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  1. Probably one big pack to start with, so we can have time to organize things the way we want afterwards. Rather go ahead and push the initial release as quick as we can and then fine tune things for a following update, so you guys can go ahead and start using some of this awesomeness. You are right though...has been a disturbing lack of AVS porn...will see if we can remedy that soon. Initially, we'll have Cunico's G3, the MGP uniforms (G3 Field, Fleece, PCU), and some other placeholders for now. These donated uniform sets will have our own custom variations and combo sets to give them some new life, as well as our own fixes and edits we've done with the models. Our new G3 model from Ardy is nearly ready, but not likely to be seen in the first release. Once that is added, we have had thoughts to still keep Cunico's G3 included with the pack, but separated into an optional addon. So then the work we did on that isn't put to waste. And time for some more WIP:
  2. Oh, well my fault on that, will edit that part out. Thought RHS required permission for user-made retextures of their assets, my mistake.
  3. Not to worry, you'll still have a chance to toss your own flags on items that support it. We are taking a different route with the retextures than what was originally stated with the mod, but it's a reasonable way of doing it so that we can try to monitor the quality of what is made publicly available. Users will be able to present retextures to our team to request permission for public release. As long as the quality matches what we would expect for the assets being used, permission would be granted and those people could release it as a retexture pack for the community. Or they could even submit the retextures to be used in our own official releases, so it would become a standard part of the mod overall. This mainly covers the issue of retextures which people want to release publicly. What you all retexture for your own personal/private use is of no concern to us and would be up to the user to ensure they aren't conflicting with our terms of agreement. But as far as simply swapping out flags or patches on items, that will be available to everyone at initial release, as all patches on our assets will use hidden selections. So you'll still be able to slap Aussie flags all over everything you want, as long as the items have those selections available. It will be very rare circumstances for us to permanently place flags or other country specific identifiers on items which can't be removed.
  4. The pouches and accessories on the vests will be hidden selections, but placed in preconfigured loadouts. Users will be able to hide pouches/acc they don't want in the loadout, to somewhat form their own, but it won't be as free as just having pouches placed wherever you like. That would mean we would have to have several of the same pouches placed all over the vest and hidden, which would make for some massive models. So instead we will offer many different loadouts for each vest and you can semi-tailor the setup to your liking, showing as much or as little of the loadout as you like. In regards to the release strategy, we're still fine-tuning that side of things to try and make it as modular as possible. Most likely the first release is going to be one large pack, where we can have more time after that to set it all up exactly the way we would like (as well as incorporating compatibility for certain other mods such as ACE). PBO's will be broken down into the core files (headgear, uniform, vests, etc) and then we would like to have it further divided to have additional camo/pattern packs for those core addons. Since this mod will truly expand the virtual arsenal list beyond expectation, we are trying to carefully organize it all so it is manageable for everyone. And since its been quiet on the WIP front, gotta fill you guys in on some of the latest additions/improvements that have been cooking up behind the scenes. First up are just some retextures done with Cunico's vest pouches to match up with the patterns we are currently using. Next we have the Eagle MBAV which has also received some texture work: @srodge has completed the Harris AN/PRC-163 Multi-Channel Radio, for his first asset contributed to the mod: Then I've been working away at our headsets, finally giving all our headgear a welcome change away from the old Comtacs we were using. All current Comtac 3 sets are getting replaced with these: Last up, one of our new headset models added ingame, which was created by OMA & Krogar, and some of you may remember from quite a ways back in its early stages. The TCI Liberator 3:
  5. No problem. The Plateframe loadout was just an example/test, and nothing final. I was working with a half magazine model when I set it up, and never did a comparison with others. But we have some full magazine models to set them up properly once we get back to them. Got many new loadouts on the way and being worked on currently, so you can bet it'll be fixed up before any release is made.
  6. And as promised, here's some media screens that were taken from our tester teams, during our first round of tests for RC1. We'll begin the second phase this upcoming week, where a bit more content will be added and we'll further refine things for the public release. We are pretty pleased with how things have gone with it so far, and while it still doesn't quite match the final quality of what we have planned for the project as a whole, the feedback has been very positive. The support from the community for this mod has been overwhelming and we can't thank you all enough, including for those that decided to jump in and help. Enjoy the screens (spoiler below) and we'll be updating you guys more as we move another step closer to release.
  7. Small update for you guys. Got some exciting things going on and a few more community members which have joined the project. We've also kicked off our first round of testing for RC1 and that's been going very well, which we should also have some media rolling in sometime this week from it. And while the test build was a good indicator of what can be expected, we still kept a few surprises hidden away for the right time. As for the new staff, we have @s.rodge and @RabidusUK jumping on board with us, both with skills in modeling and texturing. Then we also have G.Smith which has begun helping us with our NVG interfaces and features so we can start getting all that worked in. Definitely looking forward to the added manpower, allowing us to continue bringing you all the most varied and custom content we can within one mod. And of course a little WIP. First up is some new pouches developed by the AMF team and kindly donated to us by Krogar to use within USP, since we keep a very close relationship between both teams. Got them ported in and added some MC texture variants for them. Then a quick glimpse at the Harris AN/PRC-163 that S.Rodge is creating for us as his first entry to the project: And finally, just some awesomeness:
  8. No offense, but doesn't look like any drama to me, rather a misunderstanding that was easily cleared up. Nothing like the drama that has been brought up in many other threads around here, but that's besides the point. Also, why is there so much hostility in the air? Have I/we done something so terribly wrong or had a troubled history in these forums to become a target for some reason? Seems this mod has been wrongly accused of many things over the past few months by certain individuals, which you all have witnessed yourselves, and we have always been straight forward and honest with you. If you're saying that once again we have been reported to be using stolen/ripped content in this mod, then you or the people that made those claims are sadly incorrect. Because I can prove that everything found within USP Gear is and always has been 100% legitimate and properly used content which we have full permissions to use. If you'd like to have an inspection of our source content, I'd be glad to help. I can't speak for any content shown/seen outside of this mod, and if there was something in the screenshots which was forbidden, I had no knowledge of it and will apologize on the behalf of our whole mod team. It wasn't a part of USP Gear and doesn't represent what the mod is composed of. Not sure why screenshots from anyone else, apart from myself or the development team, would lead to the closure of my own thread. I'm not arguing with you, so don't take my response the wrong way, but I'm just confused why this mod as a whole is held responsible here. Can't say it paints the best image for what we have expressed about our desire to deliver completely legitimate content with the mod, when the thread is being tainted with reports of having/using ripped assets.
  9. Just a small update I thought I would share with you guys. Been doing some work on Cunico's CPC to make the changes needed to convert it into a NCPC, as an additional item. Overall I think it turned out really nicely and all I need to do yet is some edits to the skeletal cummerbund to fix some of the areas where it became stretched. So for those thinking we were just gonna take these donated assets and simply repack them into a new mod, think again, because we are working to have many of our own custom variants for these items.
  10. ACE compatibility is in the plans. Main priority is the initial release, then we can take time to explore our options for additional features. Just remember my idea of 'far off' could be a bit different from others. Quick progress update for everyone. We're still here, still working, and still getting shit done at our own pace. Release is still coming once we are comfortable with everything that will be included and worked out any issues. We've also brought on a new team member, @fingolfin, which is helping with some texture/retex work and can be seen below. Other than that, same grind it's always been with the same goal in mind. Enjoy the pics and there will be more updates coming soon. First up, the Strandhogg retextures from fingolfin, very nicely done. The 4 original patterns for it were made by Sabre (MC,BLK,RG,CB), and of course we left those untouched. Here I had done the same for the Plateframe with some new patterns. Also adding a second camo selection to make setting up custom variants much easier and more diverse. And finally some more awesome new model assets from OMA. Luminox Recon NAV SPC Eagle Industries Modular Assault Pack
  11. We'll be getting a channel set back up for donators in the Discord where they will be able to view WIP. Give us a little time to work it all out, but in the meantime donators can send me or anyone in the dev team a message on here or Discord, so its easy for us to track you down when its time to be added back. Thanks for bearing with us through all of this and we should have a much smoother experience from here on out.
  12. Just a quick announcement for those wondering where the release is. If you haven't guessed it by now, the release was delayed, largely due to me not having enough time to get everything finalized, tested and ready. I told everyone many times now that I'm really bad with ETA's, and this is a perfect example of that. I'm the one that set the end of year mark, and no ones fault but my own that we didn't meet that date. I take full responsibility, so no need to blame it on +2's and people asking for release dates. That was there to keep us from being spammed with ETA's, and while it wasn't enforced everytime that was asked, it does weigh in for the people demanding shit or feeling like we owe them this free mod when they want it. Now on the good side of things, the mod still is in its final stages before release and we're still pushing to make it happen. Mainly we've got some testing to be done and other things, but I can assure all of you it isn't far off now. Also everyone needs to be aware that this is the initial release on the way, so don't expect it to contain everything you've seen us show off here. It doesn't reflect the overall content that is being added in, nor the overall quality that the entire pack is aiming for. It should only be considered as an early look at things to come in an alpha phase, where everything will be improved as we move along. This is purely being done to give you all something to play with while the mod is still being worked on. Updates can be expected all throughout the year as new assets are added in and other items are improved. I would offer some type of release date, but since that isn't something I can always meet, I'll just say 'coming soon'. Sorry for the delay, as I'm sure many of you are eager to get your hands on things. Just don't ever think we are delaying to be assholes, or because of a lack of effort. We have been putting a ton of time and work into this mod so far, with a massive project on our hands, and we want to ensure that the product we release is up to the standards we expect. Would be a shame to put all this work into something only to give you all an unfinished/unsatisfactory mod because we felt pressured to release early. Be calm and be patient, and I can guarantee you will be pleased with the result. We have a long road ahead full of exciting new things for the game, and while it may take time to deliver the whole package, it'll be well worth it in the end. I didn't see the comments made before this and won't ask for them to be brought back up again. But I will say we appreciate the support and interest people have with the mod and it shouldn't be taken otherwise. I think the main issue here is all the flak we get along the way, either with release dates, rippers waiting to tear the mod apart, or people taking for granted that we work on this stuff in our free time and offer all of this for free. Just using my position as an example, I came into this as a very easy going guy and always doing what I could to make people happy or include their requests. Only to realize that people walk all over you when given the chance, put on fake disguises to act like your friend and then backstab/talk shit about you when you're not around, so I have to take a more stern approach with things. This doesn't even speak for the guys that have been doing this longer than I have which already knew what to expect walking into this. No one should ever take this stuff personally, except for those which provoke it. That definitely shouldn't be the way of thinking here. No one should feel on edge about posting comments or discussing things. We will release when we feel ready, regardless of something that was said or continuous ETA requests. If we didn't give a shit, we wouldn't have a public thread open for discussions. If anyone comes in making demands, shitty comments, or outlandish requests, you can probably see a reason why they get dealt with harshly. But for the common support, sensible requests/comments/concerns, you should never feel hesitant to speak on it.
  13. Speaking of chest rigs, here's an early peek at one we have in the works: