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  1. @doc. caliban Yes, that is what I meant. I'd like it to work either from an Eden genearated or a script generated route but I don't want GAIA to create the route. I sort of imagined that GAIA would check if the group had been assigned a patrol route which I imagine would work the way I want. Not that I worked out how to detect if a group has been assigned a patrol route. The proposed release schedule looks good to me. S
  2. Just to show you can't please all the people all the time. I like the script nature of GAIA. I prefer tuning text conficuration files rather than using modules in the Eden editor but I am prepared to give anthing a go and it is nice seing that GAIA is getting some love. I guess is it is hard to decide 'how big a mission'/'how many units' is likely to require any form of caching. I currently run a multi-player mission with about 100 enemy units (18 groups) and no caching on a player server (i7-7770K) and I don't get the feeling that it is loading the PC I run it on (+50fps). As the mission does not run with caching I can't be breaking the Fortify system a pointed out by @killick, however the units do seem to leave their posts, especially when number of units left in the group gets small. That said I feel it works quite well in the mission. I too have been playing around with the Zen Occupy Houses script to make sure units stay in place. Placement is nice but there is some irritations. Units stand by a window and will engage. Then they like to take knee, at which point their weapon does not have an line-of-sight on you but you can snipe thier heads ^^ @doc. calibanYou asked if there were any features people would like added: I'd like to have the option to specify a patrol loop for a squad to use, rather than the random movement the current patrol system uses. As reguards 2-stage cache (2SC) vs. DS it is hard to know without really understanding the performance advantage. I'd guess: 2SC > DS > 1SC, with both DS and 1SC adding to the group limit. I'd also like to see caching retaining units kit and ammo count. It is certinly irritating when you equip units with particular weapons to have the caching system change them. Keep the good work up S
  3. Is it possible to be able to get the mission revive settings for use in a script? I guess an ability to to get/read the description.ext file is what I am looking for. So I can do something like this: if ( reviveMode == 1 ) then { hint "Any player can revive."; }; Thanks in advance S
  4. That is the test I have done that test. No mods in the virtual reality environment. I'm surprised that no one else is reporting the same issue, though it is hard to test as you need 2 PCs. Still I have the "First aid kit / Medikit" option to get round it and there is always the option to set the revive equirements to "None" but I have not tested that. Thanks for you input @beno_83au S
  5. No I am using the Eden Editor to set the settings.
  6. I ran the same test with no client side mods running and the problem still exists. However if you set: Required Items: First aid kit / Medikit Then non-medical units can revive S
  7. I have a vanilla mission though I am running a few client side mods. The mission revive is set: Revive Mode: Enabled for all players Required Trait: None Required Items: Medikit Incapacity Mode: Basic I thought this would allow any player with a Medikit to revive another player but that does not seem to be the case. Only the medic can revive and they don't need a Medikit. Am I doing anything wrong? S
  8. strider42

    Need help with delete vehicle

    @Williamle12 Interesting my VVS does not have this issue as it deletes any vehicle in the way. That said I ahve modified my version over the years to keep it up to date and add features. I have just checked and it does appear I may have modified the spawn function to delete a vehicle in the way. In the VVS\functions\fn_spawnVehicel.sqf you want to add the following: //Check to make sure the spawn point doesn't have a vehicle on it, if it does then delete it. _spCheck = nearestObjects[_position,["landVehicle","Air","Ship"],11] select 0; if(!isNil "_spCheck") then {deleteVehicle _spCheck;}; Before the line: _vehicle = createVehicle [_className, [0,0,10], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; Good luck S
  9. @harzach Thank you. Obvious when it is pointed out to you. S
  10. OK. My particular application is to IEDs. I wanted the time it took to disarm an IED to be depended on whether the player had a 'ToolKit' on them. However the action is added to the player when the IED is placed (usually at mission start) and that is the point where you set the duration that they have to hold the key down. Mission start. _duration = 30; [_ied, "Disarm IED", ... , _duration, ...] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd; ... Player approaches IED with 'ToolKit'. // Set _duration to 15 ? I hope that explains things better S
  11. The BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd is and action so you apply it to any player you want to be able to use the action, usually done some time before the player will use the action. This means you have to set the duration (how long the player has to hold the key to complete the action) when you add the action. This is the engine that is used for the vanilla revive system. Does anyone know a hack that would let you change the duration the code block that is run when the player starts the action by holding down the appropriate key? Currently I can only think of adding a trigger close to where the action will be used to create the action as the player approaches at which point you could set the duration appropriately. All help gratefully received S
  12. Nice bit of work. I really like the groups automatically deciding which marker they should use, especially if you have the option to revert to the old system. I have created my own interface to GAIA which still needs an update to work with the latest version, currently it is hacked to get it running. Its main objective was to simplify the commands you needed to add groups to GAIA and I changed the commands to FORTIFY, DEFEND and PATROL. I have stopped using the caching system. I may be blessed by just creating small missions but I have not noticed any performance issues. Additionally though I have not noticed it myslef I have a friend who says the chaching system can cause problems. (Mission has less than 40 AI and less then 10 players). Keep the good work up S
  13. @doc. caliban I think that is an old version. Interestingly it is the one I have been using for my lastes mission, without any problems. I consider the current versoni to be the one on GitHub where the path to the files is: gaia/functions/control/orders/fn_doAttack.sqf In the one you are using the path is: gaia/scripts/orders/fn_doAttack.sqf Though both files seem to have the same header. To get the latest version of GAIA go to this link: https://github.com/shaygman/mcc_sandbox.Altis/tree/SpiritBranche Then click Clone button, and then click on the Download Zip link. All the best S
  14. [SORTED] As no one else was having the problem I reported it comes as little surprise that the problem seems to be due to some modification I have made to the script. I reverted back to the latest version, sorted the black icons issue and I have not seen the problem again. So it is not Tonic's excellent script it seems to be something I have done. More testing when I get some time required to find the actual issue but my current mission does not require any of the updates I implemented so I will leave it as is. Seen some strange behaviour with VVS spawned vehicles that I have never seen before. While testing my current mission I occasionally spawn a vehicle that I can't drive: I can get in the vehicle, turn the wheels but I can't start the engine or make the vehicle move. I have only observed this with the Hunters but I have not spawned many other vehicles. Status is game running as a player-server and Decicated server (run localy on the same PC). Another player was able to move the car I could not and despite numerous attempts I still could not make the vehicle move later in the play session. I can get round the problem by just spawning another (same class) vehicle and the chances are I can drive it. In fact I don't recall spawning 2 consecutive vehicles that I could not drive. In one multi-player session a client player suffered the same problem. The mission just uses Vanilla units and equipment. Prettty much original arma equipment and vehicles. Anyone else seing this behaviour and any idea what might be causing this problem? S
  15. I can't connect a UAV terminal to a Stomper in a simple Eden mission. I have a UAV termianl but when I open it I don't get an option to connect to the Stomper. If I get into the Stomper passenger seat I can connect to the Stomper but I can't make it do anything, like start engine, move, switch to driver/gunner view. I can connect the UAV terminal to a darter and fly the darter. All help greatfully apreciated S Edit1: The issue seems to be associated with placing UAVs using the Edent editor. Then I can't connect to them or find them in the terminal. So I can connect to and control a Darter that the player has in a backback and has dissasembled but if I place it in the mission I can't.