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    Airfix models > table top wargaming > Duneons & Dragons > Deltaforce > Rainbow 6 > Operation Flahpoint > ArmA 2 milsim > ArmA 3. Now I am just too old to code.

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  1. strider42

    Arma 3 local server problem

    My quick suggestion is to put the server on a different port. tl;dr In the past I have had problems letting people connect to a decidated server i was running on my PC while connecting to that server as a player as a client. None of my friends could connect to the server remotely but another PC could connect on the local nework. To solve the problem I just rand the mission as a 'player/server' and all was fine. I have never checked but I have a feeling that the system might not have worked becasue both the dedicated server and my client game were using the same port settings.
  2. I it possible to set up ACE so that NVG's are not noisy and full screen. I ask because that is the situation we have on a dedicated server. I'm wondering if the ACE setup has failed, not that we see any errors. Anyone else seen this issue? S
  3. Here is my Simple Auto-Gate or SAG 😉 The script is meant as a self contained system for creating automatic gate opening of bar-gates. The script works with pre-placed bar-gates, like on some of the CUP based maps, but will work just as well with bar-gates placed in the Eden editor. It has been tested with both the ArmA 3 standard bar-gates and the CUP ones. Just place a trigger using the editor so that the centre of the trigger is close to the bar-gate you want to control. Set the 'Name' of the trigger and set its size and orientation as required, the rest of the trigger parameters will be set by the script. Create a folder called 'Scripts' in your mission directory and copy the 'sPK_autoGateInit.sqf' file to the directory. You will need an 'init.sqf' file in the root directory of your mission with the following in it: This example sets the system for GATE_NORTH and GATE_SOUTH triggers to control the vanilla bar-gate. if ( isServer ) then { [ [ GATE_NORTH, "Land_BarGate_F" ], [ GATE_SOUTH, "Land_RoadBarrier_01_F" ] // No comma on the last entry. ] call compileScript["Scripts\sPK_autoGateInit.sqf", true]; // true - compileFinal. }; The if ( isServer ) block is to stop warnigns about running it on a player client when connecting to a dedicated server. The compileScript is a replacement for compile preprocessorFile[LineNumbers] command. Job done. The system has an additional feature where you can call the script without the bar-gate class name. In this case it will display the class of the object nearest the trigger in a 'hint' and in the report file. Search for "GateClass:" in the report file: [ [ GATE_NORTH ], [ GATE_SOUTH ] ] call compileScript["Scripts\sPK_autoGateInit.sqf", true]; The output will look like: 10:35:14 "GateClass:GATE_NORTH:Land_BarGate_F" 10:35:14 "GateClass:GATE_SOUTH:Land_RoadBarrier_01_F" Enjoy, S For the record, gate classes: Land_BarGate_F – Vanilla bar-gate class. Land_RoadBarrier_01_F – Metal frame bar-gate from Contact DLC. Land_Zavora – CUP bar-gate class. Land_zavora_2 – CUP bar-gate class, fractionally bigger and taller. This is a link to a simple VR mission demonstration: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnX2_vGoXf5F911_Kg9MmzpPJQb8?e=ChpdqP sPK_autoGateInit.sqf:
  4. strider42

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Have to admit we have never been able to get the helicopter extraction system to work. I have never seen any messages telling me there was a reason for this, just the message saying it has been cancelled.
  5. strider42

    =ATM= Airdrop [A3] - Beta

    I've noticed a problem when using this script with the latest version of ArmA 3 v2.02.147359. The script fails and you don't HALO. Looking at the log file I notice an issue Error Reserved variable in expression that seems to be associated with the Keys variable. So I dedited the scripts: v6.5b 21 May 2021 Stopped conflict with 'keys' resurved keyword ArmA 3 v2.02,147359 - Renamed 'Keys' variable to 'ATM_Keys' to avoid confict with 'keys' resurved variable. ** atm_airdrop.sqf ** - Renamed 'Keys' variable to 'ATM_Keys'. ** dialogue.hpp ** - Renamed 'class Keys' to 'class ATM_Keys'. Really not sure if this is required. ** functions.sqf ** - Renamed 'Keys' variable to 'ATM_Keys'. Not heavily tested it but it now appears to work. I include a link to a set of patch files (the ones I have modified) https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnX2_vGoXf5F91t3bFlTF7HpZphE?e=6r3F4C
  6. @MoreRonnMy advice is to get very mission specific. I have moded mine to just use the list of specified vehicles. It does mean having to update it for each mission. If you are trying to create new classes, like 'HMMWVs', then I wish you luck.
  7. @darwinscusp EOS is pretty easy to play around with. Just change the UnitPools.sqf file with the units you want and you are on your away. In truth I am not convinced by a system that specifes multple factions you are not going to use. I always imagine that most people are going to want to create there own pools. I guess it could be useful if you wanted to use more than one enemy faction. That said even in my latest implementation I still have the multiple factions system 😛
  8. Can I just add a note that CUP maps (and those based on CUP maps core, like Falluja) have two "bar gates". Land_Zavora Land_zavora_2 You need to choose the appropriate one when e.g. On Activation: getpos thisTrigger nearestObject "Land_zavora_2") animateSource ["Door_1_sound_source", 1] On Deactivation: (getpos thisTrigger nearestObject "Land_zavora_2") animateSource ["Door_1_sound_source", 0] S
  9. Sadly there does not seem much you can do to alter the fatigue system. Even with it turned off there can still be a lot of shake on the gun aim until you have been stationary for a while. I know it is a bit of cop-out but have you tried: // Disable player fatigue player enableFatigue false; player addEventhandler ["Respawn", {player enableFatigue false}]; @calahan59 I don't think this is a dead thread but there is a Slack channel. S
  10. @jandrews I've been working on the EOS as I wanted to use in in another mission I have been creating and as such I'm very EOS focused and not so interested in the Bastion system. Every now and then I get furstraighted with the way the code is written and I re-write it, or occasionally re-write it and reasise I have broken it. I feel the engine need a rewrite so the code is written in a way I like. There would, I belive, be some perfromance advantage to doing that but weather you would actually notice any difference I'm not sure. My biggest current issue has been I have some IRL work I need to focus on for a bit but I should be doing some work at weekends as time allows. I've been kind of fighting with the way EOS gets its input. It basically goes for a type of unit (house infantry, patrol infantry, ...) there is an array: [ numberOfGroups size probabilityOfPresence ] but the size is not the number of untis in a group but translates to: Size Min. Max. 0 1 1 2 4 2 4 8 3 8 12 4 12 16 5 16 20 It would be very easy to replace this with size = numberOfUnits or and array [ minUnits, maxUnits ]. However I would like to retain the compatibility with the current setup, though I have already changed this by creating a large array of deployment data rather than individula calls to create each AO. If you solve any of the issues that are upseting you, I would be happy to work out how to add them to the mission. My own bug-bear is the vehicle exploding when deployed in a build up area. I have plans for this but things keep getting in the way. S
  11. strider42

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    I'm trying to create a DCG mission. I'd like it to have medical units like those in the standard mission (at least the one on Altis) where you can go to the medical unit and use the ACE interaction menu to bring a player back to full health. In the past we had some code that allowed us hand place (via Eden) a unit and set him up as the base medic, sadly that code does not appear to work any more. Does anyone know how to do this. Thanks in advance, S
  12. You do know now the "size" thing works with EOS? This is a typical infantry entry: [2,3,90] The 2 is the number of groups to spawn. The 3 is the 'size' but it is really specifying a range. The 90 is optional and is the percentage probability that the units will spawn. If it is not specified it defaults to 100% so they will allways spawn. Size: Size Min. Max. 0 1 1 2 4 2 4 8 3 8 12 4 12 16 5 16 20 So in our example above, with a size of 3, it will span between 8 and 12 infantry units. This applies to house infantry, patrol infantry, light vehicle and helicopters (as they transport infantry). S PS - Armoured and static vehicles are specified by a 2 element array: [2,75] The 2 Is the number of vehicles and I think they are all in the same group. The 75 is optional and is the persentage probability that the units will spawn. As before if it is omitted it defaults to 100%.
  13. The EOSinf spawn infantry and the EOSmot spawns motorised uints. [ ["EOSinf_1","EOSinf_2"], // 2 AOs specified. [3,1], // House infantry. [2,3,100], // Patrol infantry. [0,0], // Light vehicle infantry. [0], // Armoured vehicles. [0], // Static vehicles. [0,0], // Helicopters (infantry). [0,0,350,EAST,true,false] // Settings. ] [ ["EOSmot_1","EOSmot_2"],// 2 AOs specified. [0,0], // House infantry. [0,0], // Patrol infantry. [3,1,90], // Light vehicle infantry. [2,60], // Armoured vehicles. [0], // Static vehicles. [1,0,90], // Helicopters (infantry). [0,0,350,EAST,false] // Settings. ] Hope that makes it more obvous. S
  14. This is the current sate of my update: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnX2_vGoXf5F91OHZB4op_RlkO_l?e=Zh5SVW It should work just like v1.98. To us it in your mission you need the following in the init.sqf file: #define sPK_COMPILE compile preprocessFileLineNumbers // Initialise functions. #include "eos\eos_functions.hpp" // Check the mission has a server game logic. if (isnil "server") then { hint "YOU MUST PLACE A GAME LOGIC NAMED SERVER!"; }; // Start the EOS system. [] call EOS_OpenMe; and place a Game Logic called server on the map. The following has changed: Functions are stored in memory - using execVM is inefficient because it reads the file from the disk, comiles it and then uses the spawn command to run it. Functions are called with the call command with the exception of the 'core' functinos that use the spawn command - code should only be spawned if it is really required. The biggest issue is overloading the scheduler. I have 'tidied' most the EOS code, using a relatively standard 'C' style - This should make the code more readable. I've tried to make the initialisation system more robust using param and params commands that check passed parameters. I have cleared 2 bugs that would have stopped code running, thought I doubt they would be encounterd often. In truth I have not done much testing. I have run the example mission in single player and mutiplayer (but only as a player server) mode and it seems robust and does not report errors. I am currently creating a mission to run on a dedicated server and to my mind that will be the real test. Future plans: Tidy the code so function file names match what functions are called in the code. Currently new units and vehicles are created each time an AO is respawned. I'd like to change that to remember what untis and vehicles had been selected. There is potential there for a small improvement in performance. I've never really understood why we have a number to specify a range of group sizes. I think you should be able to specify whatever size you want, including a range. I'm sure I can reduce the number of triggers to improve performance. Introduce a random population system so each time the system is run the map is different. I'd like an improve group creation system so a group have fixed elements. So a group will always have a medic, say. We will see how time allows. S
  15. While looking at this script I have found the following errors: eos\functinos\findSavePos.sqf Change line 1 to: _mkr=(_this select 0); eos\functions\shk_patrol.sqf Change line 49 to: _p = [_marker,true] call SHK_pos;}else{_p = [_marker,true] call SHK_pos; Both seem to be typos resulting in variables being undefined. On other matters: @JandreswWhat makes you think the script does not work? The example mission seems to run fine when I was plaing with it recently. And finally: I wanted to clean up the code, without changing the functionality of the script: Use call and spawn instead of execVM. Make the system more robust to setup errors and to report errors better to aid correction. I seem to have been successful with these objectives in respect of the main EOS functinallity, however the Bastion system now seems to be broke (It was not broken on the original mission) if I can get on top of the issue with the Bastion system and the bastion system works. I'll look in to releasing a copy. Just not sure how much interest there is in this these days. S