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  1. xaysana

    Help with surface of model.

    It works! Thanks everyone for your kind advice :) I haven't been keeping up with the newer dev tools that have been released by Bohemia. Was wondering how people have been managing to import fbx into O2. Silly me :rolleyes:
  2. Hey guys, was wondering what causes this when I import them into O2 via 3ds max. The model is exported as an obj. file from 3ds max. Thanks!
  3. So i've been spending a few good hours tryina locate where the buckle is getting its camo texture from. :mad: Anyone knows where it's located at in the texture map? Thanks in advance!
  4. xaysana

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Reduce fatigue by 15-20%, it's too much. Other than that, i've been countering the weapon sway by using vts_weaponresting.
  5. Personal gpnvg18 mod | My ranger pack |
  6. xaysana

    Afghan Special Forces

    Small update. Added custom handanim for the tac300.
  7. xaysana

    Afghan Special Forces

    Reference photos would be great! Can't find much about them online. ;)For everyone else, thanks for the suggestions and support so far. I will take them into consideration but I will mainly focus on Afghan SF for now. Progress will be slow, as school is reopening soon. But there will be semi frequent updates!
  8. xaysana

    Afghan Special Forces

    Thank you! Really appreciate it man :)
  9. xaysana

    Afghan Special Forces

    Tac 300 Added. (Still WIP) Ref. to first post
  10. xaysana

    Afghan Special Forces

    Thanks everyone for the support! Right now i'm stuck with weighting the OPC. Been trying to get it to work for the past few days but it isnt turning out good. Would be great if anyone who has prior experience with weightings in O2 could help me on this one :o PM me if you're interested in helping!
  11. xaysana

    Afghan Special Forces

    Haha thanks mate, I really envy your models :p
  12. xaysana

    Afghan Special Forces

    Thank you! I will try, but after I get more content in ;)