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  1. In order: - nope, that's physx, we did our best but there's nothing else we can do - yes and no, the ship has roadway LODs but netcode and ship movement will very much likely kill you, so you'd have to do some wizardry to make it work (in short, no) - artillery computer has been removed in last patch, dunno if it will ever be plugged in again, we'll think about it. unfortunately it's either direct fire mode or arty computer targeting, having both combined resulted in being extremely confusing for players, and the engine doesn't adjust for ship movement. when you click on the map the firing solution is calculated instantaneously, if the ship is moving the artillery computer will not compensate for it (meaning your shots will deviate by whatever distance the ship has travelled from the moment you clicked on the map to when you fire the gun). if you're not at a full stop or very very low speed (like 1kph) you'd have to constantly click on the map to calculate the firing solution repeatedly before each shot. we'll think about it... later. for the record we tried to have custom destruction effects on it too but couldnt get them to work in water for some reason, as soon as the ship touched the water the fire and smoke would instantly shut down.
  2. Yes, you can, however you're not allowed to rip assets out of CUP and redistribute them as your own. In other words you need to use CUP as a dependancy, rather than grabbing the PBOs you like and redistribute them in your own mod.
  3. @Panda Pilot not all color schemes have their own classnames, you either apply them with setobjecttexture or with whatever functions the virtual garage uses to change presets.
  4. all according to plan... 😈 np zoom in/out is how you enable reticle illumination
  5. hop on our discord https://discord.gg/0WqE6NaD5yIGLBk1
  6. A New CUPDate is here! We're proud to announce that we have just released a new patch for our mod! Even though not much time has passed since the last CUPDate, a lot of work went into the mod this past few months so we decided to share the progress we made with the community. So what's new you ask? First off we have replaced some of our weapon and accessory models with new, improved models that look much much better. So we salute you, SVD Dragunov, being retired after some 15 years of service into Arma! But that's not all, on top of this we're adding four new guns: the AS-VAL and SR-3M assault rifles, PP-19 Vityaz SMG and the M16A1 assault rifle! The new russian blasters come in several different variants to fit your taste depending on whether you're an old school purist or a picatinny rails lover. Since we're on the subject of Russian guns, we can move on to Russian units as well: Russian troops now have updated uniforms and vests to better represent their Arma2 counterparts, and on top of that new Ratnik gear (courtesy of Massi!) has been added to give an even bigger choice. Next off we have given both Sahrani Liberation Army and Takistani Army units a makeover, they now feature much improved gear to go along the new AK models we added in the previous patch, also PMC units now feature three additional uniforms and we've added a pair of very unique glasses. Finally, two splendid new vehicles have been added, even though we missed April's fools by only a few days it's not too late to play FArma with the new Tractors. This brings the list of missing A2 vehicles to just 11, so we're finally seeing the finish line on the horizon. As usual the patch brings fixes and tweaks to the mod as well. Most significantly we've made some more progress with Tanks DLC upgrades, as now the BMP-3 and T-55 feature an advanced damage model, weapons animations have been tweaked, most ATGMs should now have proper flight behavior without spinning out of control. You can read our lengthy changelogs for all the juicy details here: http://cup-arma3.org/download Imgur gallery: https://imgur.com/a/bPURTXy We're closing this CUPREP with a service announcement: our DEV versions, previously available only to a special tester group, will now be publicly available through Steam. These special DEV versions are built weekly the night across Thursday and Friday around 1AM CET and they are a snapshot of the current internal version of the mod. This allows you to access fixes and new content whenever it's added, but it also comes with the drawback that things might break more often and initial builds of new content might have issues. As usual if you find issues you're welcome to create a ticket on our feedback tracker and we'll take a look when we have time: https://dev.cup-arma3.org/ Bye for now!
  7. FFV slots ARE turrets, nothing wrong there, that's how the game works. 🙂 Also service announcement: we'll be releasing a major patch in the next 24hrs!
  8. It was posted a few pages back here on this thread.
  9. make one for all vics, we've had a report of weird issues going on with some vehicles that have ffv seats but that's an engine issue and im not sure we can fix it.
  10. can be done, make a ticket for it and someone will take a look https://dev.cup-arma3.org/