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  1. h a w a i i a n

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Mmmmm, so sexay your mod CJ, me like......
  2. h a w a i i a n

    US 75th Rangers

    Sorry i missed your first post, but I was planning to release texture templates for my uniforms,shoes,gloves, (just wasn't in a rush yet) when CJ and I get finished with releasing a few things. Not sure what else people want to re-texture (i'm open to opinions) but it's all about the matter of "when" I get the time lol.
  3. h a w a i i a n

    US 75th Rangers

    thanks for the heads up guys. I messaged the guy, didn't bash him tho, just asked politely but it's up to him to decide.
  4. h a w a i i a n

    US 75th Rangers

    I wrote him and gave him a little summary of what could've been done for the mod but he never wrote back agreeing to those terms so I didn't waste my time sending anything over. There should be a little update to the mod sometime soon, not by me though..........
  5. h a w a i i a n

    US 75th Rangers

    sounds good J.Baago
  6. h a w a i i a n

    US 75th Rangers

    ultra slacker, Alex, yea man I'd be glad to hand over these files if somewone out there wants to continue the work......
  7. h a w a i i a n

    US 75th Rangers

    dang are my vests still broken? man i been away too damn long, i forget how to do this stuff, i have these vests lying around and these uniforms textures.....i'm ashamed
  8. h a w a i i a n

    US 75th Rangers

    Hey Hawaii. I've fixed the config up from the Apex Error. Do you want it to upload, or can I with your permission upload it to Steam Workshop? Hey buddy, yea sure sounds awesome! Thank you
  9. h a w a i i a n

    US 75th Rangers

    I always accepted it as an Art form but always afraid to get lost in it, so maybe it is an addiction!? That's why I had to take a break, getting too damn lost in modding which is very fun and both stressing and stress relieving...but the end product is the frosting on the cake! But yeah I'll get back into it when I do, I have so much great assets and idea's from other authors and can't wait when I decide to get back at it again. I know my last updated addon needed a texture fixed, I actually had it uploaded ever since it was addressed but seeing no one is nagging for the update I didn't feel obligated to upload it.
  10. h a w a i i a n

    US 75th Rangers

    I pm'd you my e-mail, cause I'm interested on your proposal, I took my e-mail down because people were spamming me with all kinds of non-sense. I actually don't mind people modifying my scripts as long as they share the work so that others can also benefit from it, so if you modify anything in the scripts/cfg just post it here so others may use it too. I'm also aware the addon needs an update due to missing textures for one of the vests, right now no one seems to care so I'm just ignoring it for now.
  11. h a w a i i a n

    US 75th Rangers

    exactly, they aren't being assigned any Camelbaks, I haven't added them to any unit's, they were released as a request for player use. I will implement them at some point though, down the road that is.....
  12. h a w a i i a n

    US 75th Rangers

    honestly now that I think about it, this radio wasn't even supposed to make it in the last update, it totally got past me as I was just poking about and modifying it to the vest, I never intended to release it yet, I haven't even credited the author(s) until a few minutes ago to nkey & the TFAR team, apologies there, usually when I get something in-game I credit immediately, specially if I released it. As for updating the addon, I guess I can, even tho it's just this one error, kinda sad tho.....
  13. h a w a i i a n

    US 75th Rangers

    I just checked the p3d and I have the wrong name in the texture path, how in the world did I even get this past me I have no clue, I'll fix it tho.....