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  1. it has dual sights, you use the left ctrl+rmb hotkey (default) to switch between the two, the second one has ranging too, just like the rpg18
  2. the protec only had models swapped, so it likely was set up incorrectly all along (it is, in fact, just a skate helmet, so it shouldnt have any ballistic protection), its been fixed
  3. CUPREP #0014: New Terrains Release 1.16.0 Greetings, Today we bring the first major update to the Maps 2.0 package with a large update for Chernarus 2020. To whet your appetite for what this update contains a video generously made by @cyruz illustrates what new things are in for you all to explore. Now for some details on what has actually changed, the last update contained an overhaul to the existing vegetation, redoing all the compositions of the forests with the exception of many of the forests on the northern and western map borders. Now the entire western edge of the map has been completely redone, taking much inspiration from the Chernarus Plus map in Day Z we have created our own interpretation of many of its expanded areas, which were further made possible with new model additions to the Terrains Core package. This update adds over 10 new named villages, towns and points of interest to explore and fight in, as well as newly done forests, plains and farmland surrounding these new places, and a couple of new smaller additions to previously existing areas, such as Pavlovo and Zelenogorsk. It is important to remember that this terrain is still W.I.P and as such a lot of the northern map border changes are not yet ready into this release, as such you will see areas of the satmap that do not match up or make sense with what you see on the ground, all we can do is ask that you be patient with us and focus on the new areas whilst we continue working to deliver the rest of the new map areas. Before we wrap this up, we would also like to note that as many of you have been wondering and asking "Does this only contain Chernarus" we do have plans on the horizon for other terrains to enter the Maps 2.0 package and we hope that we will be able to share more details in the future. As always changelogs for all our packages can be found on our website and included with the download, and bugs should be reported on our feedback tracker with the Chernarus 2020 tag! This is all for this CUPDate, have a great day! CUP Team
  4. CUPREP #0014: New Terrains Core Release 1.16.0 Greetings, Today we bring an update to the Terrains Core package which for the first time in a while has some brand new toys inside! In support of the work on Chernarus 2020 in our Maps 2.0 package, some completely new buildings have been created and are now available for terrain and mission makers alike to use in their projects and scenarios. First up is the new school models, built from the ground up by @-ben- it is the first set of new assets in CUP Terrains that are modular, meaning they can be aranged in different configurations to create seperate unique layouts in different instances on a map. Currently there are 14 different modules that should allow for a variety of overall building shapes and layouts. It is possible that further down the line more modules will be added, so if you have an idea for a layout or notice a type of piece that is missing feel free to note that down in this thread. There are examples of these buildings on the new update for Chernarus 2020, but they are also avialable in the editor for you to look at as well. In addition to the school modules, there are also some new platform structures as well. These are of more use to terrain makers in allowing them to create flat elevated locations to usually urban areas, at the moment the pieces consist of a platform, corner, wall, low stairs and high stairs pieces. As with the school modules they are also available in the editor, but mission makers should be wary that it is unlikely AI will play nice with these pieces. Some other highlights for this release include some newly opened up industrial buildings, notably the Myln 03 and 04 buildings as well as a retexture of a few commonly used Arma 1 era structures that were also able to be bundled into this update. Also squeezed in were some fixes and tweaks to the castle objects and some bug fixes for a couple of the maps in the original Terrains Maps pack. As always changelogs for all our packages can be found on our website and included with the download, and bugs should be reported on our feedback tracker! This is all for this CUPDate, have a great day! CUP Team
  5. CUPREP #0014: US revamp and new Ratnik gear is here! Greetings everyone! It's been a while since our last stable patch came out and have things changed in the mean time! For starters both US and Russia fans will be happy to know that we are bringing a huge makeover to both factions' character gear. The US Army and USMC have been overhauled with a mix of new and improved assets, meaning most of the old data from A2 is now gone or revamped. Meanwhile Russia received the full Ratnik kit in four different variants, featuring models of exceptionally high quality. To top this off the Zubr/Pomornik-class LCAC has been added, expanding capabilities to Russia and other factions such as the Sahrani Liberation Army. We have expanded the naval section even further with the addition of the Type 072 Landing Ship, which works as a static platform for you to use as an offshore base. The Bundeswehr also received a couple new toys in the form of the Boxer IFV, currently available with either troop transport module (featuring HMG and GMG turrets) or no module, and the Panzerfaust 3. Finally, we're proud to introduce a new faction to the community, the Horizon Islands Legion: tracing their roots in the French Foreign Legion and featuring a mix of european and US made hardware, they act as the standing army for the Horizon Islands. This is the bulk of the update, but if you have a couple days to spare you can dive into the 35 pages of changelogs for a more in-depth look at all the new fancy toys and fixes. Here you can find an Imgur gallery with shots of our new assets: https://imgur.com/a/DbeZPew This is all for this CUPDate, have a great day! CUP Team
  6. A small bugfix patch was released today on all our ususal download sources. Addressing some obstructed roads, and all together missing roads caused by our last patch, as well as a number of minor object position fixes as well and with the 1.98 patch for the main game the indestructible wooden fences is now resolved.
  7. We have ran the upscaler on air and water vehicles only, and even then there are some exceptions with some vehicles getting only interiors or exteriors upscaled instead of both (or no upscaling done at all). Unfortunately the AI we're using to generate these is not infallible and sometimes textures get butchered horribly so those get skipped. Other times the gain is so minimal it's not worth increasing the file size. If you check the changelog you can find an accurate list of those that got the upscaling done. Anyway we plan on expanding that to other vehicles and other weapons too, it's just taking some time as the process takes a lot.
  8. CUPREP #0013: 5th Year Anniversary! Greetings everyone! Today our team celebrates 5 years from the very first release we ever made! So we thought, what better way to do this than to share with the rest of you an update of our work? It's been some 6 months since our previous patch and an incredible amount of work has been poured into the project since then. Starting off with Weapons: - Many weapons from the FHQ mod have been integrated, ranging from the Bushmaster ACR to the Galil to the RSASS and many more; - The FAL family has been completely replaced with new models and several variants have been added; - The FAMAS F1 has been added; - The SKS has been added; - The PKM and PKP models have been replaced with new ones; - The M60E4 got a revamp on the materials. Units didn't see a lot of action this time, we've made some bugfixes and streamlined some config entries, but we have big plans for the next patch. Vehicles have been vastly improved and expanded upon: - Most air and water vehicles have had their textures upscaled through a neural network AI, this is an experimental solution which allowed us to improve the quality of many assets in a somewhat fast, painless way and will probably expand this to other vehicles as well; - A metric ton of HILUX technicals have been added with all sorts of crazy weaponry and armor strapped to them; - The BTR-80 has been added, featuring a brand new model, including both normal and autocannon turrets; - M270 MLRS and MTVR trucks have also been upscaled and several new liveries have been added, expanding the British and RACS factions and replacing the original ones for the US forces; - AA variants for the Land Rover and UAZ have been added, featuring MANPADS pods in the back; - Mi8s now feature a giant library of alternative liveries you can use, ranging from various militaries to more *exotic* designs; - PACT ATGMs and some AA missiles have had a complete revamp for their guidance and damage values (NATO will follow in an upcoming update). This is just the peak of the iceberg, if you're interested in knowing about every last bit of detail you can check the changelogs directly on our website here (http://cup-arma3.org/download) or inside the respective modfolders in the downloads. Check out our Imgur gallery for some nice shots of the new content: https://imgur.com/a/o1ang4S So what's next you may ask? Well we've already shown a brand new vehicle (Boxer IFV) that will be featured soon, but on top of this we're planning to make a revamp of the US/USMC factions and add a brand new, never before seen, faction. More details to come later! This is all for this CUPDate, have a great day! CUP Team
  9. CUPREP #0013: New Terrains Release 1.15.0 Alongside CUP's 5th anniversary, we bring another update to Maps 2.0! Here we are with our first update for Maps 2.0! In this release we go back to nature with completely new forest compositions and distribution for all forest systems across the map! This is the first step on our journey of transforming Chernarus 2020 and gets us a good running start for more changes to come in the future. There may be some areas here and there that look like tree patches are missing, which may have happened due to the vast volume of vegetation across the map. If you come across any of these it would be most helpful for us to add a ticket to our bugtracker with the Chernarus 2020 project tag! The new forests were not the only thing to come with this update though, some more minor areas have recieved improvements such as Skalisty Island, Devil's Castle, Rog and Zub Castles. We hope that this demonstrates the kind of improvements you can expect in the future to existing areas of the map that players know and love. In addition to this though there are also a very small handful of new areas for you to discover across the map, the GIF below made by our very own @cyruz gives a little teaser to some of them. A short reminder that the CUP team is always on the lookout for talented modders to help with the maintenance and growth of CUP, particularly with Maps 2.0 which we hope to eventually expand to more than just Chernarus 2020, if you might be tempted feel free to come chat to us on our discord. As always changelogs are on both our downloads page and contained within the download on steam. Have Fun, and Bye for now!
  10. CUPREP #0013: New Terrains Release 1.15.0 Alongside CUP's 5th anniversary, we bring another update to Terrains Core! Highlights for this releas include a new modelled interior for the Arma 2 hospital once again by @Chairborne . Whom has opened up three floors with multiple rooms and many building positions for mission makers to pack AI into. As with the last opened up building this addition will be retroactive to all maps that already have the model placed down. Note that at the moment there is a small bug with glass not breaking correctly at the moment that we are aware of and hope to fix in the future. In addition to this some smaller texture changes have been made to various objects, inlcuding all of our castle objects which now use the lovely new stone textures created by BI for Livonia. Also some older textures that are commonly shared among industrial buildings have been redone as a test of workflow and this may expand to other common textures in the future. Also some experimental upscaling of textures has been done again to most of the industrial buildings. A short reminder that the CUP team is always on the lookout for talented modders to help with the maintenance and growth of CUP, if you might be tempted feel free to come chat to us on our discord. As always changelogs are on both our downloads page and contained within the download on steam. Have Fun, and Bye for now!
  11. CUPREP #0012: New Terrains Release 1.14.0 Today we bring a small update to Terrains Core and Maps, in support of the launch of our new package Maps 2.0 of which more information can be found in this thread. In the update for Core and maps however we bring a new modeled interior to an industrial building (Ind_Pec_02) lovingly crafted by our own @Chairborne the implementation of this building will be retroactive on all community made maps that use this building. Additionally we have performed a few minor bugfixes on some vegetation and building models. On the maps front, an update to the surfaces of all maps has been done to bring some consistency to their properties. All surfaces on our maps should now have an appropriate grass cover value, which affects how "well" AI "see" through the clutter in addition to adding of AI stance values to all surfaces as well, to prevent AI from going prone on appropriate surfaces. As always changelogs are on both our downloads page and contained within the download on steam. Have Fun, and Bye for now!
  12. The Community Update Project is here to bring the first release of our latest initiative Maps 2.0! Maps 2.0 is the next step to bring our beloved A2 era terrains up to Arma 3 terrain standards, it's goal is: Increase terrain heightmap resolution where appropriate. Conversion to Arma 3 buildings when suitable replacements exist. Adding new interiors to older buildings. Adding new terrain features and locations. Maintain reliance on the existing Terrains: Core pack. Other creative additions that we haven't thought of yet. Content As of this initial release the only terrain available is Chernarus 2020, however it is possible in future other terrains will be added to this pack when they reach appropriate milestones. In this initial release of Chernarus 2020, almost all vegetation from Summer Chernarus has been replaced with foliage from Arma 3. All buildings that were brought in with the Contact platform update, have replaced their older A2 counterparts, and the heightmap has been converted to a higher resolution in preparation for future updates. The satellite map and ground textures have had colour tweaks to make them a bit less fluorescent and generally more summery, the lighting that came with Livonia has been plugged in to give the map a more European feel and finally the ground clutter has been replaced with models that came from the Contact platform update. This is just the initial release of Chernarus 2020, something for everyone to get their hands on and be able to play with. It is by no means the finished state of the map, we have a number of plans for things we want to add and change to the map in the future. Why a new pack? All upgraded terrains are being deployed into this new Maps 2.0 pack as they will not be very backwards compatible with the extensive plethora of missions that the Arma community has been making for the original Chernarus' for years now. So rather than forcibly break those missions we have opted to give people the option to take the new version if they want to. It is intended that players and communities will eventually switch out their old maps for the upgraded ones. The Maps 2.0 pack is still reliant on the existing CUP Terrains Core package and there is an update to that pack to supplement this update. Known Issues Some known issues about Chernarus 2020: Clutter "popping" Occasional mismatching of ground textures Wheat fields that appear out of nowhere. Clutter conflicts when loaded with original Summer Chernarus We hope you enjoy our efforts to breath new life in to these classic Arma terrains and we hope to be able to bring more to you in the future. If you are a content creator that would like to assist in this new direction come talk to us on our discord, we are always looking for fresh meat new recruits! This thread focuses on Maps 2.0. For the other projects, please visit this thread or our website. Please report bugs at our bug tracker using the new Maps 2.0 in the tags section - bug reports in the forum tend to get overseen. All download links are available on the CUP download page on our website.
  13. thank you, we'll think about it
  14. A bit of a heads up, we'll be releasing Chernarus 2020 along with a patch for other terrain packages sometime early next week. 🤠