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  1. Addons used: Polpox artwork, Bigmoon, ZL2 Static Poses, Recolor
  2. (grid 063041 near Katkoula) The criminals from the hidden location are still alive for some reason.
  3. The looter t-shirts have a problem with a scarf in 1st person.
  4. Location of something strange... The strange THING.....
  5. When in first person and looking at the looter shirts, there's a white cloth there that is otherwise invincible in 3rd person.
  6. servers need to update to the current patch
  7. soceris

    I need help using the spectrum device. Can't change screens.

    You need to hold left click on the same frequency wave as theirs.
  8. Why do we need this exactly? Support vehicles are there for a reason.
  9. soceris

    "No Message Received"

    What kind of servers are they?
  10. soceris

    "No Message Received"

    How much is your fps, 30 or more?
  11. soceris

    "No Message Received"

    Or a server has a crap ton of scripts that break you're game that causes it to crash.
  12. soceris

    "No Message Received"

    A low fps or bad ping might be the problem.