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  1. It is possible that we started with 24 (see mag name), people complained and I upped it to 36. Can't remember for certain.
  2. DSabre

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Yes. It is explained on the steam workshop page: "...Submarine dive control and artillery elevation are default Arma game mechanics. Check your key mappings."
  3. DSabre

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    Had to read it twice, an actual offer for a contribution, nice! Anything you can do with a config mod is fine. The steam workshop description/license should say so. Just be sure to read the limitations described in compability paragraph (=perpetual alpha, contents subject to change). If it turns out that it requires memory points - it may be possible but could take months till I bother picking it up again.
  4. There is a description above explaining all questions you had (perhaps I will add to it to make things even more clear), my signature reads NO REQUESTS PLEASE. Repeating the same question/request over and over will not help.
  5. Above is a list of aircraft that are planned for the new version, no other items or assets will be included. No - there are no plans for maintaining outdated versions. The mod was labeled discontinued for quite some time with the advice to use Flying Legends and Naval Legends instead. In fact the last effective update was August 2019. Anyway I have postponed the new versions phase I release to sometime in winter.
  6. DSabre

    Military Aviation

    WIP Helijah's S-3 Viking. May or may not make it into the mod at some stage
  7. DSabre

    Military Aviation

    there is a dropbox link in the first post/thread start
  8. DSabre

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    v. 0.023 added HMS Dido added RM Zara added RM Vincenzo added large coastal artillery
  9. It's basically the same as is currently in the mod - with a few more details, a basic interior and Flying Legends functions. Some way off since it is part of Phase II though.
  10. DSabre

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    There is a list of planned items in 2nd post. No plans beyond. Float/Seaplanes have never really worked well in Arma and seem to work worse any time I test. There were plans for a fictional Float Hurricane and the float Zero as well as a Martin PBM but does not look like this will happen.
  11. Preliminary plan, subject to random changes (spanning several months/years): Phase I (Heavy Metal): heavy bombers and ground support aircraft + carpet bomb module (B 17, Handley Page Halifax, He 177, IL-2, Bf 110, Ju 87), Phase II (Fighter Wing): medium bombers and fighters (La-5, Tupolev SB, A-26, He 111, I-16, P-38) Phase III (Secret Weapons): transport and support aircraft as well as some of the secret weapons (C-47, Me 262, Do 335, Ho 229, Ar 234) Phase IV (Battlehawks): selected aircraft from the pacific theater (F6F, TBF Avenger, Val, Kate) In parallel some additional aircraft are planned for Flying Legends mod (Ju52, F4U, A6M)
  12. ******************************************************** SECRET WEAPONS (reloaded) ******************************************************** WW2 themed aviation addon. Reboot of the original Secret Weapons mod. The reboot will not be compatible. It will focus on selected aircraft allowing for more detail while reducing external assets to simplify licensing matters. Since the original mod was discontinued in 2019 you should be using the successor mods Flying Legends and Naval Legends instead for the time being. Release of Phase I is scheduled for sometime in winter (may change to an earlier or later date at any time). CREDITS: Emmanuel Barranger (Helijah) for all aircraft 3d models http://helijah.free.fr https://sketchfab.com/helijah/models Carpet bomb module by TeTeT, gunsight reticle template courtesy of Kju (IFA3), Mod compilation, textures, materials, assets, model import, rigging, coding and setup by SAB
  13. DSabre

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    A new project I started yesterday, early Work In Progress Early texture / UV layout test
  14. Helijah's Handley Page Halifax (https://skfb.ly/6UQxu) Helijah's Ju 87 being overhauled (https://skfb.ly/mlji2f1ca) Helijah's Ar 234 (https://skfb.ly/5jigec0a ) testing the X-1 pleaese follow the new thread:
  15. After a year of hiatus this mod is back in development. A couple new aircraft (He 177 https://skfb.ly/mk4i3gc0a, Ar 234 https://skfb.ly/5jigec0a) Helijah's IL-2 (https://skfb.ly/zUtG ) with working internal bays and more loadout options (including AT gun pods) updated interiors While working on Flying Legends a lot of the aircraft in this mod were redone for testing and fun. Accidently and without being planned we now have reached a good number so that a limited relaunch is possible. The new version will be a complete rework and will not be compatible with the old version. A warning will be given about 1 month prior to release. That is enough time to prepare your missions. This will of course affect retexture or other mods depening on this. Most of the popular aircraft will eventually end up in the new version again. While classnames will be changed the UV layouts wont be affected except for smaller details. So you should be able to update these mods over time.