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  1. Mattastic is correct. When using the scuba uniform, its like he's swimming without fins. Compare it to the Survival Fatigues and you will see.
  2. Any word on Kunduz, Afghanistan working with ALiVE?
  3. Now we just need ALiVE to make this work
  4. So can you set more then 1 MIO? So like Recon units, Snipers and Commanders? Or is it just one guy per game?
  5. Am I correct in saying that the Respawn parameter just stops people from using the respawn button when they press Esc. It dose not affect respawn = 3 or any other respawn type? 1.2 Thank you!!!!!!!!! Some of our guys were asking if it would be possible to make it so when you use the map light, it illuminates the player slightly with a red glow.
  6. R-o-x

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Tested it today with 20 players at the 2nd MEF on Isla Duala with LOP_AFR - African Militia & LOP_AFR_civ - African civilians. As we played we came across naked enemy solders, enemy groups that would shoot/kill one of their own guys and ALiVE checkpoints unmanned with just an empty vehicle/statics. Also CQB was vary slow to spawn. << not sure if this is why No enemy vehicles spawned Tried to use the civs as bombers.. Part of our RPT I know allot of this has nothing to do with your mod. We hope this helps trying to figure out whats wrong. Thank you for this mod!
  7. R-o-x

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Download link is not working?
  8. Yes, just one box with one set of restrictions.
  9. I went ahead and sent you a PM with all I have on serverside scripts. As for limiting, I did mean per-crate, just did not think of that. As I would just fill the crate and use it that way. Since 2.0.2, everything is working perfectly
  10. I think it would be amazing if your mod would support having the VA script on the server side, userconfig. So that when one change is made to the script, all missions that use it will get the change. This way all our mission dev's can make missions with the same script without having to share different versions of it. We used this system for VAS and it was the best thing ever for our unit. In fact we still have that modified VAS system, we just don't use it now that VA works.. thanks to you. Oh, and maybe a way to limit the amount of any given item,mag,wep,ect.
  11. Hello, ty for the mod. Would there be a chance that you could make the light a red. Light discipline is important. As shown here http://www.ndsu.edu/armyrotc/images/slider4.jpg
  12. ImperialAlex. Thank so much, I have been trying to move our unit from server side VAS to VA. Everything was working accept save / load. Thanks to your mod we don't have this problem, meanwhile players cant use un-whitlested gear. You are a genius! TY!!! The one and only thing that we lack now is CSE items into VA. You can save / load cse items but they just don't show up, even in vanilla. Maybe CSE's fault. But for now we can make do just using inventory. Thanks again Alex
  13. Hello, Ty for your mod. Everything is working accept Pistol Attachments and Goggles, they just are not showing up at all. I made a custom script. I think i did everything right. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qfc4kb52wyk4ls1/VA_2MEF.zip?dl=0