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  1. speedygonzales

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    i like this style of mission thx for the hard work. Matosh it seems to help sometimes ;). Other question when i load a old session on a dedi, all seems to work but the time of the task and the time of the mission is not synced or something. And the problem is when you restart the server and load the mission you are before a 6:00 at the standard location until you load your previous session but the the old time of it is load but for the task its always the standard begining time so its little bit confusing
  2. speedygonzales

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Like the visual update a lot. +1 for the need to fix light brightness in nighttimes (moon, chem lights, fire objects, FLARES etc)
  3. speedygonzales

    3den Enhanced

    Nice idea and would make the mission making much easier. Thx for your work. Will try it after work. One Question are the skills also for the dedi or only local ?
  4. Srry will not do this again i only want to help because some guys of our clan had the same prob. and we all get it solved with a clear cba update.
  5. You have to delete CBA completly and copy the updated version new into your modfolder.
  6. thx t800a for your explanation i will try it this week and will upload my misson when its done.
  7. speedygonzales

    US 75th Rangers

    @hawaiian congratulations to you and your team. Really nice mod you made there i like it.
  8. Anyone knows how to set up new missions locations or porting it to a new map ?
  9. Yeah i believe you every single word, but you know thats arma too ;). I hope my workaround work for the others, but its a strange behaivor why and i dont get behind it.
  10. @shadow.d. ^bob^ srry but our admin has to do the job so or so and it fixed it for us for three joins. But now it seems we have a solid workaround for it, plz try it and gave me feedback if it helps you. yeah the problem was gone after the new set up for 2 starts of the mission after that same problem. But for now we have a workaround. I dont know why mayby T-800 knows the reason. Fact ist when you log in as admin on the server and start it you get stuck in the second loading screen. But when one admin is on the server and one player and you get stuck on the loading the admin has to alt f4(or close arma), and after that the other player come on the map and ingame, Really strange behaivor. But after that the admin can join and also comes ingame as for the other players who join after this workaround. This workaround helps us every time for now, i hope some of you could help this. Ps.: Really good mission but the complicatest to start ;).
  11. Yeah it seems that the server is ready, but the client has some loading overlay after the first loading screen, because when we restart the server the map with the right markers hq etc. and continue button is there for some seconds. Tested it in Local multiplayer no probs, really strange behaivor. EDIT: Strange things going on. Today our server admin did a new set up for our linux server, after this your mission load without any problems. Modified version vanilla versions, customized with ace and under 20 seconds. So in our case it was something with the sever, but we dont know what because didnt had this issue with other missions. But for us it fixes a new set up for the server.
  12. Nice mission, but same problem as the poster above. We have tested it on a linux and a windows dedi server with the no mods version.
  13. speedygonzales

    M.S.K.E. 4 Islands Map Version 2017

    Long time away from arma and then i see this beautiful map. Really nice made Hotzenplotz. I think i will be on mske for a long time ;).
  14. speedygonzales

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Yeah have done this already, but how i can change the standard equipment of the leader or playable units ? They all start with MX and NLAW`S. And any idea how i can fix the acre 2 bug with 148 radios etc. ? That any radio bug.
  15. HI x39 thx for the mission! I will try it after work, but what does "Dead enemies are respawned after ~150 seconds" mean ? Does it mean that every enemy i kill spawn after 2:50min in the same area. Or does it mean when i die in a grid that hasn`t be cleared that the enemy spawn again when i `m in base ?