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    Airfix models > table top wargaming > Duneons & Dragons > Deltaforce > Rainbow 6 > Operation Flahpoint > ArmA 2 milsim > ArmA 3. Now I am just too old to code.

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  1. You are obviously correct, endless resspawning, is not what it is supposed to be doing. I'll look into it when I can but it may be a while.
  2. strider42


    I was thinking if you were updating the ACE mods manually. You are correct that "Unsubscribing" and "Subscribing" from the workshop should do the same. So for a manually installed version of ACE. The usual location to put the @ACE directory is in something like (Its the arma programs directory): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 If you are updating the ACE there you need to delete the @ACE directory before you do the update/copy in a new version. Check out the howtogeek link that shows you how to use filehash and why it may be usefull. If you do not know what PowerShell is theny that will be your next search. Good luck, S
  3. strider42


    Are you running a manually downloaded ACE or a Workshop Subscription. Not that I this might cause the problem. If you are doing the manually downloaded make sure you delete the ACE directory first. Hope you find the thing that is causing the problem. S PS- Here is my filehash (get-filehash from windows powershell) for ace_advanced_ballistics_x64.dll: 0C3641E7E81D311C8F8934C98B7D92252A839F8FE7F61585BAC20DD9695903B6 Here is a link on how to generate a hash from your file: https://www.howtogeek.com/363735/what-is-a-checksum-and-why-should-you-care/
  4. I saw this problem yesterday on a server I maintain. I just went through the server update proceedure, which was very quick (there is only a small update to download) and the problem was solved. I think it may be an issue with the major part of the version number not changing so server and client both are 2.06 but some update has been done to the game such that it will not connect to servers that have not been updated. S
  5. When I double click on the map (to place a marker) when sitting in the pilot seat of a helicopter its engine starts. I have tested this with no mods running, single player and multi-player. My mate tells me he does not have this problem. Anyone else have this problem of know how to solve it? S
  6. strider42

    What does this icon mean?

    Mine says 'Optional Not Owened", so it looks like it things you own it, just the install is not running. Just some things to try: - Try a "file check". In "LIBRARY", left click on Arma 3 in the list on the left, select Properties..., Click on LOCAL FILES and then Verify integrity of game files... - If that does not resolve it try deleting the files in the Contac directory and restarting the install. Good luck S
  7. Is there any way to make the helicopter instrument panel readable when you are using NVG? I pretty much only fly the Hummingbird but when I put on NVGs I can't use the instrument becasue the light on them is too bright. The instruments are readable before you start the engine. S
  8. When using execVM (which I do almost never do) I use the following syntax: someParam execVM "someScript.sqf"; Are there circumstances where you have to do the following with execVM: null = someParam execVM "someScript.sqf"; I ask because today I found someone saying a script would not work without using the latter syntax: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/189445-exec-or-execvm-call-or-spawn/?do=findComment&comment=3001417 In the past I have played around with scripts that use the latter syntax and changed them to my syntax without any apparent issue. I do appreciate that execVM does return a value (a script handle) that can be used with the scriptDone and terminate commands.
  9. Excuse my pedantic side here is my last offer for the setup using and Eden placed trigger: Variable name: trig2 Type: None Activation: None Activation type: --- Repeatable: no Condition: ( alive SB ) && ( west countSide ( SB nearEntities 10 ) > 0 ) On Activation: "R_80mm_HE" createVehicle SB But as they say. "If it is not broke, don't fix it". S
  10. What was the error message? Is the trigger Variable Name set to trig2? The enableSimulation statement should be: trig2 enableSimulation false; Did test this quickly wiht a player unit and Trigger setup: Variable name: trig2 Type: None Activation: Any Player Activation type: Present Repeatable: yes Condition: this On Activation: hint "Activated"; deleteVehicle trig2 On Deactivation: hint "De-activated" Walk into the area and "Activated" hint is displayed. Walk out and nothig happens because the trigger has been deleted. Good luck, S
  11. The simple answer is no. ARMA in general is an event driven system so bits of code run when an event is triggered. This gets more complicated when you are running in multi-player mode as now you can add where is the code running. I don't think a trace of the function calls will help because it will be so large. When I look at how missions are written I usually start in the init.sqf but I guess you also need to look in the other event scripts as well. As a general rule I try to focus on parts of a mission/script and use diag_log calls to write information to the report file to help you understand what is happening. I'd happily talk you through what I do with my missions. This is a mission I published (Eden editor files): https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnX2_vGoXf5F9iA_hQh4VuoDvmFP?e=Kkohpp Good luck S
  12. From my quick reading of the debug modes changing them will only have an impact when the system wants to report errors. Not something I have ever done. S
  13. I think it would be possible to do this however the way that caching and zone cleared works means it may be hard to implement without altering the way EOS works S
  14. Here is my latest EOS update (v2.01a). https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnX2_vGoXf5F92ntEGcycpjwwFk1?e=V9smx2 As before this should behave like v1.98. Changes: Attack helicopters can now be specified (by setting helicopter group size to 0). Some minor comments updated or corrected. Good luck S
  15. @fawlty, well done, I wounderd who whould spot that error first 🙄 ... Now I have had a look at it this appears to be an error I introduced quite early in my work but because I don't use attack helicopters I did not notice it. For whatever reason, even if you set the cargo size to zero it sill gives you a transport helicopter that will deliver 1 unit to the AO. @fawltyas you have no helicopters in the transprort pool you get an error because it is trying to create a vehicle of class "" (i.e. an empty string). I'll have a look through the code and see why it no longer works. S