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  1. They will be reviewed this weekend.
  2. New toys near completion:
  3. We're not aware of any compatibility issues with VTN (nor can i think of any reason why that would be as the scripting in CUP is minimal and usually asset-specific), care to elaborate?
  4. Not exactly sure what you expected to happen here, you went from a polite 'this animation is not bad but could use improvements' to 'this is total trash and you should feel ashamed' (or some other very disrespectful reply which i dont care enough to read again) the very next post. If you ever had a normal interaction with another person you should know that's not how you talk to people, it's not rocket science.
  5. A kind hearted individual in the team decided to replace the reload anims with new ones, so we can put this discussion behind us now.
  6. You mean fixed buttstock? We have them too, probably they're not on stable release yet, but you can check them out on our DEV version.
  7. We have no plans for a french army extension currently.😇
  8. New toys coming soon: There's a temporary version here: http://wiki.audiocustoms.info/index.php?title=Hauptseite No, besides the CH53 is a helicopter, and they dont have them. The others were left with the old simulation to allow compatibility with the LHD and its very unlikely that will change (also they work mostly fine so we put our time elsewhere). Very unlikely.
  9. Hello there, Bambies and Bandits! Now with Livonia assets available to terrain creators, we decided to spice up the well beloved Chernarus to new visual glory. To celebrate this iconic terrain and also Bohemia Interactive's 20th birthday, we'd like to announce the "Chernarus 2020 Screenshot Contest". The mods that allowed for the contest are CBA_A3, all CUP mods and static animation mods only. The winner will receive a free version of the "Contact DLC". Last accepted submission on twitter and our discord contest screenshot channel will be Jan. 4th at 22:00 CET, and the winner will be announcement on Jan. 11th 2020. The weekly updated public dev build of "Chernarus 2020" can be found on our workshop page, as well as on our Website http://cup-arma3.org/
  10. If you or anyone else can provide a decent texture set for it, sure! We've added tons of textures made by others from the community. This is what we're currently busy with, among other new models in the pipelines:
  11. No idea why this happens, we havent made any changes to the LHD's functionality in ages. What happens if you start the mission? Do the remaining blocks spawn or is it still broken?
  12. Yes, it's pretty much just a copy of the latest dev branch build. We added some field manual entries for things like this, if you go in the field manual, scroll at the bottom and open CUP Weapons entry you'll find some explanations on how some of our items work.
  13. CUPREP #0011: New Release 1.13.0 A new release of CUP Terrains is available as part of today's CUPDATE live on the usually channels, or very shortly for the workshop. For terrains there are some small fixes for some maps, clearing off a number of old tickets. However for Core whilst the number of overall changes are not as big as in the past hopefully some important fixes and improvements have been made. A particular focus was put on the view geometry of all vegetation provided by CUP. The size of the geometry has been increased on average between 20%-30%, for gameplay this means that the goemetry that obscures AI's "sight" has gotten bigger and more inline with what the players see from that actual textures. We hope that this will provide a bit more balance when playing against AI on terrains using the older vegetation. Continuing the theme of geometry improvments in models, there was also an overhall done on the fire geometry for compound walls for assets from A2 and OA, to try and update them with more realistic penetration data. For example the mud walls found creating compounds all over takistan are now letting 7.62mm rounds through them, making your choices of cover against different weapon systems a bit more important. Also quickly to explain the reasoning for removals that may get queried in the changelogs, we have taken a decision at this time to remove the destruction animations from bridges that had them. The main reason for this was that they were unusable by community terrain makers for reasons that are still trying to be diagnosed, however the result was causing various terrain making tools to crash. The short term solution to this has been to remove the destruction animations and follow the arma 3 approach for bridges and make them indestructable. We know that a number of people will not be happy with this change as they like the situations and scenarios that they can make around destroyed bridges, we hope that in the future a proper solution can be found or, an alternative destruction method used. To wrap up, we would like to note that this may be one of the last updates for the current CUP Terrains Maps package. This does not mean that work on CUP Terrains will conclude, simply that we are freeing up the time that would be spent on them for other projects that we hope to be able to share information on soon. As always changelogs are on both our downloads page and contained within the download on steam. Have Fun, and Bye for now!