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  1. Mattastic

    Marine Expeditionary Force Mod

    I'm aware of it. I came across it like a week ago when going through the mod to see if anything was broken. It's an animation issue and I have dealt with it before. I'm going to try and do an update sometime next month to fix that, the missing m110 in Arsenal, and a couple other things. Sorry I can't get to it sooner but I have a full plate atm. One thing you could try if you want and know how to do is depbo the mef_M136 folder, open the config file, and comment out line 98 containing the handAnims array. Then save and repack the pbo without binarizing. This will allow the weapon to utilize the animations associated with its parent A3 vanilla weapon class. May result in some minor misplaced hands when holding the weapon but should get rid of the tree limb arms. For those that want to fix the missing M110 in VA, you can add it to a box or unit manually with the classname of the weapon or depbo mef_m110 and add "scope = 2;" to the config file. Save and repack also. Best I can offer at the moment for those two major bugs.
  2. Seems like a reasonable request to have a tool that could search all release platforms for those items. However, I think the obvious issue with that request is in the name of the tool "ArmA 3 Workshop Crawler". It's built around SWS and I have a feeling trying to scan other systems would be more difficult.
  3. From what I saw it is searching for pbo's as well as any other file that is in a mod. Not shown in my pic, but below that is a dropdown box that shows the itemized list of files and upload stats for each one
  4. Mattastic

    Twitch Ban Appeal

    holy smokes batman, I forgot I made this thread. so long ago. if your a mod/admin viewing this, please go ahead and lock it or whatever. Olivie OLIVIE try and PM staff or start your own thread. my advice is to be nice and don't be a dick in the community.
  5. Mattastic


    Arma 3.5 : Blue DLC.... includes Earth terrain and gear/weapons/vehicles for all of the planets military's . No but seriously, it will be interesting to see what comes in the next installment of the series. Hard to speculate though.
  6. Mattastic

    Marine Expeditionary Force Mod

    New Update, v2.6.4 is out and will fix the compatibility with VA as of 1.68. Weapons now show again in VA. Cheers! DL link on first page is updated.
  7. Mattastic

    Arma 3 FanArt

  8. Mattastic

    Marine Expeditionary Force Mod

    As of 1.68, you may not see any weapons from the mod in VA except for the Lee Enfield and M1014. The weapon's aren't broken, they are still there just not accessible in VA. A fix is inbound for this but it will probably be a few days. In the meantime, you can add the weapon you want to use to a unit's init with this addWeapon "classname";
  9. Mattastic

    Layers and mask texture mismatch

    Word, i'll give it a shot. thanks
  10. Mattastic

    Layers and mask texture mismatch

    Yes definitely using solid colors and im already at 512. Ill do another pass and look to see if I passed that color limit. Ive only ever used the 4 and 5 mats option (right now it is 5). Have you ever used the 6 mats per cell option?
  11. I'm doing some work on my mask layer and I'm running into an issue. I recently added a new texture (concrete) to add to my airport(s) and some other places on my terrain. After my first pass at editing the mask, updating Layers.cfg and other code, re-importing it into TB, regenerating layers, and packing it up, everything looked fine in game when observing the actual areas of the mask that I edited (See Image 1). However, areas all over the map that do not have the mask color for concrete now have the concrete texture merged into them or speckled about seemingly (See Image 2 & 3). Image 4 is my mask for the airport area and below all of the images is my Layers.cfg. Not sure what the issue is here so anyone who can shine light on anything would be a godsend. Much thanks! Images: Layers.cfg:
  12. Mattastic

    Where would BIS have to go next, to top the Tanoa map?

    I'd like to see something like Hokkaido (Japan's most northern main island). I think this location would be suitable for a good snow terrain and would offer pretty unique assets of all types that haven't been done before. Cherry blossoms and other exotic Japanese vegetation would be aesthetically new to players. Not to mention Japanese architecture. Imagine combat in and around old feudal Japanese shrines.
  13. Mattastic

    Lost the ArmA 3 hype

    Totally agree Wiki.. Even after finding some motivation, it doesn't take long before I find myself staring at the editor like... good luck