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  1. UncreativeName11

    Gulf War

    https://imgur.com/a/7JQGssU https://imgur.com/a/1BFQrDr
  2. UncreativeName11

    Gulf War

    A few years ago, I made a post asking for help with no proof of progress whatsoever. I am leading a team set on a Gulf War mod, like most other overhaul mods in ArmA 3. I now come to you with a little bit of good news and a request for more support. I have 43 exterior models completed, however, they require interiors and cockpits, and that is why I'm coming here. I need some experienced vehicle modelers to assist my team, and I know I can find some here! You can reach me on Discord @UncreativeName#3728, on steam @UncreativeName or on here.
  3. UncreativeName11

    Gulf War

    I'm leading a development team and I need devs, especially modelers, to help complete the project, a mod set in 1991 Iraq and Kuwait.
  4. UncreativeName11

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Will the AI use the carriers as a landing strip?