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    Questions: SOG Prairie Fire

    Hi @eggbeast, big fan of your CDLC currently I am finishing off an auto-revive mod for AI, complete with voice actors. Because its a mod, its designed to be as compatible with as many workshop missions as possible. Wondering if I could get a code tip from you about disabling the SOG Revive system. I checked how ACE do it, but they do it in pre-initialisation, tricking the SOG Revive into thinking its already loaded, by declaring value to variable (vn_advanced_revive_started = true;). Our mod aims to not be too invasive - you have to manually turn it on once the mission has loaded - thus you have the option to not load it, and instead use the revive system used by mission creators. The flexibility to choose is the idea. Currently we have successfully got it to disable the native BI_Revive and Psychos Revive, would like to be able to also do it with SOG revive, without using the ACE method which takes away the flexibility of choice. Currently I am using a quick and dirty method to disable SOG Revive, but its not ideal, because it might cancel event handlers used for other mission scripts. if (!isNil "vn_advanced_revive_started") then { { _x removeAllEventHandlers "Killed"; _x removeAllEventHandlers "Respawn"; _x removeAllEventHandlers "HandleHeal"; _x removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; } foreach allunits; }; cheers help appreciated and look forward to the next update or project!! Ben
  2. I have come up with this code to disable it. Is there a better way? _turn_off = true; if (_turn_off == true) then { removeMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", AIS_Core_3DEHId]; removeMissionEventHandler ["EachFrame", AIS_Core_eachFrameHandlerId]; { diag_log name _x; if (!isNil "ais_hkEH") then {_x removeEventHandler ["Killed", ais_hkEH]}; if (!isNil "ais_hdEH") then {_x removeEventHandler ["HandleDamage", ais_hdEH]}; if (!isNil "ais_hrEH") then {_x removeEventHandler ["Respawn", ais_hrEH]}; if (!isNil "ais_hhEH") then {_x removeEventHandler ["HandleHeal", ais_hhEH]}; } foreach allunits; };
  3. how can I dynamically disable this in the middle of a mission? w code cheers
  4. as per the title, I want to override the description.ext parameter "ReviveMode" so that its ReviveMode = 0; I am finishing off a revive mod and considering I have my own theshold damage level for unconciousness, I want to override any set by missions. The ultimate aim is for this mod to work with as many workshop missions as possible, similar to Project Injury Reaction help appreciated cheers Bendy
  5. there seems to be a bug? if I have respawnOnStart = -1; in the description.ext then it automatically turns on revive, and I am back to square one.
  6. *update I got it working using description.ext so how can I do a version for a mod - that can override the description.ext - so the mod can be used with missions in workshop? cheers Bendy
  7. Hi, I am nearing completion of a revive mod. I have the theshold for going into incapacitated at > 0.7 but just realised this only really works for AI units at this threshold. if I put "player setDamage 0.5;" in the debug console I go into incapacited. I am using the the damage handler for triggering incapacited so I understand that is why it doesnt work if I use debug console, however when testing with enemy AI I still go into incapacitaed > 0.5 So I turn of revive in the mission description.ext with ReviveMode = 0; and I turn of Revive Mod in the editor under multiplayer settings still going into incapacited if I "player setDamage 0.5;" the actual end result is both a mod and a script for missions, so I would like code that works in both. help appreciated, Bendy
  8. OK!! I think I figured it out. Use BIS_fnc_sortBy instead of sort. So: _total = [[1,"arms"],1,"torso"],[1,"legs"],[1,"head"]]; _test = [_total, [], {_x select 1}, "ASCEND"] call BIS_fnc_sortBy;
  9. Hi Polpox quick question on arrays instead. how can I sort by the second value instead of the first? so I have sort working, if I have values first [[0.50425,"arms"],[0.0345939,"torso"],[0,"legs"],[0,"head"]] but in instances where all values are the same: [[1,"arms"],1,"torso"],[1,"legs"],[1,"head"]] I want to then sort by the strings (bodyparts) help appreciated cheers Ben
  10. Hi is there a way to sort a hashmap by values instead of keys? or do we have to convert it to an array first? cheers Ben
  11. 2024, doesnt seem to work, although it is coming up under LAN. It doesnt know which mission to load.....
  12. would an "auto-climb" be possible for AI that have objects in their way of a path?
  13. bendy303

    CPR Animation Loop Not Working

    old topic, but for anyone who is looking, the proper animation for CPR is UnconsciousReviveMedic_B cheers PS edit. Actially AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDr_medic0 is better after all.
  14. ok found solution in another thread, this one: