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  1. Hi guys, I want a certain area (e.g. a trigger area) to sound like the player is walking in a puddle of mud, even if it is not raining or wet. Is this possible?
  2. Undeceived

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    SPOILERS INCLUDED Finished the campaign and I have to say the atmosphere caused by the aliens absolutely blew me away. I never had this kind of feelings in a game, perhaps because I never played something like this - this situation felt just so real and authentic. I sneaked around in the darkness, totally tensed, hoping the aliens wouldn't find me, I think I took 4-5 hours to complete that mission starting from the radio tower. And the way you slowly built up the tension before the aliens arrived, wow, I was seating on my chair with my ass cheeks on edge the whole time, looking up in the dark ingame sky, knowing that at some point of course it would happen, then these roots appearing, the LDF trying to shield them, Rudwell and Stype infiltrating, later arguing about that stupid flare and BOOOMMM, WWWWTTTFFFF!!!??? Just mind-blowing, I sat there with my mouth open. I had to go outside of my house to do something later that night, I looked up in the clear sky, seeing these distant stars and... was afraid or awed, I don't know, thinking "Where will they come from?..." Sounds silly, I know, but you get the point how this situation affected me. I loved the setting with the failed military maneuver and the Livonians not being enemys but distancing themselves from the NATO forces, only tolerating their presence and wanting them to leave. And the courage of that crazy bastard Stype to sneak behind their lines to find out what's going on - that was awesome. Yeah, of course it also had some flaws, the poor performance being the main issue IMO. I really hope you can improve this. Didn't note down the other problems though as I was too hooked on the campaign. 🙂 Ah, I remember that thermal map being pretty useless (or I didn't understand how to read it - searched for the roots at the red spots but found nothing. Googled where they are but at their real position there was no markings on the map, it was empty). So you did a great job! This and Laws of War really became something special. LOW blew me away with its storytelling (the end of the campaign), but First Contact has an incomparable and very special atmosphere - like if this could just happen in the next forest from here...
  3. Undeceived

    ArmA 3: Dunes

    Wow, after months off these forums I come back and see a mission by lexx, freshly posted 7 minutes ago. 😊 Looks great, bookmarked!
  4. Congratulations and good luck, guys! 👍
  5. Amazing update, guys, thanks a lot for your effort. Looking forward to see you reaching your final goal! And I LOVE to see the tractor back! 😄 😄
  6. Undeceived

    Emitter 3Ditor

    Coming back from an Arma break I noticed that h- finally released this. 🙌 Congratulations! I had the honor to help h- with a bit of beta testing and immediately noticed that this tool (I should rather say "machine") simply has endless possibilites when it comes to particles and light stuff. Things like creating smoke leaving a small soda can is just one of the simplest possible ideas but it works just like you'd expect it. And oh, don't underestimate it - this wouldn't work at all without having to make innumerous changes in innumerous scripts - this tool on the other hand makes it super easy. This is not about a smoke grenade placed under a can - we're talking about a heavily edited (tiny) wisp of smoke, precisely acurate positioned and attached at the right millimeter of the can in a matter of minutes. Just imagine how much work you'd save for big and complex ideas. And such crazy things (my creativity almost ends at the soda can 😁) are absolutely possible with the tool. Fear not, h- has put big effort in the documentation (I especially loved the cool 3DEN tutorials). Just by explaining the basics of the tool, you'll find yourself messing around, having new ideas, things that you never thought they would be possible or even exist - it's all there when you take a closer look at it and you'll love it. And everything, every step, tweak, change is immediately shown due to the awesome WYSIWYG execution. Knowing how much h- literally racked his brain on this, wanting to give up so many times, I really am happy that he went through with it and didn't stop. Congratulations again, h- and thanks for your really hard work!
  7. Thanks a lot, 7erra! I didn't have problems with the setUnitLoadout on AI. I added the EHs not to the player but to AI units and I "tell" them to open their inventory for me. After closing it, I could access it again and the original loadout was there. What I added myself to the InventoryClosed-EH is the deletion of dropped containers (uniform, vest or backpack) on the ground. _invOpenEH = this addEventHandler ["InventoryOpened",{ params ["_unit", "_container"]; _backpackUnit = allUnits select {backpackContainer _x == _container} select 0; { _x setVariable ["_unitLoadout",getUnitLoadout _x]; } forEach [_unit,_backpackUnit]; }]; _invCloseEH = this addEventHandler ["InventoryClosed", { params ["_unit", "_container"]; _backpackUnit = allUnits select {backpackContainer _x == _container} select 0; { _setLoadout = _x getVariable ["_unitLoadout",getUnitLoadout _x]; _x setUnitLoadout _setLoadout; } forEach [_unit,_backpackUnit]; {deleteVehicle _x; } forEach nearestObjects [getpos _unit,["WeaponHolder","GroundWeaponHolder"],4]; }]; this setVariable ["_invOpenEH",_invOpenEH]; this setVariable ["_invCloseEH",_invCloseEH]; I might use both of your approaches in combination (to indicate even more that the inventory can't be manipulated). I have a further question on the first one though. Is it possible to exclude the player (and/or other desired units) from this mouse button restriction? I only want to apply this to the inventory screen of certain units, but the player has to be able to change his gear as always.
  8. And here it is! Congratulations and good job, EO.
  9. Wow, 7erra, this is pretty far reaching! Problem 2 isn't that bad as the unit's gear is shown on the right-hand side of the inventory UI too (where the item lists in the uniform, vest and backpack sections normally aren't that long). Problem 1 is a real problem though. It kinda makes the other mouse restrictions useless. In the meanwhile I found out that the objects/items in an unit's inventory are locked / deactivated when the unit is not simulated. So far I used AI_unit action ["Gear", AI_unit]; to show the inventory menu with the unit's (AI) gear. The unit performs that inventory animation and its gear is shown. This however doesn't work when the simulation of the unit is off. No animation played, no inventory UI. Now, I could also use player action ["Gear", AI_unit]; but this would show the player's gear in the right-hand side of the UI and the unit's stuff only on the left-hand side. But I want to see the unit's gear on the right-hand side no matter what. So, is there a way to immediately open up an non simulated unit's inventory - apart from the "Gear" action?
  10. Hi guys, I want to prevent the player from removing equipment while he's in an inventory dialogue. This normally is done by pressing the right mouse button over an inventory object or by dragging it to the left side. Exactly this is what I want to prevent. It might sound a bit irrational , but I want the player only to be able to check/see the equipment of another unit, not to change it. Any ideas are welcome. Thank you!
  11. I used the custom texture objects. 100 meters over the ground/sea, darkest of darkest nights, no moon and then a light source to illuminate them. Or do you mean those intro cutscenes of the newer BI campaigns / SP mission? I'm not sure what exactly that is because there are also moving elements like tracers or smoke.
  12. Undeceived

    Rosche, Germany

    Schmalfelden... @jeza, I had almost overcome the pain of not seeing this in A2 and A3 and now you have reopened the wounds. No, Rosche is amazing, even though it reminds me a bit more of Celle.
  13. Undeceived

    Rosche, Germany

    Ok, I went on a drive for half an hour in the dawn and wow... This terrain is fantastic. I really love the lighting. Two things I noticed: There are no environment sounds. These are definitely still needed but then the terrain would be pure magic. And secondly, the town signs look odd. Ok - I'm from Rhineland-Palatinate and never went to this region (Hamburg only) but AFAIK the signs are nationwide consistently. GREAT JOB! And... @silola's tool is simply ingenious.
  14. Undeceived

    Rosche, Germany

    Congratulations on the release. This looks amazing!