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  1. @unearthedtru7h It makes complete sense now, thank you for your indepth reply 😊
  2. Your testers have not done your mod any justice by posting pictures with various other "tacticool" mods, it's extremely hard to even tell what undersige item i'm looking at in your photos. I see a whole bunch of other mods. What are they showcasing of yours? Plate carriers? Uniforms? Only curious so that I may enjoy your hard work.
  3. warlord554

    1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    Yes. However, initial AFM will be basic. I will rely on feedback from you guys for tweaks. I have gotten a million PMs so if you have offered your help then thank you. The helos are currently being worked on by several people right now so we should fix kinks soon
  4. warlord554

    Low FPS Gtx 960

    My fx 8120 build is 10yrs old still going strong. I noticed the biggest increase when I OC'd to 4.0ghz. My gtx 960 2gb is OC'd with evga precision from steam
  5. warlord554

    Tactical Wrist

    And here I thought I was the only one to put a garmin gps in the nvg slot. Haha
  6. warlord554

    1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    Ok guys I know it's been a while. Facing a few issues currently. I think it's all config related. Sounds are muffled Door guns "break" all vanilla vehicle full auto modes But, on a good note Everything else is atleast good enough for alpha release Just need config help if someone can help PM me Alpha release will only contain MH60M
  7. warlord554

    Making materials...

    Please note my error in the file name. Should save your file as "whateverfilename_as.paa"
  8. warlord554

    Making materials...

    Unless I've lost my mind I'm pretty sure the a3 tools program TexView2 will convert for you. Save your baked AO map as a tga file. Open in texview and click "save as", save it as "whatevertextexture.as".paa It will convert to as map automatically Repeat for specular map and save as smdi
  9. Check a3 samples included with your A3 game download
  10. warlord554

    1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    @typhoontiger A close up of the sticker above front wheels on the fairings would be great
  11. warlord554

    1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    @Riverman23 There will be a variant with deployable zodiac. They will be compatible with the vanilla sling load system but keep in mind they can only sling so much (not to mention soar/usaf variants rarely slingload) The MH47G chinook will be able to slingload alot more, including my socr boats that I'm working on
  12. warlord554

    NATO/Russian AK SOPMOD Pack WIP

    No dependencies sir. Addon completely self contained I will however make them compatible with other magazines, including cup, rhs, and toadie's ak pack
  13. Engagement distances also vary depending on weapons used as AI engagement distance can be defined per weapon in config
  14. warlord554

    Buldozer will not start

    I notice that arma 3 (32bit) exe will not launch. I'm running win 7 64bit Arma 3 64bit launches fine It gives the 0xc000007b error I've reinstalled .net framework, c++, and directx Still giving error I'm wondering if that's my issue and not anything to do with buldozer
  15. warlord554

    NATO/Russian AK SOPMOD Pack WIP

    Sry man I've been through deployments, had more kids, gotten a civilian job back home, grown up boring stuff. Recently I lost my entire harddrive in a bad storm (blackout) But have no fear, most of my data was saved. These have been all redone and I will finish this and release first since they are the easiest. Stay tuned WL554