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  1. And OMA has added another item to our airborne gear (more pics in the gallery): MA2-30 Altimeter
  2. OMA finished up the RA-1, and it looks to be one of his best works yet. More pics up in the gallery.
  3. Don't worry, it's not far behind. It was always planned that when the Early Access hit, the alpha release would follow around 2 weeks after. This gives us some good time to get things tested, fixed, and ready for the public release.
  4. Okay so we did slack up a bit on the screenshots up here, but that doesn't mean we haven't still been getting plenty of them. So to make it easier for you guys to check out the WIP pics for this mod, or catching up on ones missed, we have a nice WIP gallery compiled for you. This gallery includes pretty much every single WIP pic taken from back when this mod was first in the making (October 2017) all the way to now. It's got quite a library for you guys to look through. All images shown in Discord are added to this album as well. I'll also get the OP updated with this album link for easy access. Then I'd like to also give you guys a preview of one of our new models in the works from OMA. Seeing as he's had a good break since the last models of his were shown, he's back at it again with another list of assets in the making. This one is still unfinished, but already looks quite impressive: Airborne Systems Intruder RA-1 Ram Air Parachute System
  5. Yeah we got ABU still on the board. Definitely won't make this initial release, as most the patterns will be basic to start with, which will be expanded over time. But if you would be interested in donating, feel free to visit OMA's patreon page listed in the OP.
  6. Just a heads up to all the donators out there, we are gathering up everyone that is/has been granted early access so that a download link can be made available for the dev build. Currently the method will be done through our Discord channel, but in the event someone is not able to use it, we can sort it out through PM. For anyone that falls into this category, if you would please contact me through PM or Discord, with your username/email that was used for donation, we can get you set up from there. For those not familiar with this option, early access is a benefit to anyone that donates (or has donated) 10$ or more at once, at any point since this mods development. This applies to donations towards OMA's patreon page (linked in the OP), or Warden's material scanning (through Discord). Donations are totally optional, and a public release will still be coming not far after early access is granted, available to everyone. Things to keep in mind with this dev build, is everything within it may or may not contain issues/errors, and is still considered WIP. It is not allowed to be shared outside of the ones entitled to it, or all permissions will be revoked. Further terms and information will be provided before download.
  7. Yeah everything is in place for them already, we're just getting some things modified, so all that will be minor stuff to set up when the time comes. Here's another WIP photo batch for you guys. First up with the MBAV model by Cunico/Warden, which Sabre has been doing some top-quality textures for: Next is a another look at the amazing G3 model that Ardy has been working up: And finally some ingame screens for quick look at how things are coming along:
  8. Trying to switch everything over to Google Photos now, so once we're good to go I'll get the rest of the links fixed from Imgur. Until then, enjoy some more pics of some other assets that Ardy, Warden, and Sabre have been working on and contributed to the project. Then also welcome Zeealex to the party. She has brought over some assets to be included and has agreed to help us out just a bit. Things just keep getting better.
  9. Wanted to drop by and give you guys some more WIP updates. As you may have noticed, we have received some great assets from Cunico to be thrown into the pack. But instead of being just a repack of the gear, we are making our own modifications and variations to everything. And some items (since they are game ready) will be used only as placeholders for now until we get our final builds done. Then we also have numerous items from Warden, whom has been helping with the entire mod in many ways. So here's a little sample of what we have already included so far: And then if that's not good enough for you already, we also have another well known community author helping where he can, which has also contributed a variety of assets to be added: Ardvarkdb (Ardy). He has been doing some amazing work with his own uniform model and here's a little sneak peek at the progress so far:
  10. Here we go with a quick rundown on all the awesome new stuff going on for the mod (mainly to those not tuned in to the Discord). Progress has been moving along very nicely, much due to the additional help that has been given. New workflows in-turn bringing much higher quality content in the end, so all the time its taking is being well spent. Krogar has been steadily knocking out the HP's and UV's daily, which has helped tremendously. Then there's Warden which has been helping things along, doing some outstanding work for many of the included assets as well as contributing a nice selection of his own assets into the mix as well, more info will follow on all that later. And to top it off, Sabre has been gracing us with some of his top-notch texture work as seen below on the Strandhogg: And lastly, I give you all the first look at OMA's most recent project he has been working on, dubbed Project GT. This was something I personally asked for as a bonus, and just figured it would be something unique to add into the game. Hate it or love it, it's here: AR500 GalacTac Ballistic Armor Suit
  11. Just something to do with the lighting and transparency, no biggie. With some minor editing, should be able to eliminate it.
  12. Cyberpunk 2077

    I'm definitely pumped for this title. This studio won me over with the Witcher series, Wild Hunt being my all time favorite RPG...the quality of that game still amazes me. I have no doubt this title will be right up there with it, and very excited to see their approach on it all.
  13. US 75th Rangers

    Don't worry, I try not to leave everyone else in the dark:
  14. US 75th Rangers

    Several things are still WIP with the CIRAS so these pics aren't to be mistaken as final product. Model/texture edits, some weight mapping to be done, rigging the loadout correctly (was just a copy/paste from the original CIRAS for now), etc etc.
  15. US 75th Rangers

    Things were too quiet over here, so wanted to liven things up a bit: