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  1. US 75th Rangers

    So a few posts back I had displayed a pic of a Ranger unit which was wearing a new opscore helmet model that had been donated by another author earlier on in the mod. Well, unfortunately, we have decided not to use this model since we have been unable to reach the author, whom has been inactive for a good period of time. Even though permission had been given back with Hawaiian, that doesn't necessarily extend to any parties that may have access to the source files thereafter. So with respect to everyones work, we have concluded to pursue other options. The Opscore helmet has been an on/off debate for quite some time, thinking of changing the model...modifying the current one...and now we finally put that debate to rest. I am proud to present our newest addition: Opscore helmets. Completely new models done by our talented Sahio, which I must say, look outstanding. So far, we have 3 different models, with a couple more on the way. The current ones that are finished include the Fast XP High Cut, Fast MT Super High Cut, and the Fast SF Super High Cut. Lastly, I threw in a demo pic for another unit showing off the new helmet model. Enjoy. Ops-Core Fast MT Super High Cut & Fast XP High Cut Ops-Core Fast SF Super High Cut
  2. US 75th Rangers

    And now for one of our first laser-cut plate carriers: Furthermore, we'll probably be doing both MBAV and SAPI cut plate versions with most plate carriers that come in these styles. This one still has some edits to be made for the SAPI cut.
  3. US 75th Rangers

    I think that's a possibility possibly. So what you saying, that our uniform models look like crap? JK. Yeah, no guarantees yet on a firm fit, but from what I've seen so far, shouldn't be too hard getting them scaled to fit both the vanilla and RHS uniforms. That pic was done using the model scaled to vanilla, and has only a few areas of clipping on the RHS uniform.
  4. US 75th Rangers

    This is a good point, I haven't done alot of testing with all the different addon pistols that are available out there. So that's something I will look over and see what we can do with it. I would rather it be properly aligned for addon pistols rather than default (since there's hardly any default pistols ingame), but this all depends how many addons have it setup in a custom way vs how many use the default proxy. Maybe make 2 models to adjust for both....who knows. Seriously doubting a custom weapons pack from our side for several reasons. Sahio is fond and pretty damn good at modelling firearms, so I have no doubt he would be all for it, Eduardo is also keen to the idea. But for myself, too much work and not enough time. I'm already so packed with things to do with just the gear, I don't even wanna think about weapons/vehicles/etc. Personally, I would rather rely on community mods to cover these areas, especially since there are so many good packs out there. Maybe...just maybe....if we finish all this up, and everyone is still feeling spunky enough to have another go...we may start looking into those areas (since vehicle's aren't outside of Sahio's reach either). In the end, just all comes down to time. I'm working my ass off trying to catch up to all the models he keeps spitting out, while trying to follow up behind him doing everything else required to get them ingame, looking good, and working in the best possible way I know how. Never knew any of this stuff before I met Will and started working with him on things, that dude taught me alot. I guess we'll see as things progress whether more things are tackled or not. (Now if, for example, some author out there that is familiar with weapons and the likes would like to get involved to do the work needed to get them working and polished up, that may be something we would be interested in looking further into.)
  5. US 75th Rangers

    Most of the positioning done between the vest and uniform is by eye, just seeing what looks best and most natural. The holster model was based off the Safariland 6004 w/light bearing and optic, but through textures and normals we can make it look similar to many of the 6xxx series. No, holster positions aren't fixed in any way, only the animation for drawing/holstering is (which can be altered with custom anims). Can be placed anywhere and still have the pistol show up in the holster as it should. Might consider streaming some of the work process at some point...dunno. My time frame to work on things is very inconsistent, so probably would be pointless until I have a day dedicated or something. But our modeller, Sahio, is always interested in helping and showing how things are done, so he would probably be up for doing it.
  6. US 75th Rangers

    Appreciate it, trying to stay pretty accurate, so criticism is welcome. I'll make some small adjustments to some of the plates, see if we can get them a bit more standard. Gotta keep in mind too that we have to compromise a bit for the game, since the inside sits against the player body, we want to avoid clipping issues while still being wearable among different uniform types. But I'm sure we can work it within reason. As for the 9022IFAK, surely looks to be no problem.
  7. US 75th Rangers

    Don't want the Rangers feeling abandoned with all this other stuff, so threw together a quick demo for a Ranger unit using the assets available so far. Some things to keed in mind with the photo: - Nothings final - The Opscore model is an alternate option we have to DaveGary's, created by another community author and was donated earlier on in the Ranger project. We are currently trying to contact the author to ensure it is still allowed to be used. - Plenty of shit is misplaced, not properly scaled, and just all around out of whack, so don't take anything as even remotely complete. These demos are just to give an overall idea and inside look to what's coming.
  8. US 75th Rangers

    Got a couple more models to show you guys, Sahio is spitting these things out like he's working in a factory or something. But, I'm not complaining, as I'm sure no one else is either.
  9. US 75th Rangers

    I understand that part of it, and forgive me if I'm just overlooking something, but personally I don't see anywhere on the chest rig itself that would be an 'easy to access' location for a holster. The positions I placed it in with the pic above was just ideas from ref pics. But even those locations look like it wouldn't be easily accessible. So apart from the obvious locations (attached to a belt at the hip, dropleg, or chest area with vest), I'm not seeing many options for a holster on the actual chest rig where it would make sense. I'm feeling like this may be the best option (using belt/hip holster), but I guess we'll make a decision as we start playing around with the backpack slots. I for one always like having pistol holsters available, so definitely always looking for every opportunity possible to squeeze one in. Well guys, didn't get alot done....work kicked my ass today. But did spend a little time getting some of our vests/plate carriers scaled and fit to the character model, so figured I would go ahead and share a bit of that. Good news is, the rest of the week is pretty laid back for me, so should be able to get some work done on the mod (hopefully get the base AVS wrapped up).
  10. US 75th Rangers

    Maybe something about like this? (Nothing final, just checking placement) That's actually not a bad idea at all, and thanks for mentioning it. This would even be a reason to make use of the base variants themselves. I'll do some messing around with this and see what we can come up with.
  11. US 75th Rangers

    One last pic before I head off. I know not everyone is a fan of the 'heavier' gear, but this is one setup that still has my interest.
  12. US 75th Rangers

    Sure thing. Only because I can feel the excitement in your words.