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  1. If I had any interest in that topic there would be some in my mods. But there are none in my mods - so the answer is no.
  2. There are ground vehicles in my other mods (airborne scooter, airfield truck,...).
  3. got stuck with the Fw 200 and the WB81. Time to do something else in between: B5N reboot texture and normal map update Simple interior and panel v 0.016 added B5N minor tweaks to TBF and Ju87 (wip WB81)
  4. it should be like that since last patch 2 weeks ago (keywords to look for in cfg.weapons are burst = 1; or burst = 2;)
  5. Ah I see. That's probably due to different perspective. From this point of view it was not removed but finally fixed. Anyway, F key should work.
  6. This mod is not supposed to be historically accurate. It is strange that nobody ever complains about them having a prediction marker in the sight and being a few orders of magnitude more precise than historically accurate. If you really need something like that then press F to close the bay during release.
  7. Two versions: unarmed paratrooper/ transport plane (30 passenger seats and/or ViV) armed patrol bomber with no passenger capability (perhaps I will keep the ViV on it so you could usi it to drop supply boxes)
  8. Got up early today and started something else nearly got it right on first try without too many faults except for getting the wing texture projection distorted while closing geometry (damn you shadow lod) of course no backup before that step and the original file is 90° off so cant reimport that easily. Probably going to project it onto the texture again which should work more or less. Mock up of turrets and bomb bay will have to do for now 30 seat capacitiy added some simple formers and stringers so the interior does not look to bland
  9. DSabre

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    updating the panel (wip) v 0.030 - fixed cowl flaps and hook on F4F, A6M, SBD, F4U - added work in progress mock-up version of WB81 - F4U interior update, fighter bomber default loadout
  10. DSabre

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Next up! Static Turret Update These birds need a larger home Essex (CV-9) will return! v 0.025 (re)added Essex added some more platforms added some more static turrets
  11. Inspired by Shennkos work with compositions I added some tiles to my naval mod. Works pretty well. Glad it does. Would not attempt anything like this otherwise. So thanks again for that Shennko! What is strange is that it does not seem possible to neutralise all geo information from the actual ship model by deactivating simulation or using attachto (which should really disable all collisions). Using Thomas Beerens Essex Class Carrier as a testbed Actually set up as a drivable ship and not as landable / walkable carrier. Immobilise it with attachto or disable simulation. Add some deck tiles. Replace with invisible platforms when finished. (these tiles here are intended for the Enterprise and therefore not wide enough. Going to add matching tiles sometime)
  12. Really? Did not consider it anything special. I hope someone is gona make some extra liveries for it though. I have added a texture template on the front page
  13. Battle Hawks Update (partial) v 0.015 added TBF added P-40 updated i16
  14. DSabre

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    Next on the list my new fav plane v 0.029 added F4U added He 162