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  1. DSabre

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    To support the Secret Weapons Reloaded mod work has begun on redoing some of the carrier based aircraft. Perhaps some readers may remember my mods are losely based on the games Battlehawks 1942, Their Finest Hour and Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe. Regarding the Pacific the focus will therefore finally be on the early stages like Coral Sea and Midway. That was the original plan years ago but was not possible due to lack of the specific aircraft (and carriers). Today I have started the F4F. The Zero should be next then (I will rebuilt it from scratch) and followed at a later stage by the Dauntless.
  2. Next phase could see some US planes. Again as always, they may or may not be added to the mod. Depends if I can find some interiors to copy/paste/adapt and reduce work that way. Otherwise I may become bored again. Perhaps I`ll use the P-51s interior in some way.
  3. I agree with what mankyle and nightintruder said. There is a shortcut worth considering though: Use a static aircraft carrier object (in this case can be a single object/p3d as you wont need any collision data). Then add invisible floor panels in editor and save as composition. See what Shennko did here on the first page of this thread:
  4. this mod has its own carpet module. SW is outdated, not supported for years and should not be used. No, not compatible. (IIRC you only need to sync this new version to an aircraft, add 4 waypoints and it should work out of the box - already setup for the B-17)
  5. That should be explained in the flying legends patch notes or the thread on this forum (hint: it was removed nearly 1 year ago). It may come back whenever it is updated which may or may not happen.
  6. I have labeled it an arcade mod. That way there is no obligation for realism. In the case of the the current version the Ju 87 is based on IL-2 nevertheless. People got confused when I sometimes used actual armament names back for the old mod as that implied some kind of research. Didn't really research aircraft for the original mod. Not planning to start now. That is why things are only named LMG/HMG/Cannon here. Of course you are all free to change things with a config mod or simply use addWeapon/addMagazine commands.
  7. v 0.011 initial release
  8. Looks like I got pretty far before the summer break. After putting a few hours more into it the last couple of days I have decided to release what we have so far. Not sure how much more will be added or improved. Improvement is quite unlikely actually, perhaps another 2 or 3 aircraft. Don't count on it : ) Also, due to the limited scope, this is a separate release. I will keep the old outdated original up in the workshop for a while longer so you can fix your missions. The old mod will still be removed sometime in future. Fix your missions and submods!
  9. DSabre

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    v 0.025 (examples of bomb launcher update, aircraft not included) - minor changes to Fw190 and Yak-3 (visually only) - tracer now every 3 or 5, not every 1 for most weapons - bomb launchers now drop bombs in a less predictable fashion - removed experimental phys x support for ordnance - added some weapons for the secret weapons reloaded mod
  10. Thanks for the replies. Winter has just begun here and I have not lifted a finger since summer. Can't remember discussing a lancaster. The pic above is a Handley Page Halifax. I am not really into arma much anymore. Plans are changed but there probably will be a release of some kind, perhaps less planes and less details.
  11. It is possible that we started with 24 (see mag name), people complained and I upped it to 36. Can't remember for certain.
  12. DSabre

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Yes. It is explained on the steam workshop page: "...Submarine dive control and artillery elevation are default Arma game mechanics. Check your key mappings."
  13. DSabre

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    Had to read it twice, an actual offer for a contribution, nice! Anything you can do with a config mod is fine. The steam workshop description/license should say so. Just be sure to read the limitations described in compability paragraph (=perpetual alpha, contents subject to change). If it turns out that it requires memory points - it may be possible but could take months till I bother picking it up again.
  14. There is a description above explaining all questions you had (perhaps I will add to it to make things even more clear), my signature reads NO REQUESTS PLEASE. Repeating the same question/request over and over will not help.
  15. Above is a list of aircraft that are planned for the new version, no other items or assets will be included. No - there are no plans for maintaining outdated versions. The mod was labeled discontinued for quite some time with the advice to use Flying Legends and Naval Legends instead. In fact the last effective update was August 2019. Anyway I have postponed the new versions phase I release to sometime in winter.