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  1. The interiors for the other tanks are done right?
  2. This will be quite nice for when the WW1 mod is updated for sure.
  3. I think it is still going. Just waiting on some models as mentioned before. Along with IRL stuff and the time it takes for models to be configed, rework things, textures, etc, I think it's gonna take a bit more. Well if anything else besides the stuff he mentioned is needed to be added.
  4. You mentioned there will be interiors for the tanks? Will that mean being able to knock out crew as well? Also whenever I attempt to get onto the trench map it crashes the game. Is that a just me situation?
  5. Yeah when it comes to those mods there isn't much the modders should do unless someone else in the community decides to add a patch for it. The fix for the prone isn't for the AI from what I know. It is a command that only players would be able to access so AI are stuck like that. Perhaps there may be something in the future to fix the issue for AI but in the meantime you kinda jut have to go along with it.
  6. There is no plans for prone due to how space marines would react. If you saw the 40k mod from OFP they were pretty broken. Removing the prone was on purpose to help with that. There is a fix for if they get knocked down but best to join the discord to get that fix. There is going to be an update for the SM soon so there should be more "life" to them. Though animations were removed because of an issue so they will look dead anyways if the helmet is removed lol.
  7. Really impressed with how those armord vics are looking. Pretty hyped to see them in action once the update comes around.
  8. Why does melee in other mods have anything to do with this one?
  9. Sir BadNade

    Grimdark Armory [40k]

    This is going for a more Arma looking style right? More Non-fiction compared to the 40k universe approach on looks. Also what about wear on the weapons and gear? Gear and equipment just seems rather glossy.
  10. Sir BadNade

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Kinda weird.
  11. Sir BadNade

    HAFM Submarines V2.0

    Awesome update you guys. Really appreciate the additions for sure.
  12. You guys are true madlads. Awesome to hear it. Looking forwards to seeing them more in the future.
  13. Alrighty I give up.
  14. So a 052D. I need to look up some videos of these.