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  1. imager6

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    DSabre, great work. The group I am in is planning a large WW2 op and would love to use you Hurricane aircraft, the only problem is there is no key. Do you plan to add a key, it would be much appreciated.
  2. Great script, is there a way to keep helicopters from activating AI when flying over?
  3. Thanks for this great LHD addition. I can not find a key to use on a server. Where can I find the key?
  4. I am making an obstacle course and plan to have 3 courses side by side. I have a stop watch script that works well for only one stop watch at a time. Is there a way to run 3 timers at the same time with start and stop triggers for each stop watch and course. 1. Place a start trigger - on activation: time_start = diag_tickTime; time_running = true; 0 = [] spawn { while {time_running} do { _time = (diag_tickTime - time_start) call BIS_fnc_secondsToString; hintSilent format ["Time: %1",_time]; sleep 1; }; }; 2. Place a end trigger - on activation: time_running = false;
  5. I know Bangabob, is not active at this time, that's to bad. I hope someone else can help. My question is : is there a way to have the zones spawn only 1 time. Thanks for any help.
  6. imager6

    Advanced Rappelling

    After doing a lot of testing there is a conflict between 2 great mods, advanced rappelling and enhanced movement. Does anyone have a fix for this.
  7. I have used EOS for several years and love it, thanks. It seems several days ago there was a change to ARMA3 that makes the AI aim bots and keeps the skill levels from working in EOS.has anyone else noticed this???
  8. Just a BIG THANK YOU, to all the moder's who give so much of their time to keep Arma a great game. Nothing is ever easy it seems.
  9. imager6

    Prei Khmaoch Luong

    Thanks for a great map, we just performed a mission to take back a FOB from NVA using the UNSONG mod. Your quality of work on the FOB's is wonderful.
  10. imager6

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    There is a tow tractor in CUP that somewhat works. It will tow the new jets.
  11. imager6

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    Where do you find the CVN to place on map??
  12. The huts are looking very nice, thanks for what could be the best map yet.
  13. I have been making a mission on your map, which works great in Eden and when you play from Eden. The problem is when you try to play it once it is packed, the map is very broken, no huts, dead VC and the list goes one. There is a problem it seems in the packing, but I am no expert. I make missions all the time for my group, but have never run into this problem. Is anyone running into a problem playing on a server also. I can not wait till this problem is solved, which I am sure it will be.
  14. Love your map, it really shows great craftman ship. i us EOS to make missions and ran into a problem. In a village the VC seemed to spawn from the ground. There were also ones in the huts that worked well. Has anyone else run into this problem. This was in multiplayer and on a decated server. I plan further test as I love this map.
  15. Thanks for the Christmas wish. I would like to thank all the UNSUNG team for their great work that brings hours of enjoyment to those who use the UNSUNG mod. Let's hope for a more peaceful world in the coming year.