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  1. midnightm3nace

    Dagger Weapons for Arma 3 (and ACE 3)

    Is it possible to use the weapons without ACE? Will the Ballistics part of the mod affect the rest of the game without ACE? Will they themselves be accurate without ACE? Thanks!
  2. midnightm3nace

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Thanks a lot for making this pack, man. It's by far my favorite weapon pack in Arma.
  3. Hello. I have been having an error ever since workshop modding came out where I cannot access any of my workshop mods at all, whether through the launcher or by moving them into the directory so I can control them manually. Steam frequently updates and downloads workshop content as necessary, but there is no way for me to use it and it is incredibly frustrating. For more info, I had my Arma directory located on my C: Drive but got a new HD and decided to port it to my E: as mod content was taking up so much space. I have re-installed numerous times, to no avail. Please let me know if I can fix this, or there is a steam issue.
  4. I got reshade to work when I launch Arma directly (Steamapps/common/Arma 3/arma3battleeye) but the launcher refuses to launch. Launcher as in the Arma 3 mod launcher, it will not even load. I get a steam preparing to launch Arma 3 and nothing happens. Any solutions to this? EDIT: It will work if I go to the Arma directory and launch it from there, however the Steam shortcut does not work. EDIT 2: Game crashes whenever I load a mission while using the mod launcher. I don't know if this is mods or the launcher itself?
  5. midnightm3nace

    User Mission Request Thread

    Anyone fancy a mission like Of Their Own Accord from the only good Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2? Fast-paced arma, one where you're LOSING, set NOT on Altis but on an urban map (US if possible). not trying to be picky. Thanks.
  6. midnightm3nace

    Experience WW2 Road Map

    Thank you sir, for attempting to feed our hunger for Band of Brothers in Arma. God bless you.
  7. Oh my god I just jizzed my fucking pants.
  8. I like how everyone totally ignored my post. This forum is about the mod, not control schemes. Take that somewhere else please.
  9. Hate to pop out of nowhere but is there any chance of the De-Polarized helmets being fixed to show faces any time soon? I think they looked a lot more clear in this version of release, but I think that would just be a REALLY bad ass feature to have soon. That, and they're already looking great, just showing the VR faces.
  10. midnightm3nace

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey are there any servers running this mod with TFR?
  11. As was stated multiple times before: Let the Devs do as they do. Stop giving people more reasons to squeal "PUT THIS IN!!!" "DO THAT!!!" and let them decide. This mod is an Alpha. Stop being so critical of it. Just to say, the Pelican turn time feels perfect. If you've seen the way those things fly in the games and if you are a Pilot in Arma (IF YOU CAN FLY AND LAND WITHOUT AUTO PILOT), then you know where I am coming from. The response feels perfect. All in all, stop making these huge posts like its an EA forum (get the hint); this mod is epic and this forum is for WiP, not for personal demands. I apologize for b*tching, but there have just been too many people fighting for their own personal preferences to be added, even arguing with the Devs, and it annoys me.
  12. Awesome! Just wondering, are there going to be any changes with the sights on the AA Warthog? There's no real way to aim unless you scope in and have a Field of View of 5 o_O Ignore this, forum glitch. My bad. ---------- Post added at 18:22 ---------- Previous post was at 18:19 ---------- No I was just kind of hoping the sights to be kind of like the sights on the AAF HMG Pickup Trucks.............
  13. Awesome! Just wondering, are there going to be any changes with the sights on the AA Warthog? There's no real way to aim unless you scope in and have a Field of View of 5 o_O
  14. Hate to pop your bubble, but this mod will not be releasing Spartans or Aliens or anything unhuman or superhuman, as it would be very difficult to script or it would be overpowered af. The Devs have spoken a long time ago about this.
  15. My bad. I read somewhere that Cortana jumped to the moon of a nearby uninhabited planet in an uneventful solar system. Apologies to Scorch as well.