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  1. It worked like magic! Thanks a lot, man! I would never have thought that only one variable had to be changed. 😄
  2. I have another question here that has me racking my brains... @Larrow's code copies the subcontainers (uniforms, vests, backpacks) and their content to the end container (crate). The stuff stays in the subcontainers. How would the code have to look like when you want to empty ("pour out", so to speak) the subcontainers into the crate, so that the contents of the uniforms, vests and backpacks are directly in the crate, not in the subcontainers anymore? I hope my question is understandable. 😅
  3. Thanks, @Clayman, and sorry for the late reply, I was busy with other things in the project. Now I got back to this. I couldn't make it work with your code, but I managed to use Larrow's code here as basis to make it work somehow. Collect items, magazines and weapons (in weaponsItems format) from a trigger area, INCLUDING everything that is inside a container (e.g. vest or uniform) and copy everything to a container: Small note: Uniforms, vests and backpacks will stay filled in the container with their content, like they were laying on the ground. If you want to "empty" the subcontainers in the target container (so that their content is outside of them in the target container), check Larrow's answer here. Super simple.
  4. You will probably see different "scenes" everytime you launch Arma, do you? It could be that in one scene there is music implemented and in another one there is none. Depends what the scene authors have set. Or are you talking about music coming and going while you're seeing one menu screen only (in one single Arma session)?
  5. Someone please correct me but I think that it isn't possible to turn music on / off in the main menu, because what appears there is a cutscene mission which the author (either BI or a mod author) has chosen and implemented music for. Of course it's possible to tune music down in the audio settings, but I don't think, this is what you're after.
  6. Undeceived

    [SP/CAMP] Underdogs

    Hello guys, I'm proud and happy that my campaign was reviewed by the folks at legendary OFPEC.com. 😊 You can find it here (it's spoiler-free).
  7. Just thank you, @Larrow You're a mastermind. 😄 Lil' beer incoming.
  8. Hi @Schatten @bad benson (or others who can help), how are you guys doing? After 5 years, I have another question on this topic: Is there a way to include items, magazines and weapons (in weaponsItems format) that are inside a container (e.g. vest or uniform) which is lying in the "collector" trigger area? EDIT: Brief summary of what I'm looking for: This code creates an array of all items, magazines and weapons that are on the ground in a trigger area (if I'm not mistaken, more precise, they're in a WeaponHolder in that trigger area). Later in the code, I also put all the stuff in a crate. Now I'd like to expand this code so it also gets items, mags and weapons that are in containers (e.g. vests, uniforms) which are in this trigger area. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
  9. Undeceived

    [SP/CAMP] Underdogs

    Hello everyone, I got back to this project and updated it with lots of bug killings and optimizations (see first post). In case anyone gets lost in here and tries it out - have fun!
  10. Undeceived

    [SP] Evil's Last Will

    Added a non-SW download. @ak47-su
  11. Undeceived

    [SP] Evil's Last Will

    Hi! I don't have Google Drive. What's the problem with the Steam Workshop?
  12. Sorry to dig out this old thread. I thought that it would solve my problem but it didn't. You guys @Grumpy Old Man @GEORGE FLOROS GR talked about how to prevent the player from opening a backpack, when he selects the action "Search backpack". But how can I prevent the action itself appearing in the first place?
  13. Undeceived

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    Just a small addition: I noted that this is indeed a problem on my end, so nevermind.