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  1. Psychosocial


    Hi EO, it's me again, could you please help me again, and upload a new version without running zombies. Thanks, and sorry for my bad english.
  2. Psychosocial


    Hi Gemini, could you lay out the version 1.239, because as in the version 1.24 deleted russian translation. Thanks. Sorry for my bad english.
  3. Psychosocial


    Thanks. But now I do not understand how to save this mission, only the mission.sqm file, 1kb in size, is saved. When I press to export, and then I try to start, a normal Altis map opens.
  4. Psychosocial


    Good evening, I already wrote about this before, could you lay out a mission without running zombies, I never figured out how to remove them in the editor. Sorry for my bad english.
  5. Psychosocial


    Thanks, this version works normally.
  6. Psychosocial


    Thanks, but a mission is not started, begins loading and throws out back on the screen of scenarios. Ravage mod it is included.
  7. Psychosocial


    Tell please where to place these files? If to lay down them in the folder addons, zombies all the same run. Sorry for my English.