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  1. Thanks @stanhope Now when I spawn radar enabled assets they work a lot better as in more aggressive and at longer range. S
  2. In Eden editor, for appropriate objects (like the Praetorian AA gun), there is an Attributes section Electronics & Sensors where you can set sensor attributs: Data Link Send, ..., Emission Control. Is there a way of setting these parameters in a script? S OK so I found these: vehicleReportOwnPosition, setVehicleReportOwnPosition vehicleReportRemoteTargets, setVehicleReportRemoteTargets vehicleReceiveRemoteTargets, setVehicleReceiveRemoteTargets but I still don't know how to set the radar on/off state
  3. Is there a way of stopping GAIA controlling a group that it has previously been given control of? I'm looking at making the group enter a helicopter. S
  4. strider42

    praetorian 1c AAA turret question

    Just the information I needed. However to get spawned objects as a variable you need to do: _aaArray = [getpos t01, 0, "B_AAA_System_01_F", EAST] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; _aa = _aaArray select 0; // Now the allowDamage command will work. _aa allowDamage false; Interestingly in a brief bit of testing when the Praetorian gun is an Eden placed BUEFOR turret it responds quicker to shooting down OPFOR helicopters than the other way around. S
  5. Sorry I missed your request for help.  Somehow I lost my automatic login and it was only recently that I needed to log in that I noticed your message.


    Hope @kremator was able to help you.  I have lost the original example mission and am in the process of replacing if you are still interested.


    Any way all the best,  S

    1. Tuskegee_99th


      Certainly still interested, thank you. Let me know when a new example mission might be available.



    2. strider42
  6. @Federick90 This is a bit of a wild guess but... In TADST, create a mission profile (e.g TestProfile). In the ArmA3 directory (Usually: C:\Programs files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3) there is a TADST directory. In that is a file TestProfile\Users\TestProfile\TestProfile.Arma3Profile Edit that file in Text Editor. The groupIndicators are set near the top. Set it to: groupIndicators=2; However you will have to re-do this each time you save the profile. Good luck. S
  7. @elthefrank I'm not entirely sure there is a default radio but the 2 that are commonly used are: AN/PCR-152, class name: tf_anprc152_2 with a nominal range of 5km. RF-7800S-TR, class name: tf_rf7800str_1 with a nominal range of 2km. Hope that is what you are after. S
  8. Thanks for your continued efforts, much appreciated. S
  9. @.Max We have been seeing these problems with our server with the ACE Advanced Medic system. Try: ace_medical_preventInstaDeath = true; ace_medical_healHitPointAfterAdvBandage = true; Don't get hung up on the logic of this as far as I can see there is none. I have spoken to the ACE team on Slack and they don't know why this should have any effect. My observations suggest that these setting mean a player is more likely to recover consciousness on their own and with these settings I have not seen the Pulse ~80; BP ~110/75; Not bleeding; Not in pain but still unconscious (at which point the only way of getting the player up is to use a PAK). Good luck S PS - Oops, missed the second issue. We don't have that so I guessing the above changes will not affect on it.
  10. strider42

    [Solved] Can't drag unconsious players

    I got this from asking the guys and gals on the ACE3 Slack channel. Yet to test it. I don't use the "combat stance toggle" but I will have a play around with my stance keys. Edit: For me I have to toggle the "Walk/Run" key (Yx2 - in my case) if dragging is not working. Keeping my fingers crossed it will solve the problem in the script based dragging system as they give the same problem.
  11. strider42

    Does anyone else not use WASD for movement?

    Though, of course, I remapped the keys to keep them in line with what I used for Rainbow 6.
  12. I'm not particularly here to big up the use of WASD instead of ESDF. I'm just wondering how many other do so and if they have any issues. But as a point of interest I see the advantages of ESDF as: The 'F' key has a pip on it (as does the 'J' key and '5' key on the num-pad), so you can rest your hand on the keyboard feel the pip and know your hand is in the right place. Any touch typist would already know this. The little finger now be use to operate the QAZ keys (as well as Shift, Caps and Tab) - I like using 'A' for reload. The obvious main disadvantage is you are having to manage the keys all the time but in the past (when I played other games) no 2 games had the same set of keys (aside from movement) so you always have to do some key management. S
  13. strider42

    [Solved] Can't drag unconsious players

    Sadly having tested it several times pressing 'C' did not allow dragging to work. I can add that suspect a respawn resets the ability to drag, so it is not random : ( Edit 1: I can still turn even if I can't move backwards so I opt to drag by swivelling 180 releasing moving to the other end of the target and repeating the process. Not much slower than dragging and does allow you to move the target out of harms way.
  14. The problem I was having was as a result of using ACE. Currently on ACE kill scores are not recorded due to an issue with ArmA and ACE. Yes you could have kill scores but half the medical system would have to be removed. There is however a hack I have found that can be used with CO-OP missions. Run the following code on any enemy AI unit: _unit addEventHandler["HandleDamage",{_this select 2}]; I believe this does not change the damage the unit takes. The code can be added to the init field for editor place uints like so: this addEventHandler["HandleDamage",{_this select 2}]; I found this worked because we use EOS for our clan mission and and if a damage multiplier option for enemy units is set (any value but 1.0 should do) it makes this call. This breaks the ACE medical system but hopefully just for the AI and shows why this will only appropriate for co-op missions. I have not run this long enough to know if it will affect the ACE medical system for players. We used to have issues with ACE Medical and the EOS mission but they the problems seemed to be the same on other mission like DCG. Use with caution and good luck - S