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  1. Ravage Mod

    Damn, gotta love steam... Was updating my Scenario last night and I of course was tired... (close to 3AM) I was spamming “ENTER” to finish up, somehow the UI landed on “Delete” and It poped up “Are you sure you want to delete this item?” But it was too late!! I was already pushing “ENTER” again!! I tried stopping it with “Escape” but of course the deed was done... So if anyone was subscribed, to my scenario the new link is here gotta fix every one of my links now... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1628963754 learned my lesson! D:
  2. Ravage Mod

    All good mate!
  3. Ravage Mod

    I can take a look at it if you'd like me too :) Just know I haven't worked with altitude based scripts yet, so it may take me a little time!
  4. Ravage Mod

    I also finally installed notepad++!! You were right about editing with it! So much easier! :)
  5. Ravage Mod

    Added a severe Weather script with hypothermia to the Ravage Weather Release thread, can be checked out here: Enjoy! :)
  6. Ravage Mod

    @RZNUNKWN looks like you could use a driver to that tank, and another gun at your side Mate!
  7. Ravage Mod

    I have multiple, but they aren't hidden, they have a 2 kilometer search radius in a "Dead militarized zone", and their lights and searchlights are locked to "ON" so good luck hiding in the woods from them lol thought I'd add some serious difficulty so i gave it a spin and its a nice touch, that way you need to be seriously geared up to go into the "Lost bunker" and gather the resources from there ;) and of course there are empty ones along the map, you just have to find good places to look!
  8. Ravage Mod

    I have missions that follow one another, once you escape one and play the next, the next is what happened after you escaped... ;) this adds kind of a series like feeling, just need to add story to the second one Haha
  9. Ravage Mod

    Always down for a session of Ravage. I’m in. (If I’m home at the time!)
  10. Ravage Mod

    What if we all jumped together and built one scenario together, whether it’s a single player mission or a huge multiplayer experience, somewhat like a “ravage world” type mission (obviously would have to be some crazy sized server) where all those who want can easily jump on in and meet one another, share fun gameplay and most importantly have a great time.... This would obviously be dedicated to showing the power of Ravage and how the possibilities are endless. (but not too many mods, for the friendliness of FPS) I remember you guys talking about some sort of other type of place to discuss ravage and I was thinking why not IN Ravage? Just an idea :) thanks again all for your hard work and dedication to this mod, and thanks again @haleks!
  11. Weather Effects Ravage

    @RZNUNKWN Good to hear!! I knew you could do it! Enjoy it!
  12. Weather Effects Ravage

    Hmm... I’ll have to look into this sometime tomorrow night once I’m on my weekend, and I can look at it on my PC, we’ll figure it out! :)
  13. Weather Effects Ravage

    Whenever you are editing the script are you out of the scenario? And then after the edits are you restarting the scenario? In order for changes to work you gotta edit when out of the mission, (not sure if you are or not.) And yes, that should be the part that needs to be changed you are correct. Also, player enableStamina true; can be found in more lines in the script, in order for your edit to take effect you’ll want to change them all to false. :)
  14. Yes! I still use the original release of the Bandit Camp spawner, it seems to be the most stable one for my mission and hasn’t ever broke or been “Overrided” by other scripts, may update in the future, but at the moment I’m still very pleased with the original! as for script unpacking with the workshop you’ll be needing the “Arma 3 tools” from steam to get started with a mod release, but to merge it all into the editor I wouldn’t have a clue to do... I would suggest getting ahold of a mod author for that type of thing. cheers mate! Still Amazingly fine work! Even if you obsolete the older versions! :)
  15. Weather Effects Ravage

    Just take your time, you’re doing great! Gotta learn somehow! :) If you run into further issues please let me know and I’ll assist in anyway I can.