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  1. Locklear

    .30 carbine, 5.7x28 .44 magnum ammo

    I checked the settings and some ammo types seem to be missing indeed, thank you for reporting the issue. I shall add them, so the issue is fixed in a future update. My apologies for the inconvenience.
  2. Locklear

    User can't play online

    The "User can't play online" usually appears when there is an update, which needs to be applied. We are working on implementing screens with clear messages about what an issue is, and what action needs to be taken.
  3. Locklear

    Radiation and Tutorial Confusion

    The direction of the radiation wave is randomised, the map arrow tells you the direction of the wave in the particular encounter.
  4. Locklear


    Reminds me of my childhood… Anyways, thank you for the report. :)
  5. Locklear

    shelter repair bug

    You probably need more shelter improvements levels.
  6. 1) We have some improvements to color scheme of various markers with colorblindess in mind. It should help, once it's implemented, and we'll be happy to hear if it has. 2) I personally wouldn't run while staring into a map. ;)
  7. Locklear

    Radiation and coop

    The radiation's purpose is to limit the matches indeed. But we agree they could be somewhat longer, and we have plans to expand the list of stuff to do in matches to allow longer match times.
  8. Locklear

    Vigor squads

    With co-op, we'd like to start smaller and expand the feature after that. The first step would likely be just a separate queue for teams of two with little changes in the actual gameplay. Then we can build upon this foundation with gameplay changes specific to co-op, bigger teams, adjusting player counts, etc.
  9. Locklear

    possibility of quests?

    There are some plans that shall scratch this itch when implemented. :)
  10. Locklear

    Few Suggestions

    Hello, thank you for the feedback. I'll try to address the points one by one. The black screen bug is known. The tutorial is close to nonexistent at the moment, but it will be significantly improved (or let's say, actually implemented) for the game release. Players can check controls in options menu in the meantime. I think I know what you mean with the ammo, and this bug is also known. The bullet drop is already present in the game, although I can imagine it's not very apparent within our current engagement distances. There are some not-yet-implemented features to occupy the D-Pad (e.g., gestures) I wouldn't really dare running while staring in my map. O:) Compass bearings seems like a good suggestion, thank you. We do not randomize anything in maps aside from loot and airdrop landing zones. This may change further in the future (because it kinda sounds cool), but don't take it as a promise (because I can't promise that :) ). Right now, there is (intentionally) a bit too many weapons in maps. This will change. As will crafting. In general, there is a thin line between an impactful death mechanic and a frustrating one. Finding the right balance will take some time during the game preview. Go ahead. :)
  11. Locklear


    I got info earlier today that the issue of being stuck while looting furniture is being worked on, so it shall be fixed in one of the future updates.
  12. Locklear

    More than just a punch

    Melee is not the game's focus, so although it should be there in some shape and form, we are unlikely to expand the mechanic too much at the expense of other features.
  13. Locklear

    Progression to Full game

    Hello, it isn't, and there may be wipes during the game preview, depending on updates' needs.
  14. Locklear


    It's more like expanding the current game mode and prototyping some ideas. There are resources for this according to its priority, so nothing important is left behind.
  15. Locklear

    DINO's Feedback after 25 hours in the game

    Hello and thanks a lot for such a wall of text of feedback (meant in a good way :) ). 1. There are some plans to make movements more complex, e.g. limited sprint, stagger on gunshot, etc. We will try and test various ideas, so we'll see what we'll end up with, but it will definitely be better. 2. There will be rarities for items, and not just arbitrary ones, but something that will clearly tell you how valuable in general the stuff is, so there may be some decision process behind looting. As you progress through the game, your needs will differ, but at that that point you will be experienced enough to value loot on your own. 3. We want to provide players with more things to do in encounters, which will also increase their duration. The aim is 15–20 minutes top. 4. I understand your point. The other side of the coin is the ability to actually play the game. There was a lot of discussion about this, and there will be more, I'm sure. We definitely want you to be able to reasonably play any time you want, unless you really royally screw up. Maybe we can find ways to reward careful and successful approach… 5. I don't quite agree with the permanent care, since it's quite easy to make it very tedious. But some sort of care, maybe an optional for additional benefits, sounds reasonable, so we'll consider something along the lines. 6. I can't get into much detail yet, but it should be more or less as you described (save for trading, which we are yet to discuss and decide on). The aim is definitely a model which cannot be called pay to win. 7. Please no. :) I can imagine such system incredibly tedious and unforgiving, although I admit I understand players who would like to see that. Still, most likely not in Vigor. 8. Sure. :) 9. That's kinda the plan. The game should be a lot about planning, clever movement, and such things. We still have a lot to work on in order to get movement and combat system to make this idea truly working. 10. Yup. I intentionally set amounts of ammunition quite high for the closed preview due to some crafting limitations, so I could be sure there would be enough to play with. The amounts have been lowered recently, and will be changed again in the future with some updates to crafting. 11. The damage is quite fine, mostly (still subject to tweaking, of course). The issue is, long story short, in shortcomings of the current state of the combat system, which result in missing more shots than you'd think, thus guns often feel weak. We work on improvements, so the combat controls and plays better. 12. There are changes being worked on, which shall improve this at some point in the future. Mostly it affects crafting, loot & loot distribution; the effect should be similar to what you'd like to see. And wildlife is something we'd really like to see, but it's really far in the future at this point. Thank you again for the points, hope this helps. :)