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  1. chefrocker85

    Unexpected War V1.0 - Campaign

    ahh thank u zulu very much!!! this grass addon is the right one...
  2. chefrocker85

    Unexpected War V1.0 - Campaign

    - CAT Afghanistan Revisited V1.2SE - FPD Afghan Pack 2 - fghanObjects - AFR_CH53 _1.01 - RKSL-Netpack US / UK - JAM3 - Map Mil Opj - Map_Baracken 1.5 - Lasers US WeaponsPack 3.0 - Libya Objects - DMA MiddleEastGuerillas - DMA Facetex - DMA MiddleEastCivilians - F3WX - Grass - Medvezh_Anim_1.1 - Map_Oil Addon - Map_Misc - MAPEditorupgrade - Editorupdate102neu - fpganimspack_V1 those addons are needed and they are supposed to be in the UNEX package, but some arent I finally found the afganobj addon, but dont know what Grass addon it could be...
  3. chefrocker85

    Unexpected War V1.0 - Campaign

    hope u guys could help me... first of all : how could u guys even play the campaign... i always get a missing addon error (missing afganobj;Grass) and i needed to dl the CH53 helicopter separetly, because he isnt in the UNEX folder .... hope u can help me fixing this problem or find these two files... cheers
  4. chefrocker85

    (sp) The Garden of Death (pt1) mission/mod thread.

    hey guys i could need ur help installing it correctly :) trying to play the campaign and i get following message "no entry campaigns/the garden of death.afghaneveron.description.ext.campaign" what did i do wrong or am i missing anything? pls help guys and thx in advance !!
  5. chefrocker85

    WW2 mod OpF

    hey mates, hope u can help me with some problems about installation of WWII MP mod... i just installed goty version of OpF, patched it to 1.96 version..all good a)now i downloaded the huge "@WW2_MP" pack, the "@WW2_MP-Misje" (missions) the "@WW2_ExtraPack"... but also i got the "DAK" pack (WW2 desertpack) and i found "@WW2_MP_third_part_addons" do i need those 2 files,too or only the 3 main files from first post?? [ alright now to my q.: i put the whole @WW"_MP pack in my main OpF folder and installed it via the batch file like described in readme...works, but where do i need to put all the other rars. with the different files ?? my main focus is to play the both campaings (Invasion44 seems to work fine until now, but when i try to play Anjou campaign it says e.g. "eca_uspack" missing and it doesnt work correctly hope u can help me with my install problems :) greets from germany and thx in advance,really hope u can support me :)