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  1. We'll be getting a channel set back up for donators in the Discord where they will be able to view WIP. Give us a little time to work it all out, but in the meantime donators can send me or anyone in the dev team a message on here or Discord, so its easy for us to track you down when its time to be added back. Thanks for bearing with us through all of this and we should have a much smoother experience from here on out.
  2. Just a quick announcement for those wondering where the release is. If you haven't guessed it by now, the release was delayed, largely due to me not having enough time to get everything finalized, tested and ready. I told everyone many times now that I'm really bad with ETA's, and this is a perfect example of that. I'm the one that set the end of year mark, and no ones fault but my own that we didn't meet that date. I take full responsibility, so no need to blame it on +2's and people asking for release dates. That was there to keep us from being spammed with ETA's, and while it wasn't enforced everytime that was asked, it does weigh in for the people demanding shit or feeling like we owe them this free mod when they want it. Now on the good side of things, the mod still is in its final stages before release and we're still pushing to make it happen. Mainly we've got some testing to be done and other things, but I can assure all of you it isn't far off now. Also everyone needs to be aware that this is the initial release on the way, so don't expect it to contain everything you've seen us show off here. It doesn't reflect the overall content that is being added in, nor the overall quality that the entire pack is aiming for. It should only be considered as an early look at things to come in an alpha phase, where everything will be improved as we move along. This is purely being done to give you all something to play with while the mod is still being worked on. Updates can be expected all throughout the year as new assets are added in and other items are improved. I would offer some type of release date, but since that isn't something I can always meet, I'll just say 'coming soon'. Sorry for the delay, as I'm sure many of you are eager to get your hands on things. Just don't ever think we are delaying to be assholes, or because of a lack of effort. We have been putting a ton of time and work into this mod so far, with a massive project on our hands, and we want to ensure that the product we release is up to the standards we expect. Would be a shame to put all this work into something only to give you all an unfinished/unsatisfactory mod because we felt pressured to release early. Be calm and be patient, and I can guarantee you will be pleased with the result. We have a long road ahead full of exciting new things for the game, and while it may take time to deliver the whole package, it'll be well worth it in the end. I didn't see the comments made before this and won't ask for them to be brought back up again. But I will say we appreciate the support and interest people have with the mod and it shouldn't be taken otherwise. I think the main issue here is all the flak we get along the way, either with release dates, rippers waiting to tear the mod apart, or people taking for granted that we work on this stuff in our free time and offer all of this for free. Just using my position as an example, I came into this as a very easy going guy and always doing what I could to make people happy or include their requests. Only to realize that people walk all over you when given the chance, put on fake disguises to act like your friend and then backstab/talk shit about you when you're not around, so I have to take a more stern approach with things. This doesn't even speak for the guys that have been doing this longer than I have which already knew what to expect walking into this. No one should ever take this stuff personally, except for those which provoke it. That definitely shouldn't be the way of thinking here. No one should feel on edge about posting comments or discussing things. We will release when we feel ready, regardless of something that was said or continuous ETA requests. If we didn't give a shit, we wouldn't have a public thread open for discussions. If anyone comes in making demands, shitty comments, or outlandish requests, you can probably see a reason why they get dealt with harshly. But for the common support, sensible requests/comments/concerns, you should never feel hesitant to speak on it.
  3. Speaking of chest rigs, here's an early peek at one we have in the works:
  4. Few more progress pics for you guys, for those not keeping up with the WIP. Firstly we have a look at Ardy's incredible G3 pants (shirt is still in the works). These are still WIP, just wanted to show how those are coming along so far. Next up is the updated texture for the SOLR oxygen mask, which was done by Lyy Amao: And lastly, our kneepads model by OMA, which he also decided to provide his own texture for (WIP):
  5. Boonies are in the making, and we'll have plenty of variants/styles available. Had some A2 models for them that were originally being used/edited, but those will be scrapped once the new ones are done.
  6. Some more goodies from OMA: And a look at some more of our helmet cover designs, this time showing off a few of the Kryptek patterns:
  7. We recently finished up fitting the FirstSpear cover on the Fast MT and in addition we are adding an assortment of different patterns for those as well. Quite a few in the making and here's a small preview:
  8. Not making any promises, but we do already have the TYR Tactical PICO APC modeled, so it wouldn't be entirely out of the question. Wanted to show you guys some of the many camo patterns and colors that can be expected to make an appearance on items it fits with. Further patterns may follow in the future, especially as we start extending into other countries.
  9. Needless to say, you surely shouldn't expect the ingame to be comparable to the renders, different engines. The renders are nothing more than artwork. But, the level of detail is definitely still there ingame, and would still say it looks pretty damn awesome...but that's just me. Here's a few pics: Had the wrong rvmat for the plateframe in these shots, so don't go crazy.
  10. And since it's been awhile since we showed off any of the work beyond the raw models being made, here's a quick glimpse at one of our first loadouts for the Plateframe. Naturally things are subject to change and not final. Just thought it was looking pretty amazing myself, so had to share: More renders in the gallery. And before anyone asks, the belt and hydro pack are optional and will be in separate slots for switching them out.
  11. What you talkin, help cleaning up hurricane debris? Nah, most of that has been taken care of. FEMA was running loads for about a month straight now and most of it is gone. I could always use a hand with the flooring work though, got enough jobs booked up now to last me into next year sometime.
  12. Don't panic, we're all still here. Nothing exciting to note, just busy as hell with post-hurricane work for me. I have about a week before starting my next job, so this will give me a good window to get some things done for the mod. I'm not gonna attempt to give anymore ETA's here, since I'm terribly bad at keeping them and don't always have the time I'd like to work on things. All I will say at this point, guaranteed, the first release will hit before end of the year. We could have went ahead and made a release, but I think all of us can agree that we didn't wanna work all this time just to put out the mod with a rehash of other mods as its main component. We are trying to fit in as many of our own, original models and assets before that happens, so there is more to offer from the start. Since it has been rather quiet around here, I'll at least throw up some WIP of one of our new helmet models from OMA. This one was primarily created for the AMF mod (which we work closely with), but will be added into USP as well. MSA Gallet TC800
  13. While we're showing off all these new goodies in the making, time to reveal OMA's latest and most impressive work yet (feels like I say that everytime). This item set will surely be a treat once finished, as it is a field that is overlooked very much in the world of Arma as far as new assets go. Draeger LAR-V & Kirby Morgan M48 MOD-1 Dive Mask
  14. The other items weren't quite ready yet, so I'll just show this one off to you guys for now. TYR Tactical PICO Assaulters Plate Carrier
  15. No need to panic, I have made it back and all is well. Probably the worst hurricane I've ever been through in this area, but luckily we made it through just fine without any serious damage. So I'm back in the swing of things and have begun work on the mod again. Only catch now is I'm gonna be swamped with real life work, since I have a hardwood flooring business, and the calls have already been swarming in. But nothing to be worried about, I'll still be putting in plenty of time here to get that first release out to the public and keep moving things forward. I know I had slated that release to be already dropped by now, but I can't control the weather and it was definitely a set back for me. Good news is, even in my absence, this amazing team has still been hard at work keeping things going. It was very nice to see so much progress being made on return and can't wait to get some of the WIP images up for you guys...OMA has a few more goodies to show off.