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  1. Oddball-47 Ronin

    AI Crossing Bridges

    At what point in all of the ongoing development, making of DLCs, etc...is B.I. going to address the MAJOR bug/problem of their AI being totally unable of dealing with bridges of any sort. Whether vehicles or dismounted infantry, they just stand/sit there totally brain dead. Hell, if they can't address the issue, higher a programmer who can. The current situation as it stands is just ridiculous.
  2. Oddball-47 Ronin

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    Bah, no need to blush, Bunc. This truly is a really neat script and is a perfect fit for "Unsung". Sadly, for me, I've only been able to play the mission once in a group. My tiny band of warriors has either grown bored with Arma or are just so caught up in other things and real life, that we've not played it but once, and that was two weeks or so ago. Again, my thanks to you and Accuracythruvolume. I really had a wonderful time getting back into the editor and stumbling my way through making a mission with it. Best regards, Odd
  3. Oddball-47 Ronin

    [MP] [COOP 1-8] Silent Thunder Parts 1 And 2

    Hi Ranger, thanks man. I invested WAY too many hours into it with the editor and had to compromise a bit in a number of places due to Arma's AI becoming brain dead when it comes to water. But, I'm happy with the end product. I think it'll play out nicely in a group setting. Our first and only time playing it with five of us, Russ, an old Marine captain got shoved into the leader slot because the rest of us are slackers. He was too devious for me and wound up bypassing several enemy patrols I had laid out enroute to the first objective. I've addressed that with a few additional small patrols and have re-worded the mission briefings such that "Bridges/crossings will be used whenever possible as swimming across a river with 60 pounds of gear on one's back may result in drowning casualties." This allows me to "funnel" movements to a certain degree and should increase the "pucker factor" a bit. Have fun with it and holler if you come across any "uh ohs" or have any ideas on how to make it better. Best regards, Odd
  4. Oddball-47 Ronin

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    Hi The Real Bunc, et al. I've just finished up what I hope will be a bug free "final version" of a "Nam mission in which the DynamicCamo Script plays a HUGE part. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for the script, Bunc and also a big thanks to "accuracythruvolume" whose posts showed me how to implement it in a multiplayer environment with respawns. Salute to you both! Mission thread can be found here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/230509-mp-coop-1-7-silent-thunder-v31-part-1/ Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2207137151&searchtext=unsung Best regards, Odd
  5. Silent Thunder: Part 1 (v3.14) A 47 Ronin Production Steam Workshop Link: Part 1: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2207137151&amp;searchtext=unsung Steam Workshop Link: Part 2: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2242238919 Multiplayer Coop: recommended 4-6 players - 8 slots total Requirements: Apex DLC :http:// https://store.steampowered.com/app/395180/Arma_3_Apex/ Unsung Vietnam War: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943001311 CBA_A3 :https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450814997 3den Enhanced:http:// https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=623475643 Metis Nature:http:// https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1951690856 Task Force Radio: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=620019431 ARMSCor 3.5.4 :https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=714598902 Eden Extended Objects:http:// https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=882231372 Overview July, 1965, Rung Sat Province, Vietnam. You are part of a Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG) team which has been tasked with locating the routes/trails which VC/NVA forces are using to bring down weapons and equipment from the North and which are being stockpiled in the Rung Sat Province of Vietnam, specifically, the Doung Island area. Mission features: (1) "The Real Bunc's" DynamicCamo Script; a work of pure genius and which works marvelously within the mission. Move about slowly and quietly, stayin' crouched and low, you'll be all puckered up when in the dense jungle, you spot a VC patrol mere yards from your position; oblivious to your presence. Wait 'til they move on, and continue your patrol. You can read about it here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/223202-release-dynamiccamo-script/ A big thanks to The Real Bunc for his script and to "accuracythruvolume" who adapted it for use in multiplayer! (2) Progressive respawn points: As you progress along the map, a number of respawn points are generated. So, if you suffer an "uh oh" and get shot to hell and die, you'll have the option to respawn at one or more points on the map, dependent upon your progress. (3) A virtual arsenal located near "Captain Slaughter's CP" on Base Mike. Choose from a astounding amount of uniforms, gear, weapons of the Vietnam era. (4) Highly immersive soundtrack which lends itself well to the eerie movement through the waterways and jungle. (5) Over 200 sound effect triggers; some positional such as VC/NVA voices, birds squawking, flapping, monkeys hollerin'...well, you get the idea. Hearin' voices on your left? Maybe on the right? Oh dang, they're close! (6) Runnin' low on weapons/ammo? You'll probably come across some small enemy stashes if you do a good job of your recon patrol. If not, well, you can always strip some gear off any enemy you were forced to gun down. (5) On call artillery fire support, helicopter transport and helicopter supply drops. (7) Random enemy patrol script ensures replayability. The majority of patrols begin within and patrol in random fashion within designated "zones". They never begin at the same point, nor patrol in the "paths" each time you fire up the mission. (8) And, thanks to Sergeant Dennenboom, an "official" end to the mission. Mission Notes: You'll want to set your music and effects sliders to 50 percent (ideal for me). Of course if you want to tone it down or jack it up, that's entirely up to you. Read the briefing and check the map out to get a feel for what you need to do and how you want to go about it. The basic Situation, Mission, and Execution briefs are contained in that. As well, there is a "Credits" section listing all the fine gentlemen whose tutorials I have watched, scripts I have used and to all of them, I give my sincere thanks. Issues I have come across: You and your team begin the mission in a "Huey" enroute to Base Mike. It's a rather "interesting ride". (I can say no more.) The other night, playing on our server, not everone in the group started in the chopper. We backed out of the server, restarted the mission and all worked well; all of us were in it fine. Basic thrust of the mission: It's a pure recon mission. Well...mainly. Your job is not to pile up dead NVA/VC bodies, but to patrol the designated area, attempting to locate paths/supply routes, evading patrols when able to and there's some flash traffic which comes in to Captain Slaughter's CP which once read, may add an additional bit of tension to your mission/plan. Have fun and feel free to holler if you run across any issues, or have a comment(s) or even a complaint. I'm quite open to continue working on it. Actually, this particular mission is "Part 1" of what will be a Two or Three Part "series". (Odd hollers to the projectionist: "Orville, run the credits now like a good lad!") My thanks to: Kronsky for his Urban Patrol Script: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/139280-urban-patrol-script/ ?tab=comments#comment-2262058<br/> Nemesis for his NRE Earplugs Script: https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28896 Grumpy Old Man for his GOM Ambient AA script: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31927 Alias for his Ambient Light script: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5oZjJo5wbc And for all the other fun and wonderful scripts he has worked up over the years. Gunter Severloh for his kind words to an editing dweeb and for what I call The _Encyclopedia_ of Scripting Guides And Tutorials https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/229245-scripting-guides- tutorials-compilation-list/ Killzone Kid for all his helpful videos and tutorials on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/killzonekidtv/videos And on his website:http://killzonekid.com/category/games/arma-3/ The Real Bunc for his DynamicCamo Script: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/223202-release-dynamiccamo -script/ Pickin' That Banjo for the ton of tutorials of his on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-rNisMp5bxHiyFWCAc 2x4ioM1lxHZtpl<br/> Kegety for his PBO/De-PBO tools: https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=411 And special thanks to Sergeant Dennenboom of 'Elite Warriors' for showing me how to incorporate progressive respawn points into a mission and how to end a mission properly. I was and remain extremely grateful for his time and assistance. Thanks also to my gaming buddies; Jamie, Russ, and Rosie for their moral support, insights, bug finding and most importantly, their friendship. And lastly, my thanks to the whole crew of the 'ArmA Unsung' Vietnam mod. They've really made some magic with it. Odd The 47 Ronin
  6. Oddball-47 Ronin

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    First off, I freely admit I am an idiot, and have zero coding/scripting skills. That being said, after three or four hours of giving myself a headache in the editor I have been able to get the script to work after a player dies and respawns. I did it by putting a "onPlayerRespawn.sqf" file in the mission folder and putting the following into it: 0 = [player,"DEBUG",0,1,0,1,5] execVM "camo_script\Camoscriptv1.5.sqf"; I had tried copy and pasting Accuracythruvolume's into an init.sqf file, but was getting error messages when I fired up the mission, so for craps and giggles I tried using just one line of it in the "onPlayerRespawn". I put the mission up on our server, connected to it, and ran it, and it seems to be working fine even after respawning. Now I just need to get one of my friends to join the server with me to see if it works on his end, too. My sincere thanks to Bunc for the script. I think I and my friends will have a LOT of fun with it! And thank you as well to Accuracythruvolume for posting up his script lines. My workaround would not have worked without them. Salute! Regards, Odd
  7. Oddball-47 Ronin

    [SP/CO19] Operation Iron Fist

    Hi Frizy, First off, thank you very much for putting this mission/mini-campaign together. I'm very much looking forward to playing it with my Arma 3 friends this coming weekend. I've loaded it up on our server and have completed the first two tasks. However, I had expected to be able to save my progress as you describe it as a mini-campaign. However, my only option was to "abort" upon closing it down. Is there a way to save one's progess in the campaign? Best regards, Odd
  8. Oddball-47 Ronin

    The 14th Valley - Unsung Vietnam

    Hi Scott, I hope you get some fun out of it, amigo. If you ever find yourself bored on a Saturday night and want to hook up for some "coop" mission playing, we've got a very laid back and lighthearted group that plays on our server every Saturday night at 9PM Eastern. You (and anyone else) are more than welcome to PM me for details and we can run some missions together. Happy hunting! Best, Odd
  9. Oddball-47 Ronin

    The 14th Valley - Unsung Vietnam

    Hi Scott, I've worked up both the night and day versions to have AI enabled. I've put 'em in Dropbox and you can find 'em here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cnduucokejuup2u/The_14th_Valley_Day_v1_4_AI.DaKrong.pbo?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ccc5rpibgddrjbk/The_14th_Valley_Night_v1_4_AI.DaKrong.pbo?dl=0 You can just copy these into the "MPMissions" folder within your main Arma 3 installation directory. Holler if you run into any problems. I've never made a "single player" mission, but I've played this from within the editor by selecting "play in multiplayer" and it works just fine with me alone playing it. Same when I've played/tested it from our server. Best, Odd
  10. Oddball-47 Ronin

    The 14th Valley - Unsung Vietnam

    Hi Scott, I could easily modify the mission to "enable AI" and could put that as a new variant in the Workshop. Would that be sufficient to your needs? I'm not familiar with the "Spyder Addons" you mentioned. Regards, Odd
  11. Oddball-47 Ronin

    The 14th Valley - Unsung Vietnam

    Hi Bardem, It was made using the "Delta" version of Unsung. I've never seen that particular issue come up during our play on our server or in testing it in the editor when selecting "play as multiplayer". The only error message I/we get is the usual "nam16" one which is a "Delta" version issue. Are you actually able to play it once you close that error screen down? Maybe if you de-pbo it and change the initial loadout uniforms to something that hasn't been changed in the "Echo" version you can get around that. That's actually something that has caused me a bit of worry; the fact that missions made using "Delta" might not be compatible with the upcoming "Echo" version. When I first started playing "Unsung", several missions I'd downloaded which had been made with the "Charlie" version were unplayable in "Delta". Anyway, I'll go back and edit the Workshop description to reflect the fact the mission was made using "Delta". Good hunting, Odd Edit: Just checked the Workshop and the original description area for the mission did state Unsung 3.1d as a requirement.
  12. Oddball-47 Ronin

    The 14th Valley - Unsung Vietnam

    Hi Vengeance, I hope you enjoy it. I had a lot of fun working it up. Holler if you run into any problems/glitches. We've played it a lot with four to six of us, and it can be pretty tough sloggin' through the bush to get up to "3 Canyons" itself. Thankfully for the player, there are a number of respawns at various points on the map which are generated once a player(s) have reached a certain point on the map. If you'd like to join us some Saturday night (we hook up every Saturday at 9PM Eastern on our server) you're more than welcome to join us, or bring a fireteam of your buddies along as well, if you play with a group. I'd be easy for me to modify this and a couple of other "Unsung Vietnam" missions I've got to accomodate an additional fireteam or two. We're currently running about ten or twelve mods on the server, but it'd be easy for me to set it up for just Unsung, CBA_A3 (Unsung requires it) and Task Force Arma Radio (TFAR). We just started using TFAR and it's added a nice dimenision to missions. Teamspeak is also a "must". We're a very laid back group, not a "milsim" unit and we've got a very nice, small group of good folks who play it. There's never any "drama". :) We allow any other mods a person wants to use, as well, as long as they're not "server side". ie: have to be loaded on the server in order to use. Stuff like Blastcore Phoenix, No Sway, Dynasound 2, and Enhanced Soundscape, and Remove Stamina. These are all client based and are entirely optional. You can PM me for details on the servers (Teamspeak and Arma3) and I'll be happy to share those with you and perhaps we can coordinate things from there if you like. And no, I won't try to "recruit" you to our "squad", "The 47 Ronin", so don't feel pressured at all. Best regards, Odd
  13. Oddball-47 Ronin

    The 14th Valley - Unsung Vietnam

    The 14th Valley 2 versions; Day and Night (links below) Coop: recommended 2-4 players (will allow 9) Requirements: ArmA 3 Unsung Vietnam War mod, CBA_A3, Apex DLC NVA units along with large caliber AA guns have occupied and built out The Three Canyons area of Da Krong. You are tasked with assaulting and neutralizing the AA batteries. Mission features: (1) Progressive resapwn points (thanks to Sergeant Dennenboom of Elite Warriors) (2) Virtual Vehicle Spawners availlable at LZ Savage and Camp Sarge. (3) Soundtrack mucic to enhance the immersion factor. (4) Numerous sound effects add to the atmosphere. (5)Full arsenal availlable to kit out with; both at LZ Savage and Camp Sarge, as well as numerous ammo crates in and around enemy emplacements. (6) On call artillery fire support. (Accessed via the "0" (ZERO) key at the top of your keyboard. Scroll wheel options availlable after that. (7) Option to insert/remove earplugs. (8) Random enemy patrol script ensures replayability. (9) And thanks to Sergeant Dennenboom, an "official" end to the mission. Mission Notes: In order to guarantee that you respawn with your arsenal kit/loadout, remember to "SAVE" it while in the arsenal screen. It is VERY important to ensure before beginning that your sliders for "Effects" and "Music" are set to at least 50 percent. (Mission sounds/music based on those levels.) It is recommended to set the "Radio" slider to zero to reduce/eliminate annoying AI chatter. Read the briefing and check the map out to get a feel for what you need to do and how you want to go about it. It is suggested also to disable all AI in the slots not taken up by a human player. While it is possible to play with 2 players, it is highly recommended you have at least 4. Known Bugs: "no entry cfg weapons. NAM_M16'" (problem with the Unsung Delta mod) Requirements: ArmA 3 Unsung 3.1d Vietnam War mod, CBA_A3. and the Apex Arma 3 DLC Credits: My thanks to Kronsky, Nemesis, and Grumpy Old Man, Sushi, Aliascartoons, and Tonic for their scripting genius. Without their tools, this mission would have been MUCH the lesser. And to Kegety for his PBO/De-PBO tool. And special thanks to Sergeant Dennenboom of "Elite Warriors" for sharing his knowledge and time with me. And lastly, but not leastly (is that even a word?) big thanks to the entire crew behind the "Unsung Vietnam" mod. They have rekindled my enthusiasm for Arma 3 ! Urban Patrol Script Version: 2.2.0 Author: Kronzky NRE_earplugs.sqf Author: Nemesis GOM - Ambient AA :Author:Grumpy Old Man sush_pow_script.sqf Author: Sushi VVS Virtual Vehicle Spawner script by: Tonic Ambient Light script by: Alias LINKS: Day Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138096388 Night Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138099931
  14. Thank you once again, TeTeT, I very much appreciate your spending your time and effort in getting me pointed in the right direction. I'll give this a shot. I think I can paste that text into a script file and then have it execute with the init.sqf . Edited to add: It was even simpler than that! Opening the properties for the armoury/arsenal, I noted it had an "init" space in it. Pasting your line (below) removed 'em! Oh man, you rock, TeTeT. Thanks a ton. RUG_DSAI_TerminalDistance = -1; Best regards, Odd
  15. Hi TeTeT, Thank you very much. But... (there's always a "but", right?) I never play singleplayer and would like to use this for cooperative type multiplayer. Is it "single player only" useable? Best regards, Odd