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  1. DSabre

    Military Aviation

    Don't think so. Most of the aircraft in this addon do not have radar - working as intended.
  2. DSabre

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Doubt it. You would probably have to make a config mod.
  3. Could it be on the aircraft config side? What aircraft are you testing with? The last time I tried a few weeks ago some of my military aviation mod planes land just fine with the ai pilot (not sure which, I think the F9F or the T-28 did fine iirc). *** actually the T-45 and T-28 do fine, the F9F is coming in a little too low and quite scary ***
  4. Sabre i want to contact you. Do you use discord?

  5. DSabre

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Fully intended that way. Otherwise the AI would get stuck pointing to the wrong side for most of the time (iirc some secret weapons ships behave like that). All battleships are on even ground there as all of their turrets can turn full 360. To my experience the only way AI can cope with turrets is if they have a 180° field (port and starboard artillery). As soon you are beyond 180° and below 360° things fall apart.
  6. DSabre

    Maritime Patrol (WIP)

    Ship moves and turrets are operational. Basically it is feature complete. Starting uv unwrap and basic textures. Probably going to add the .50 cals after all. Interior and deck lights can be switched on and off together with position lights. Search light is slaved to the commander turret. RHIBs use ViV to deploy and return. Currently using a modified A2 RHIB. Plan to make my own version eventually as I had to change so much I might as well start from scratch. Bridge displays are static textures and probably will stay that way. It's too bad we can not project the custom info radar onto a screen.
  7. DSabre

    Maritime Patrol (WIP)

    The real thing carries a stabilised turret with a 25mm cannon and two HMG mounts next to the wheel house. Not sure if I will add the HMGs though. It feels a bit too much actually from testing. I might replace those with person turrets instead. Also found a new working name for the boat: Migaloo (aboriginal word for Ghost or spirit. Also, the nickname for albino humpback whale).
  8. DSabre

    Maritime Patrol (WIP)

    Err can`t confirm or deny... wait... didn`t you want to say Altis Navy Armadale Class : ) ? Undecided on the ships name though. Open for suggestions
  9. DSabre

    Maritime Patrol (WIP)

    This is a thing I started a few weeks ago and it is fun to play with. It will include the patrol boat and a matching RHIB. Perhaps some generic uniforms and helmets. No plans beyond.
  10. ******************************************************** MARITIME PATROL ( Work in progress ) ******************************************************** MARITIME PATROL is a small mod about the (purely fictional) Armadale class patrol boat Migaloo. Credits: 3D Model by [Dust]Sabre
  11. DSabre

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    there is a list of planned aircraft at the beginning of this thread. v 0.019 - Texture tweaks - added droptank controller - added touchdown effect - flak module update - signed and serverkey
  12. DSabre

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    Refining the Flak Module: The future version will allow for more control. You will be able to define the size and basic shape of the target region. Flakdiameter defines xy spread, Flakaltitude the z offset (500m, 200m, 6000rpm) That way you could sort of set up a barrage. It would still follow the target though and diamater defines both x and y : ) Anyway lots more possibilites
  13. DSabre

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    Yes, it's planned for the future. Btw P-51 getting another makeover: Metal Effect update More liveries, P-51 C with Malcom Hood New default textures (Suzy G and Dallas Doll)
  14. DSabre

    Pylons weapon sample?

    Sounds like either you need to add your proxy to the nonaivehicles - or in the p3d use the default example proxy instead