer Gameplay and the Arena! It still has alot of bugs. Due the lack of time i cant tell you when this will be ready for release but for now: Enjoy the Video Cheers Ruppertle