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  1. piupau

    US 75th Rangers

    No no no, I tried to make it easier. My original intention wasn't to demand anything, but just point out the fact some helmets have dual flashlights and I haven't seen a Ranger with such combo. I kind of waited that some Ex-Ranger or geardo would've arrived with a golden unicorn from heavens and posted a butt load of pictures where a Ranger has that kind of setup. :D But they look pretty cool and many people like them. You don't have change them for me, just do as you want. :)
  2. piupau

    US 75th Rangers

    Yeah I think this is the better option. :)
  3. piupau

    US 75th Rangers

    That makes sense, but is it really "pretty stantard"? I haven't seen a single picture where a Ranger uses a such combo. Usually you see either HL1-A-TN's, some other helmet light or just a torch attached to it. Never two of them at once. E: I'm not a military expert by any means, but wouldn't chemlights be far more useful when you have to worry about light discipline? You can bring it closer to the object (map, checklist etc.) you want to see and with the foil wrapper you can regulate the amount of light quite easily.
  4. piupau

    US 75th Rangers

    I don't know if someone is already mentioned this, but some helmets have dual flashlights (HL1-A-TN's and normal torch). That might not be very realistic. Anyway, thanks for the mod. I really apprecciate your effort!
  5. piupau

    US 75th Rangers

    The colors most likely look perfect on your screen. Screens display colors differently. I don't mind the desaturated look, but if it's a thing you want to change in the future, your best bet is to use some other screen as a reference. I think I know how you feel, since I've sometimes done (and mixed) music without studio monitors. With good quality headphones, however, but still the end result may sound very strange with speakers. It's quite frustating and it gives you a feeling that you can't trust anything you're hearing. Well, with traditional headphones you can't if you don't do constant reality checks with speakers.
  6. piupau

    US 75th Rangers

    It definetely isn't black. There's definetely greenish hue on it, but it looks a bit desaturated. Same could be said about the multicam, tho. I think the best option is to wait the release, see how it looks outside of the virtual arsenal and then give a feedback - in a constructive way. It's also worth noting that some monitors display colors a bit differently from each other, so in the Hawaiian end the colors may look more saturated. ... or vice versa. :rolleyes:
  7. Although I don't have a gun fetish, I had to admit that looks quite sexy. :) Have you considered to make camo versions of some of the guns? Like ie. this Russian FSB's AK-105: http://41.media.tumblr.com/8bd341f1a1508714c768599812f2d40a/tumblr_nsf7r3OweD1rd55rto1_1280.jpg
  8. piupau

    [WIP] Terrain Finland

    That sunken gas station looks kinda weird. Have you planned to add some rubble and dusty land texture to make it look more like a collapsed building? If I remember correctly, some Arma II maps ie. Schwemlitz had some buildings that looked quite similar to Finnish ones. Maybe you could ask for a permission to use some of them, since in the current state the island doesn't look like Finland at all. Other than that the island looks quite nice, so keep up the good work. :)
  9. piupau

    US 75th Rangers

    Really!? That's awesome, I really apprecciate your effort.
  10. piupau

    US 75th Rangers

    Looking even more awesome than before! Have you considered to make the bolt cutters separate from the vest?
  11. piupau

    [WIP] Female base model project

    Nah, a neo-nazi party called Silver Sunset won the Greek elections at 2029 and those islands are dedicated for gay people. By the way, did STALKERGB ever release his female soldiers on Arma 2? They looked quite cool:
  12. piupau

    US 75th Rangers

    I was actually going to ask the same thing, but I searched the thread a bit and found this: "thanks brah, umm...wasn't planning to release any MICH helmets with these, I have a bunch made up when I was first starting out (which was last year -_-) and I have quite an assortment of ops-cores I'm releasing in the addon, so no, no MICH helmets, maybe later....." So yes, there's a chance we'll see some MICH 2000's in the future. At least I hope so.
  13. piupau

    US 75th Rangers

    Is that even possible? E: Oh, it is. If anybody else is wondering, just write "Arma3Legacy152" on where you enter beta access codes.
  14. piupau

    US 75th Rangers

    In future, have you planned to make more variants of that vest? Like a one with SAW pouches and such? I might be repeating myself, but you have done a great job at putting stuff together / modelling / retexturing. Those units look downright sexy.
  15. piupau

    ASR AI 3

    Much obliged! Although it seems that just -FilePatching is enough. I'm not sure would -enableFilePatching even work.