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  1. Uh, isn't this possible by now? I remember some cutscenes in newer Bohemia DLC where you can press Space to skip... Can anyone point me in the right direction, how the command is called? Edit: Searched for this in the official pbo.s (e.g. Laws of War) and found something like fnc_skip, but this seems way too complicated... I probably have to give up on this.
  2. Thanks for replying. The reasons are: Cutscenes in the mission section can't be skipped. I could use the intro section for the first cutscene and the outro section for the second one, but they (from the mission designing perspective) need different overview pictures.
  3. Hello guys, looking for a solution I googled the problem today and found this thread which I myself created in 2014. 😁 It's still the same issue. So I bump this and ask for help / ideas. Thanks a lot!
  4. Undeceived

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    Nice, I didn't play SF. I wanted once but didn't get to it somehow. Definitely looking forward to the new version.
  5. Undeceived

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    I remember this happening in the radio chatter with HQ where that Dr. is captured, when the nuclear shit starts to hit the fan. I think even the sentence with the tactical nukes was one of them. Well, I say yes, but don't ask when. I am one of those who got addicted to DayZ. Spent countless hours in this damn game and hardly got back to editing. Last year had a good editing phase though and also a very productive and long one earlier this year. And now I'm kinda wanting to get to it again. Let's see... That sounds good. 👍
  6. Undeceived

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    Ok, finished it. Really a great campaign. 👏 Mixture of a good political thriller like Tom Clancy or John le Carré, the series Six about the SEALs team 6 and classical military Arma gameplay. A lot of good humor, wide scope, plenty of details, great plot (which I would very much like to re-read somewhere in detail as it was quite complex) - all in all a very recommendable project! And a huge amount of work was invested in this - this was very remarkable and impressive. I wonder how you managed to finish this in two years - and then in such a good quality. Is has some small technical flaws (which I unfortunately didn't write down as I played this to just enjoy and not as beta tester)* and being a lover of good stories here's some small feedback on what I missed most at a certain point: But all in all this campaign was really good and impressive. The appearance of Thanks a lot, AZCoder. This was a lot of fun. 👍 * I remembered some bugs. Maybe I will add more later... At one point that (cool) international map covered other things, I think some subtitles. Unfortunately I don't remember where this was. From a certain mission onwards (sorry, also don't remember) the subtitles from others (not from Knight) appeared only for a short moment (half a second or so), then disappeared. This is ok for native speakers but I had to pay a lot of attention to understand everything (especially with background noise). And this of course (being a showstopper) Edit: So can I read the plot in detail somewhere? Also the credits were to fast to follow. There is so much interesting stuff in there but I couldn't read it in time. Ok, I know, I could open up the stringtable, but maybe there's a small and nice website for it? 🤩
  7. Undeceived

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    I extracted the mission and it works in the editor. Can I play it there without worries and resume the campaign in the campaign menu after that (with the campaign cheat)? Or are there variables and stuff that is needed for this or after this? I want to play!! 😁
  8. Undeceived

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    Hi AZCoder, I have a problem with the mission Resolutions. It shows the intro but then the briefing section looks like this: When I start the mission, the cutscene doesn't work, the music is played but it stays like this: Can you help?
  9. Undeceived

    ToH Characters

    Great mod, thanks a lot!
  10. Undeceived

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    Started playing this and I need to control myself not to read the thread, because the story is fantastic and I don't want to stumble on spoilers. Superb campaign, storytelling and presentation so far, I love it! 👍 Huge amount of work on the scenery, which makes everything very believable. I believed that I was at a funeral in the United States and in a prison. Lots of small and big details. A bit of feedback: And a very important question:
  11. Uploaded a few things too. Thanks a lot for this project, jerryhopper! Browsing the file index I noticed that the campaigns are missing under the scenarios, is this coming at a later point?
  12. Undeceived

    [SP] For The Life Of A Friend

    Updated the download link in the first post and took this as reason to shamelessly bump the thread. 😜 Support bIdentify to save the lost Armaholic stuff!
  13. Hi guys, I want a certain area (e.g. a trigger area) to sound like the player is walking in a puddle of mud, even if it is not raining or wet. Is this possible?
  14. Undeceived

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    SPOILERS INCLUDED Finished the campaign and I have to say the atmosphere caused by the aliens absolutely blew me away. I never had this kind of feelings in a game, perhaps because I never played something like this - this situation felt just so real and authentic. I sneaked around in the darkness, totally tensed, hoping the aliens wouldn't find me, I think I took 4-5 hours to complete that mission starting from the radio tower. And the way you slowly built up the tension before the aliens arrived, wow, I was seating on my chair with my ass cheeks on edge the whole time, looking up in the dark ingame sky, knowing that at some point of course it would happen, then these roots appearing, the LDF trying to shield them, Rudwell and Stype infiltrating, later arguing about that stupid flare and BOOOMMM, WWWWTTTFFFF!!!??? Just mind-blowing, I sat there with my mouth open. I had to go outside of my house to do something later that night, I looked up in the clear sky, seeing these distant stars and... was afraid or awed, I don't know, thinking "Where will they come from?..." Sounds silly, I know, but you get the point how this situation affected me. I loved the setting with the failed military maneuver and the Livonians not being enemys but distancing themselves from the NATO forces, only tolerating their presence and wanting them to leave. And the courage of that crazy bastard Stype to sneak behind their lines to find out what's going on - that was awesome. Yeah, of course it also had some flaws, the poor performance being the main issue IMO. I really hope you can improve this. Didn't note down the other problems though as I was too hooked on the campaign. 🙂 Ah, I remember that thermal map being pretty useless (or I didn't understand how to read it - searched for the roots at the red spots but found nothing. Googled where they are but at their real position there was no markings on the map, it was empty). So you did a great job! This and Laws of War really became something special. LOW blew me away with its storytelling (the end of the campaign), but First Contact has an incomparable and very special atmosphere - like if this could just happen in the next forest from here...
  15. Undeceived

    ArmA 3: Dunes

    Wow, after months off these forums I come back and see a mission by lexx, freshly posted 7 minutes ago. 😊 Looks great, bookmarked!