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  1. Great work man, progress is looking promising!
  2. Some reference pictures for you @warlord554
  3. Today we have lowered our required enlisted age to 16+. We are still looking for new Infantrymen and Aviators. If you think this will be the place for you visit us on our website
  4. What weapon system will be on the UH-60s?
  5. This is already possible with Duda's Advanced Sling Loading and works pretty well.
  6. We have recently reopened our doors to recruitment and we are looking for some new Infantrymen. If you think this will be the place for you visit us on our website, and go to the Recruiting Station.
  7. RellyRell

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I personally think it's way too early for Arma 4. There's still a whole lot of work that need to be attended to with A3..
  8. RellyRell

    SPIE Addon

    Oh very nice, didn't think anybody was going to tackle this. Excited to see this in arma.
  9. Any luck with the optimization?
  10. RellyRell


    No problem at all !
  11. RellyRell


    //Random Starting loadout 0 = [this] call rvg_fnc_equip; this addEventHandler ["Fired", {_this spawn RVG_fnc_Fired}]; //Bandit Camps Text: Camp Condition: (vehicle player) in thislist On Act: _nul = [thistrigger] spawn rvg_fnc_spawnBanditCamp //Make Traders this setVariable ["isTrader", "rvg_supplies_s", true]; this setVariable ["isTrader", "rvg_gear_s", true]; this setVariable ["isTrader", "rvg_arms_s", true]; //Fill boxes nul = [this] execVM "scripts\system\rvgFill_weap.sqf"; nul = [this] execVM "scripts\system\rvgfill.sqf"; //Make Survivor [_unit, _x] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, true]; } forEach [ ["Recruit Unit", "\ravage\actions\recruit.sqf",[_unit], 1, false, true, "", "alive _target && {group _target != group _this}"], ["Dismiss Unit", "\ravage\actions\dismiss.sqf",[_unit], 1, false, true, "", "alive _target && {group _target == group _this}"] ];
  12. Glad to hear progress is still being made despite the issues.