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  1. Thanks for your replies guys, pierremgi your bit of code did the trick. Here is what I ended up with, I call it ambientBaseHelos.sqf... I execVM the script on a heliPad and it spawns random blufor helicopters to land on the helipad at random intervals, shut off engines, rest for awhile, then take off and get deleted at a distant waypoint. repeat ad infinitum. Really adds to the ambience of 'Nam missions.
  2. Hello, Here is what I am trying to do step by step... Using configFile command, search "CfgVehicles" >> "Air" . Pick classes that inherit from "vn_helicopter_base". Put those classes into an array to pull from randomly. Here is my last attempt to accomplish this... _childClasses = configProperties [configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "Air", "inheritsFrom (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "vn_helicopter_base")", true]; _randomType = selectRandom _childClasses; This returns a "type string, expected array" error. I have checked the syntax for all of the involved commands and can't find an error, I'd appreciate any help.
  3. aduke823

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    Hello everyone, Thanks for all of the interest and suggestions. Just to update you a bit, I am writing this post from my tablet because my laptop drive took a crap, but not before I was able to back everything up, including all of the work that I have done on the OH58. Very soon I will have the funds and time to get a new hdd, resume this project and dedicate all of the time and effort that it deserves. The holidays (happy holidays everyone) have also kept me busy with family, so things will definitely clear up after the new year. Until then cheers, stay safe and stay tuned. -AD
  4. aduke823

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    Small update... I was recently offered some 3d-modeling work which will last a few months, development on the Kiowa will slow down a bit but it is NOT CANCELLED, I just need to re-prioritize things a bit. Work comes first of course. Development on the OH-58 (and regular updates on this forum) will return to full swing when my schedule is freed up. Like I said, it should last 3 months or so. Thanks for your understanding, -AD
  5. aduke823

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    That was exactly the way that I was going to approach it. ;) Cheers, -AD
  6. aduke823

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    Just to clarify, I was talking about the camera feed that is displayed on the MFDs (Multi Function Displays) inside the cockpit, not necessarily about what the gunner sees in optics mode. What the gunner sees in optics mode will be just as you mentioned... Cheers, -AD
  7. aduke823

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    Cool, that's good news, as a (virtual) helo pilot I would prefer to use a HUD in ArmA3 with any helo. I will try to find out more info from my sources, whether I find any info or not I will include it as a feature, I just may have to assume the details of a lot of the functionality. Thanks for the info, -AD EDIT: Found more info, I am going to go off this reference image for the HUDs functionality.
  8. aduke823

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    If I can find technical information that says they are used in real life (Helmet Mounted Displays) then yes. The info that I have though does not say that they are used in real life in this helo so as of now the answer is no. Yes, the MMS will absolutely be functional, I also intend to have the camera view displayed on an MFD inside the cockpit so that the pilot can see what the co-pilot/observer is looking at. In real-life the images displayed on these MFDs are green-hot in color, as opposed to the default white-hot for all A3 MFDs, this is a challenge that I am going to take on because it is just one of those real-life details that I can't ignore. So that will present an interesting challenge, getting the MFD to display in green-hot mode. I do not think it is necessary for the pilot to use it, it would not be impossible to do, but the amount of work that it entails I think outweighs it's usefulness, it would require a lot of scripting to allow the pilot to use it while he is flying. This is of course based solely on what I know, if anyone knows of new features or ways to make this happen that I may not be aware of please let me know. Cheers, -AD
  9. aduke823

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    Here is what I am working on now... 1. Proxy sensor pod. 2. Flare launcher 3. Tacsat antenna Here is an image illustrating what I mean. Here you can see the beginning of the sensor pod, I have the sensors positioned where I want them and am creating the basic outline of the pod, from there it will be a lot of carving and beveling. Cheers, -AD
  10. aduke823

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    UPDATE OK, here we go... VIDEO What you see there is the VERY FIRST time that it successfully renders in ArmA 3. There is still a lot of work to do but this was a significant milestone that I am glad I was able to get past. I know more of how to streamline my workflow now, and you should start seeing development speed up. Right now some of the glaring issues are... Re-sizing (Kiowas are generaly not the same size as Chinooks) Adding sharp edges (some normals don't look right). Lots and lots more texturing More LODs (right now the p3d is just a 1.00 res LOD, a landContact, and a Geometry LOD) Animations The list goes on. Thanks for watching, more to come soon. -AD
  11. aduke823

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    Good news... After bashing my head against the wall for 24 hours, my model finally renders in ArmA 3 without crashing, video coming soon. -AD
  12. aduke823

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    I have solved the above issue by importing my proxy pilot model into Blender and adjusting/re-sizing that way. I took a huge chunk of time out of my workflow this way so I can always transfer to and from Object Builder and Blender without having to re-size and re-position every time. Now I am facing another challenge... pilot animations, none of the current pilot animations seem to line up quite right with the model so I am going to have to make some custom ones, I have VERY brief experience with this (just hand anims for weapons). I am starting this process now, but if any skilled animators want to have a shot at it I am all ears. - AD
  13. aduke823

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    I have run into a temporary bump in the road... Yesterday (after several reinstalls) I was using Object Builder/Buldozer to resize my model using temporary pilot proxies as a size reference. Today however, it seems every time that I start Visitor, my model is simply not seen in Buldozer. I get no errors, and there should be a DOS window showing that my tga textures are being converted to paa, but that never comes up either. A reinstall and reconfiguring of the tools may be in order (again), this is unfortunate. Staying vigilant, -AD
  14. aduke823

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    A feature that I neglected to mention.
  15. aduke823

    ADuke's Kiowa Pack

    UPDATE Many tweaks and changes were made over the last few days, I have included them all in this video. Also, at the end of the week I will be purchasing 2 plugins for photoshop called dDo and NdO2 which will help me create very detailed, hi-res textures. Around the same time conversion to .p3d and addon creation will begin. Cheers, -AD