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  1. 4-325Ranger

    The Kunduz Insurgency AIS [SP/MP Coop-14]

    Mission still works just fine in local MP server, however there is a mod update issue in the mission on dedi. Getting .model errors from RHS. It'll take some time which I don't have much of these days. I'll post an update to the mission in Steam when its working on dedicated server again.
  2. 4-325Ranger

    The Kunduz Insurgency AIS [SP/MP Coop-14]

    @sebastianare, I just ran the mission from Steam on local MP with no issues. I won't be able to load the mods back to my server until this weekend to give it a server check. In the meantime here is my -mod command line (your mod folder names may differ): @CBA_A3;@ALiVE;@SpyderAddons;@3CB_BAF_Equipment;@3CB_BAF_Units;@3CB_BAF_Vehicles;@3CB_BAF_Weapons;@RKSL_Attachments;@6x6AllTerrainVehicle;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@ProjectOPFOR;@task_force_radio;@Kunduz_FixedDoors; I've had issues with mod load order in the past with other missions so give this a try and make sure you don't have a corrupted mission file. I'll post back when I get around to server testing.
  3. 4-325Ranger

    [MP] [COOP 1-7] Silent Thunder v3.1 Part 1

    Congrats on the new release Odd, and thanks for link, will be checking this out!
  4. 4-325Ranger

    C2 -Command And Control

    For squad member AI AT to fire; look at target through gun sight or binos, select AT guy by F keys, then by default hold H key while looking at target, line up the diamond target marker, and release the H key. Pretty sure you can rebind other than H if you want. For focus group see this vid
  5. 4-325Ranger

    F-16 Falcon CAS Module

    This reminds me alot of JW Custom's old CASFS script (which still works btw) only in a mod. Very nice work ANZACSAS Steven, the effects look great, thanks for sharing this!
  6. Taro, Congrats on the mod release! Are you going to release on Steam?
  7. 4-325Ranger

    Released![MP][WarFighter] Liberation

    Glad to see you back in action. I remember back when you were working on the static line paradrop. Looks like you've brought the project a long way. Cheers!
  8. Johnnyboy, Congrats on this release! Looking to be a game changer for sure bro.
  9. 4-325Ranger

    GPS panel tweaks

    Taro, nice job that is a huge improvement on both!
  10. OFG Unit Loadouts Steam Link: OFG Unit Loadouts on Steam This pack of units/factions is intended for making Blufor AI, or Blufor player slots. Uses of this pack: 1. Spawned Blufor AI units, such as ALiVE and KP Liberation missions, or other spawning script/mods. 2. Editor placed Blufor AI units/factions. 3. Player slot units (particularly useful to save on Barbie dress up time in MP setups). ]Further Customization: Although not part of the required items, if you wish to override these loadouts to add/remove anything, you will also need to load the ALiVE mod. You don't have to have any modules present, just have the mod running with the required items. If you run ALiVE for this purpose: In the editor, select a unit, go to the Object:States section and check the box "Override ALiVE ORBAT Loadout", click OK. Then, right click on the unit and select Edit Loadout, make your changes and click OK.All of the units have suppressed weapons by default, so use of the override may be useful if you wish to change this or anything else. *Note: I play without stamina. The Javelin and Stinger specialists are a bit heavy. When spawned, they will move at overload pace and so will any other unit behind them in group order. When placing these as AI factions in the editor, or scripting to be spawned, you will have to add this line of code to your init.sqf file in your mission folder and then all will be well with spawned AI pacing: [ ] spawn { while {true} do { { _x enableStamina false } foreach allunits; sleep 20; }; }; These units are by design "special ops" type units. Included factions: OFG Units Dark-R NAC (Faction name: OFG_D_UNITS_NAC) OFG Units Camo-R NAC (Faction name: OFG_C_UNITS_NAC) OFG Units Desert-R NAC (Faction name: OFG_L_UNITS_NAC) OFG Units Rat Patrol NAC (Faction name: OFG_RP_UNITS_NAC) Full unit/group/faction classnames file available in the mod folder. Of course, these are by no means intended to represent actual TO&E units, just for Arma entertainment! Many thanks to all of the mod makers represented in this work: CBA_A3 75th Ranger Regiment L3-GPNVG18 Panoramic Night Vision RHSUSAF task_force_radio I am not the owner or creator of any uniform, weapon, equipment etc. model in this work (except 3 left shoulder unit patches) The "spec ops" left shoulder units patches are the only original work presented. I've felt these were missing either in scale, or correctness so I made them. Enjoy! For the unit patches, you are free to use with your units, creations etc... whether you give me credit or not! Just go play Arma!!! These loadouts have been tested in both local and dedicated server missions.To see them in action, link to any of these modified KP Liberation Missions available at these Steam Links: Lythium Liberation AIS Takistan Liberation AIS Al Rayak Liberation AIS Malden Liberation AIS More packs with different weapon mods possibly in the works... Pics:
  11. 4-325Ranger

    GF Missions Script

    George, Thanks for this update and your continued contributions to the arma community!
  12. 4-325Ranger

    The Kunduz Insurgency AIS [SP/MP Coop-14]

    @Godis_1 It's not SpyderAddons. I changed out the recruitment to Bon Recruits via script. When the recruited AI spawn, regardless of recruitment mod/script, they give that "out of ammo", "running low" etc... But they aren't out, they do have ammo. Spawn them in, then go in each unit using Zeus, check their loadouts and you'll see a basic load of ammo in each. Spawn in enemy AI via Zeus and they fire back. I took a squad out for almost 2 hours tonight that all said "out" or "low" when first recruited. No issues after spawning; no more ammo notifications after 2 hours of off and on contact. I also removed all voice action via enableSentences in the init.sqf, but it's not really practical. If you're playing SP, the wounded notifications and call outs are useful, at least I think so. So I added it back. The only other thing I found was some older posts about this issue related to AI spawned in with pistols and the AI complaining about being low because they only have one spare magazine. I found this to be the case when recruiting AI and checking their loadouts. I tried a couple things via Extended_Init_Eventhandlers (the only way I know how to add code to spawned AI init fields), but nothing really worked. Could be a 3CB thing, but I didn't find anything to support that. If you figure something else out let me know and I'll try it. I'm working on other projects these days, but would certainly like to fix these kinds of things on existing missions. Thanks.
  13. 4-325Ranger

    The Kunduz Insurgency AIS [SP/MP Coop-14]

    Thanks GF! Your support is always appreciated.
  14. THE KUNDUZ INSURGENCY AIS [SP/MP Coop-14] by 1-506Ranger STEAM LINK: The Kunduz Insurgency AIS ACE version utilizing ADV - Medical available here: The Kunduz Insurgency ACE The Kunduz Insurgency AIS is optimized for SP with Psycho's AIS revive system. This mission is MP coop ready, but instead of ACE, a number of immersion scripts and AIS make this a much more tolerable Single Player ALiVE insurgency experience as AI will heal the player (if AI teammates are not in direct contact) when you are down. READ THE MAP BRIEFING AND DIARY SECTIONS IN-GAME Features: AIS revive - nothing needed to stabilize and revive , first aid kit/medkit needed to heal smaller injuries. F/A 18 - 25 CAS sorties (JDAM and CBU only) available to Leaders only. FOB West - Independent 81mm mortars will fire at will in support of operations. If you see red smoke in an area of contact, withdraw to a safe distance. ALiVE Combat Support - Transport, CAS, and 1 x 105mm howitzer available for indirect fire support. BAF Ground and Air Service available at both FOBs for rearm and refuel ZLT field repair in effect, toolkit needed after 5 repairs. Troop recruitment available at both FOBs and US OP. SEE STEAM PAGE FOR REQUIRED AND RECOMMENDED CLIENT SIDE MODS Script Credits: *AIS Revive - Psycho *ArmaPhronk - CRS, Earplugs and IR Strobe *johnnyboy - JBOY Combat Up Down *JW Custom - Close Air Support Field System *Neko-Arrow - Mortars *Pokertour - ATM Airdrop *Psycho - AIS Revive *zealot111 - Realistic Field Repair *Quicksilver - QS icons ***Thanks to HeroesandvillainsOS for use of the core content of his ALiVE diaries (edited) - see map in-game for more information
  15. Hey Psycho, I took the new version from Armaholic and updated a couple of missions I'm working on. I did some testing today and I'm not getting the addaction for "carry" anymore. I know I'm using the updated version because I notice the addition of "AIS_DISABLE_FURTHER_DAMAGE" in the setup file that I didn't have before. My previous version was from March. If I'm missing something please let me know. Thanks for this great script by the way! Found that it is now available once you are in the drag animation.