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    Flying Legends (WIP)

    the old 31st mod for arma 2 has a ju-52 and a Lancaster! it can be ported within literally seconds ,i have done it twice ,the problem now is finding the mod since armaholic is down , the mod owner was called Rip31st or something like that the map within the mod is massive as well (possibly one of the biggest in arma ) it's a polished version of the Normandy channel map Hope that helps , i was absolutely TORN when the JU-52 disappeared.
  2. Pilot-1

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    skimming through i didn't see a reply too this , I'm 90% sure there was a plague doctor mask in the aftermath mod , the fall out mod
  3. Pilot-1

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    hello , for a suggestion and hours of fun i would suggest a *new* reworked Enemy ,one that uses either a knife or some blunt weapons ,that can be spawned en mass without too much scripting , as is when you spawn more then 70 zulu out of the primal mod they stop chasing the players and just stand still , this new AI enemy would work something like one of Max joiners horror guys but should work good in large groups ,i personally think something scary would be nice ,again i believe this idea would have great re play ability and requires no story , would be a fun arcade mod , spawn and use your favourite weapons with your friends or bluefor AI , the only goal would be to survive , paired with the Project injury reaction mod the attacking swarm can actually pick up injured allies and continue the pursuit of bluefor and the human players,this new AI could also be re equipped / re dressed for use in other in depth scenarios such as angry mobs . improved melee system is a step in the right direction however it seems to have its own set of issues last time i checked ,such as every enemy go's into a strange animation upon death and teleports at times , i would suggest something much more simple like the primal mod but reworked
  4. Pilot-1

    Secret Weapons Reloaded

    wow , these planes would be amazing on that seattle terrain , thank you for sharing DSabre , Godspeed :)