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  1. sgt m.stonebridge

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Ahh. Thank you. I did not know that! I'm still getting used to all the new additions, much appreciated.
  2. sgt m.stonebridge

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi guys. I've been gone for a little while and I'm very pleased with the progress made in terms of the mods for the game. I do have a question for you though if you don't mind. The combo mounts in your pack, the light and laser mounts, they're great but is it possible to add both functions to them? Instead of having to switch them out all the time. It would be nice to use your light and laser simply by switching the function via a key bind, also the visible laser would be a nice addition to these also so that we can have a multi role attachment that covers multiple needs within an operation. If it isn't to much trouble would you consider adding this aspect?
  3. sgt m.stonebridge

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thank you for quick response, I will look forward to any updates.
  4. sgt m.stonebridge

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello, Great mod guys. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions in regards to infantry equipment. I've been playing with this mod for a good while now seeing as it has been a part of my previous and now current unit's mod pack. I was just wondering if you are planning to add anymore variants to the uniforms, backpacks, vests and will we see some belted versions, and any with side arm holsters? These are images of the main ones I am curious about. A Bergen. Also a Radio backpack like this: Also, will you be adding any radios, tid bits and small items to any of the current vests and backpacks (something like 3CB's accessories on it's backpack models) Finally. Are helmet patches in the works at all?
  5. sgt m.stonebridge

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Sounds fair, they can be tricky. Really good progress so far, can't wait to see what you bring try next.
  6. sgt m.stonebridge

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Good to know, looking forward to it. How comes the uniform?
  7. sgt m.stonebridge

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Is 1.3 out yet or is it just letting people know what the next patch will contain?
  8. sgt m.stonebridge

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Just a few additional requests if possible :) I know your looking to model your own uniform, so I found this link, that shows the sort of clothing the army supplies for the infantry. Might help with giving you an idea as to general look. http://militaryops.esellersolutions.com/item/productImages/product_image_114_7_21_12_24_19.jpg Also, in regards to the uniform, if possible could you do a version with gaiters. There are several Royal Marine units and having a uniform with gaiters would be a nice option....Forgive the 1'6 image reference, I couldn't find an image with an actual soldier. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/images/products/out/large/DAM10050.jpg
  9. sgt m.stonebridge

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Let me be the first to say....ahum.....YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
  10. sgt m.stonebridge

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Ah, well that answers that then., only just saw your comment, was in the middle of replying :)
  11. sgt m.stonebridge

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Okay, well I must have missed him mention the uniform, so I apologize for that. What about the holster then? I have looked at all current images of the Virtus equipment and haven't seen and leg or waist holsters, is it no longer required for an infantrymen to carry a sidearm, or is it that they didn't see the need to make it easy for our service men to reach it and suggested they hide it where the sun don't shine? Which would be rather inconvenient in a fire fight.
  12. sgt m.stonebridge

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Isn't it? I thought it was seeing as the way the belt equipment is situated, very much like the current virtus. Any how the point stands, and I already know he's re-textured a current in game uniform, but what I said is that maybe he could re-texture a uniform that has the legs out rather than tucked in. Seeing as the majority of British infantry don't tuck their trouser legs in, and I already know that he's adding variants of the vests, but I don't know about the backpacks which is why I asked.
  13. sgt m.stonebridge

    Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Really happy with the quality of this first release! Just a quick few things though, Firstly, is the new Virtus armor meant to have no sidearm holster at all, or is that considered an option because I would like the option for a belt/waist holster:) (If not to much trouble). Second I posted on your development topic about backpacks, and wanted to ask if you will be adding variants to suit different roles, such as the 3CB options? And lastly I wanted to know if you have considered doing your own uniform, the British infantry much prefer their trousers to sit on top of their boots not tucked in :D Maybe you could use an existing uniform such as the standard NATO uniform in game and change the texture?? Below is an image of the Virtus armor over a current uniform :) Anyway, I am really happy with the release, and I hope to see much more come to the mod in the near future.
  14. sgt m.stonebridge

    [WIP] Virtus Body Armour System

    will you be adding the back pack? http://soldiersystems.net/blog1/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/image19.jpeg http://soldiersystems.net/blog1/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_7418.jpg
  15. sgt m.stonebridge

    1 FPS after 64 bit update

    Yeah, I have tried several apparent fixes now and have still got 1 FPS. it's ridiculous.