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  1. Maj D. Schultz

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Having just joined the CUP team. The 15th MEU will be providing a script work around in the meantime to help tracked vic's water wise until they can actually be driveable in the water. I think people will like the solution, not what anyone would prefer. But still a good way none the less.
  2. Maj D. Schultz

    USMC Aircraft (AV8B/AH1/UH1)

    Mattastic, yeah man. I've been meaning to catch up with you. Sadly, work and other stuff. you know how it goes. Otherwise I'm here to annouce that I will no longer be supporting these aircraft. I have joined the CUP team and all my work and research will be moved into CUP. I feel that this decesion will only benefit the ARMA community as a whole, rather then attempting to focus my work on seperate projects that overlap each other. As for the CH-53. I know of 4 teams working on one. I know that at least two of them are in internal testing. So Soon. Very Soon.
  3. Oh I don't mind if you guys want to use it. I made the HUD to be better then the ARMA 2 one. Just please list a credit is all I ask. But up to you folks. Please continue to put out great content! Seriously the work is amazing.
  4. Congrats on release, it's very apparent that a lot of love and sweat has gone into what has been produced here. One little nit-pick. You guys mind giving me credit for the HUD in the AV8B? I created that...
  5. Maj D. Schultz

    Configs from Marksmen DLC

    They dont unlock the DLC pbos until they release the next DLC or after a certain period of time. But whats suggested here is far better then skimming config in the editor.
  6. Maj D. Schultz

    USMC Aircraft (AV8B/AH1/UH1)

    I removed it from these versions. Simply because I feel like there is no place for it for the vast majority it is that you do with them. That is, fly them.
  7. Maj D. Schultz

    USMC Aircraft (AV8B/AH1/UH1)

    There's a really long hard to explain reason. I worked over 40 hours just to even get this result. The short version is because of the moving engine parts ie shifting from flight to helicopter mode and the fact it's a plane class in arma. I've been working on it. But thanks for complaining about it. Instead of, you know happy it's even an option. ---------- Post added at 18:55 ---------- Previous post was at 18:53 ---------- Also you don't need nvgs to see them according to tons of photos
  8. Maj D. Schultz

    USMC Aircraft (AV8B/AH1/UH1)

    Try now. I thought for sure I had set to unlock
  9. Maj D. Schultz

    USMC Aircraft (AV8B/AH1/UH1)

    Update for all aircraft and the new MV-22 will be released this week. Sorry for the long wait fellows, but it'll be worth it. After this update I likely will be taking all relevant work and combining it into CUP. ---------- Post added at 16:41 ---------- Previous post was at 15:25 ---------- All right folks, the update video IS processing but should be up in the next hour. Please enjoy the update. Main post IS updated with fresh links to download Version 1.5.0 One thing I forgot to mention in my video, is that I do have a voice informer for the aircraft. If you angle more then 40 degrees down, it will tell you to pull up. If you climb above 1000 meters, once you drop below that it will tell you altitude. Also if a missile is FIRED at you, it will tell you so and from which direction.
  10. Maj D. Schultz

    Arma 2 AV-8B Harrier II Port

    How about this, I'll update my USMC Aircraft pack and then I'll pop over to CUP and and toss anything unique that I have over (Namely the formation lights at least for the Harrier, for my other aircraft I might have more to offer). I've been wanting to get into CUP but my schedule wasn't allowing it. Now that it'll be a bit more open in a few weeks. I'm sure I can provide some assistance.
  11. Maj D. Schultz

    Arma 2 AV-8B Harrier II Port

    You will be seeing my AV8B updating here in a day or two with separate formation lights and collision lights. Granted Chairborne has some things up and over my version. Honestly maybe we should just roll this project into one at this point, we're pretty much just competing for the same goal haha. My next project is a load-out editor for the bird. Hopefully when ACE3 missile guidance works correctly again, we can set up the GBU's to run off of that.
  12. I figured this out about 2 months ago, but I wanted to ensure I was doing some follow up testing. Suffice to say I was really bumped that there was no standing FFV spot in order to have guys poking out of roof hatchs and such. During my testing of the many different FFV spots, I finally decided to randomly use the mortor animation. Because why not and discovery requires experimentation. I give you a working, standing, FFV in an unarmed Humvee. - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ysgro5tubf2rv4e/arma3%202015-07-12%2018-47-28-95.jpg?dl=0 Sample Code class cargoturret; class CargoTurret_01: CargoTurret /// position for Firing from Vehicles { gunnerAction = "mortar"; /// animation gunnerCompartments = "Compartment1"; memoryPointsGetInGunner = "pos cargo"; /// specific memory points to allow choice of position memoryPointsGetInGunnerDir = "pos cargodir"; /// direction of get in action gunnerName = "Stand-Up"; /// name of the position in the Action menu memoryPointGunnerOptics = "Eye"; gunnerCanEject = 1; proxyIndex = 4; /// what cargo proxy is used according to index in the model maxElev = 80; /// what is the highest possible elevation of the turret minElev = -60; /// what is the lowest possible elevation of the turret maxTurn = 150; /// what is the left-most possible turn of the turret minTurn = -145; /// what is the right-most possible turn of the turret isPersonTurret = 1; /// enables firing from vehicle functionality ejectDeadGunner = 0; /// seatbelts included getinradius =2; }; };
  13. Maj D. Schultz

    Arma 2 AV-8B Harrier II Port

    Was wondering when my HUD would make it in here. Thank you for giving proper credit. :) I'll be updating my AV8B here pretty soon, but I'll say you got me jealous of some of your new features.
  14. From what I know, which could be wrong, It means what you've said. Although I think it only applys to ballistics and not missiles. If something is moving faster then the speed listed, the AI won't engage it. This prevents AI from wasting ammo shooting at.something they can't hit. Like a jet moving over 500 km/h. Unless its with a weapon system you want to engage at that speed I.E. AAA.