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  1. Very nice, show us a video of something next!
  2. Aeriyn

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    Thanks for repeatedly taking the time to respond to us Johny! I have to say you've convinced me about this. I guess if something like this is going to have to happen, it's better that BI take a more active role in this than pretending it isn't happening. :)
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=386913059 Here you go. Make sure execute is set to enabled and sync the module to the gamemaster. You can drop a module for players and a whole bunch of other stuff too, it will more or less let you control what each gamemaster is allowed to do. Apologies for using the wrong names, I was quoting from memory.
  4. Aeriyn

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    Sorry if my wording is bad, but I'm basically just trying to point out that the game shouldn't lend itself towards microtransactions and item selling. If you want to play those game modes, go ahead, but please don't push the game strongly in one direction while ignoring the other. I appreciate the money, publicity and players that DayZ and Altis Life have brought in, but I'm questioning if this new set of rules will make it harder for players who came in to play those game modes to also try playing with communities. I originally bought arma with the intent of playing some DayZ, instead I got picked up by an arma community and was able to experience new mods, this forum and playing in an organised group. I'll retract my earlier tl;dr statement and say that what I want is for BI to not encourage people to run Arma servers just to earn money, but I'd be lying through my teeth if I said that I didn't believe game modes like the ones mentioned above are frequently and easily abused to exploit players. Legitimizing monetization shouldn't be something taken lightly. Let me ask you this, RedPhoenix. You work on some well-known mods. Would you let them all be monetized with no proceeds towards the authors? If yes, why would you do it? I'd love to hear what an actual modder like you thinks about this.
  5. Aeriyn

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    I'm still somewhat doubtful this will work, but I will admit you've won me over somewhat in that you are at least trying to solve an issue. However, I think part of the reason your community doesn't seem on board with this is really with the encouragement of microtransactions and the plague of servers which exist to make a profit rather than foster communities, and the fact that most of us are doubtful about the system. This whole thing is a minefield better avoided by just stopping monetization and allowing donations instead. Yes, people do appreciate donors and want to reward them. What about a donator wall on the briefing screen, or a sign with their names in-base? It just sounds like guys who want to encourage people spending have been petitioning you for this. More importantly, is a mod whose author is silent on the issue of monetization up for grabs or does permission need to be expressly given for it to happen? (basically, what is the base value for permissions) How far can the modder control the level of monetization? Can they for example specify that the work is available to be used on for servers with paywalls, but not as rewards for donators? What about mods that have been stolen from their authors, had minor changes (if at all) made to them and then released under a separate name? Based on your example, all I would technically need to do is to simply rip the assets out of a few mods whose owners are no longer active in arma, change the names or authors or configs, repackage it as "Badguy's Altis Life Pack" and charge players who wish to use the items. No one could prove I didn't come up with those assets, players on the server could care less, I make money, legit servers lose. What about weapons? Since weapons do affect gameplay, they should not be allowed to be monetized. However, do the new rules allow for weapon mods to be run in a server that offers hats for donators? tl;dr - This should be a milsim, not DayZ or Altis Life. Dedicated people and communities have made this what it is today alongside your original game, don't let it devolve into CS:GO.
  6. Make sure -nologs is not in your command line, then look for a arma3server_dateandtime.rpt file in the arma 3 directory of your server.
  7. Aeriyn

    M4 Howitzer or MLRS?

    MLRS for the range. You're almost always way outside the range of any counter-battery fire and pretty much the whole of Altis is within your sphere of influence.
  8. As mentioned, you need to drop the unit module and set the init field to yes, then sync that to the gamemaster.
  9. That's odd. I don't have enough info but you'll have to do a little troubleshooting. Let's use AGM as a base to work from, since it's one of the more important mods. First off, shorten your command line to just @CBA_A3 and @AGM. Reupload AGM to make sure there aren't any issues with the files. If you can, disable keys in your cfg file so we can eliminate that as a problem. It might be easier to solve this if you can get a hold of your server's RPT. You'll be able to find it in the same folder as all the @mod folders. Oh, and just leave all the HLC weapons in the same pack. There's really not much reason not to. EDIT From your video, it looks like your server is just crashing at startup. If you can post the RPT somewhere for us to look at it would be a lot easier to pinpoint the problem.
  10. What about your steam ports? Are they open as mentioned here?
  11. Are you running your a mission made by yourself? If yes, sync the unit module from the zeus category to the gamemaster with #adminlogged and set the init field to yes.
  12. Look up about port forwarding your ports. Should fix the problem.
  13. Try moving @CBA_A3 to the start of the modline. I believe the .synqinfo files aren't critical to the server, since you aren't running PWS on it. Follow Terox's instructions and add the mods back in one by one to the command line. You should pay attention to the mod dependencies when you do this, obviously. Anyway, when in doubt, just look at the server's RPT.
  14. Short answer: Nope. Short solution: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19467 [EDIT] If you come into issues with the AI not being suppress-able even with this, make your own zeus mission and use the script version.