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  1. [WIP] UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    X 2 Again, Love seeing that amazing work in-game.
  2. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Wow, very nice work yet again.
  3. [WIP]CDM 2035

    Nice looking work thus far.
  4. 3CB BAF Vehicles

    Sweet, nice work all.
  5. R3F French Weapons Pack

    Thanks for the update, love this mod.
  6. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Wow, awesome work. Love those pistols.
  7. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    That FAL is awesome and the APC is equally well done.
  8. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Very nice work, again.
  9. ASR AI 3

    thanks for the update Robalo.
  10. 1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    Those are some amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing Duane, must've been pretty awesome to have been there and seen the demo.
  11. NATO/Russian AK SOPMOD Pack WIP

    Please make it CBA_A3 compatible so other mods optics can be used, if you have the time and inclination warlord.
  12. [WIP] UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    Wow, you were right in saying that is most impressive work to date. The detail in the mask and on the rebreather are amazing.
  13. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Wow! That is very cool. Great work to all involved.