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  1. Slay No More


    Thanks for that tip, I'm replacing all those in mine with selectRandom.
  2. Slay No More


    Hello I was wondering if its possible to disabled "fn_setAnimSpeed.sqf" and modify "fn_playerHunger.sqf" from the Ravage functions folder. I'm still rather novice so I'm unsure if its plausible or not.
  3. Slay No More

    GF Missions Script

    my bad i posted in the wrong thread lmao
  4. Slay No More


    Hello I was wondering if it was possible to tweak the hunger rate / messages, i see that there's stuff already defined i'd like to make it more arcadey and have it start to warn / drain health around %5 hunger, would it be possible to put a modified version of fn_playerHunger.sqf that's modified in a mission or is there an easier way?
  5. Slay No More

    GF Missions Script

    Sorry wrong thread, but I'm still awaiting to see what this script blossoms into 😉
  6. Slay No More

    GF Missions Script

    Again I hope you're making a good recovery as well friend, looking forward to the stuff you'll drop when your health is restored, hope you have a lasting recovery.
  7. Slay No More

    GF Missions Script

    Weird luck, I was in the hospital at the same time and just got out, hope you're doing better, I know I am.
  8. Slay No More

    GF Missions Script

    If I can locate what mission exactly is causing the issue for me I'll comment back with the information, I think its a large clear city mission however.
  9. Slay No More

    GF Missions Script

    I have an issue with 3.0 on the city defense missions not cleaning up properly and skipping to the next one before they're finished leaving the capture zone and AI still placed, but when you clear the area despite the objective not being there anymore, still allows you to clear it and secure the area, but then it launches a second mission off it seems. If I can find the name of the mission doing it I'll post it.
  10. Slay No More

    GF Missions Script

    I'm awaiting patiently, I can't wait to try this stuff out.
  11. Hello I was wondering if someone who possibly knows more about the revive system than me could help me with somethings, I'm trying to make a vehicle force revive players in an area preferably with a left click while operating said vehicle, I've only managed to find one snippet of code from another thread that an awesome user posted, I can't recall who did it now but they posted this, ["",1,player] call BIS_fnc_reviveOnState; player setVariable ["#rev", 1]; which seemingly was the results I was looking for. I'm trying to hook said revive script into an existing project I have which is a ghost recon wildlands styled drone system which will launch in a mission I'm finishing up.
  12. Slay No More


    Thanks for the response, love ravage, it's all I do when I get home, tweak the mission and check for updates lmao. And I tried tweaking that last time, perhaps I didn't test it enough, thanks for the response.
  13. Slay No More


    How would you increase the melee damage? It's a bit low for my taste currently, going against guys with guns it takes like 10 hits.
  14. Slay No More

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    Thanks for releasing them, ravage was lacking in the hud department and the killfeed stuff I was able to find never worked good with ravage, thanks for posting them!