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  1. Thanks for the replies, guys. isOnRoad looks quite promising so far. The is also the roadsConnectedTo command. When excluding the dirt roads it shouldn't be that hard to create dynamic routes. Although for the complete map it might be quite heavy on performance. I was thinking about using pre-placed waypoints at intersections and dynamically linking those together. Going to do some testing the next days. I also like the hideObject idea, going to try it out just to see if it actually works. And thanks again for the input.
  2. Is there any efficient way to keep AI vehicles from using the footpaths on Tanoa? I have a bunch of AI controlled vehicles, which should move all over Tanoa on dynamic routs. Apart from all the usual AI driving issues like trees, streetlamps, buildings, crossroads, bridges, civilians and ambient animals, my biggest problem at the moment is the AI thinking it is a good idea to take a shortcut along those footpaths and, as a result, badly get stuck somewhere in the dense jungle. While I have a (rather ugly but semi-reliable) workaround for most cases of stuck vehicles, it's quite difficult to get a vehicle out of the jungle in an acceptable manner, especially as the footpaths for some reason are considered as roads. So, is there any way to tell an AI driver to stick to those roads that are actually suited for the vehicle he is driving? Any ideas are welcome.
  3. Two of my older Arma 2 missions, ported to Arma 3 using awsome CUP modification. I mainly created these to familiarize myself with 3den Editor. As there seems to be lack of quality singleplayer scenarios, I decided to release them for everyone to enjoy. Steal the Helo Description: "Sneak on the enemy island at night, steal the helo and escape." A stealthy Spec-Op mission, based on the OFP classic 'Steal the Car'. Features: Random patrols Random enemy positions Enemies react to explosions, gunfire and dead bodies Enemy may call reinforcements if you are spotted Weapon selection in briefing Disable enemy communication Disable power supply Required Addons: Community Upgrade Project (Units, Vehicles, Weapons, Terrains) Requires: Community Base Addons Credits: Scripts: Detect Dead Bodies based on detect.sqs by alimag Beta Testers: Undeceived Thanks to: BI for Arma 2 / 3 AssaultMissionStudio Download: @Assault Mission Studio Long Day Description: Six weeks ago, paramilitary Chedaki troops have occupied the province of Podagorsk. Many members of the government were kidnapped or killed. The military was disbanded, much of the troops have fled or have joined the Chedaki. Occasionally, guerrillas have formed to try to fend off the Chedakis again. So far without success. According to reports the Chedaki proceed with extreme brutality. Everyone who is suspected to resist them is immediately arrested or killed. Executions even of civilians are a daily occurrence. From reliable sources, we know that the paramilitary Chedaki are cited by Pavel Soleveychik. Soleveychik is sought for years by our intelligence agencies because of numerous war crimes. But so far he has never stayed in one place long enough to be captured. This time we will not stand back and wait. Pavel Soleveychik needs to be caught... Your task will be to take three important strategic objectives in the inland to prepare a large-scale invasion. Intro Trailer: https://vimeo.com/214697411 Features: Somewhat-dynamic RPG-style mission Your actions and decisions will affect the further course of the mission Optional / hidden objectives Some random stuff Average playing time: 3-5 hours (maybe more) Weapon selection in briefing Selectable difficulty setting and other options Reinforcements and air support available later in mission Lots of other stuff I forgot to mention Hints & Tips: There is a total of 20 objectives. Several of them are optional, some are mutually exclusive. The maximum number of objectives you can achieve in one single playthrough is 18. The minimum for a successful playthrough is 10. There are eight different endings at six stages during the mission. Some are good, others are bad. But to successfully complete the mission, you must complete the “final” objective. Throughout the mission there are seven “pieces” of Intel hidden at different locations, leading to two hidden objectives. You don’t have to find all of them, but to complete the final objective, you obviously need to find something leading you there. In addition to the above, there are four hidden sidetasks, which will prompt you with different rewards – if you manage to find the final objective. And yes, it is of course possible to find Soleveychik. Keep your eyes open. Required Addons: Community Upgrade Project (Weapons, Units, Vehicles, Terrains) Requires: Community Base Addons FDF Podagorsk Max Women Known Bugs: Pond objects cause quite some trouble in combination with high fog settings. The fog at the beginning of the mission is a design element which will not be changed. It will however be gone after 20-30 minutes and there won’t be any fog later in the mission. I suggest you stay away from the ponds during this time. Credits: Scripts: Air Support by Draper Fire and Smoke Effects by BI Additional Compositions taken from Arma 2 Suicide Animation taken from Arma 2 Music: Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14: “Moonlight Sonata” Operation Flashpoint and Arma 2 Soundtracks Beta Testers: Zipper 5 Onkel Bo Stoned Boy Thanks to: BI for Arma 2 / 3 AssaultMissionStudio Onkel Bo Download: @AssaultMissionStudio Dos & Don'ts (aka Licensing crap): (oh how I miss the times where this wasn't necessary...) You may download and play these missions. You may enjoy or dislike them. You may give feedback, report bugs or tell me to stop wasting your time. You may un-pbo these to look how it's done or to laugh at my scripting skills. You may use any part of these (provided they were created by me) for your own missions, as long as you give proper credit. You may not re-release these missions in any edited form. You may not upload these to Steam Workshop. You may not make any form of money with these missions or any part of them. This includes, but is not limited to: server monetization, monetization of youtube videos, pay to play, pay to win, pay to join, pay to pay or any other form of donation. Got a few bucks to spend? Nowadays it's all about the money, isn't it? Should I now add a PayPal link to all my posts? I don't think so. If you really want to donate something, don't look at me. I have a job to earn some money, I have a home, enough to eat, I can even afford a car and I have time to play video games. If you want to donate, there are others who actually need all the help they can get. Donate to World Wildlife Fund, Sea Shepherd, GoodPlanet or (if you prefer to help humans instead of nature) to UNICEF, the International Committee of the Red Cross or any other charity organization of your choice. There are enough out there. Those are the people who really need your donations.
  4. Clayman

    AimSway Script

    Also in init.sqf you are not passing anything to sa_aimsway.sqf Overall you are mixing _player and player quite a lot, which doesn't look quite right. Now that I think about it, in initPlayerLocal.sqf you call fnc_ghst_aimsway and addEventHandler, while in your sa_aimsway.sqf you do pretty much the same thing again.
  5. Clayman

    Dynamic Marker Question

    Why are you passing _grpCupRussia as an array to the spawnGroup function? It already is an array containing the unit classnames you want to spawn. Just pass the variable as is: _grpCupRussia = ["CUP_O_RUS_Soldier_TL", "CUP_O_RUS_Soldier_GL", "CUP_O_RUS_Soldier_Marksman", "CUP_O_RUS_SpecOps_Scout"]; _groupSquad1 = [getMarkerPos "plp_mark_as_sniperrifle", _side, _grpCupRussia, [], [], [0.3, 0.6]] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;
  6. Clayman

    AimSway Script

    In your fn_functions.sqf you are using "player" instead of "_player", which will most likely cause that error.
  7. Clayman

    isNil forEach

    That did the trick, thanks. Although I don't quite understand what I am doing here. Is it all about different data types? getVariable using a string as argument, while missionNamespace returning the actual group?
  8. I have a bunch of groups, which might or might not have been created so far (depending on the path the player has chosen). At some point I want to delete all groups that have been created so far. I've tried an isNil check for an array of all groupnames, which works well when all groups have been created. But if any of those groups has not been created, it throws up an undefined variable error. Different variants I have tried, so far to no avail: {if (!isNil _x) then {deleteGroup _x}} forEach [grp1, grp2, grp3]; // Undefined Variable {if (!isNil "_x") then {deleteGroup _x}} forEach [grp1, grp2, grp3]; // Undefined Variable {if (!isNil {_x}) then {deleteGroup _x}} forEach [grp1, grp2, grp3]; // Undefined Variable {if (!isNil str (_x)) then {deleteGroup _x}} forEach [grp1, grp2, grp3]; // Undefined Variable {if (!isNil _x) then {deleteGroup _x}} forEach ["grp1", "grp2", "grp3"]; // deleteGroup: Type String, expected Group Of course I could check each group individually, or add all created groups to an array and use this instead (which I'll probably do anyway). But I'd like to understand why this variant does not work. Anyone can enlighten me?^^
  9. Thanks Tajin for the reply. It seems knowsAbout has quite a strange behaviour in Arma 3. For all friendly infantry units it always returns 0, while for vehicles it appears to work normal. What's really weird is that every static object within viewdistance always returns a knowsAbout value of 4. However, as I'm trying to make AI react to their dead buddies, this unfortunately doesn't help me very much. What works quite well is checkVisibility combined with eyePos and a distance check. It would just be nice to make the distance dependant on the lighting. Maybe I can come up with something not too complicated.
  10. Is there any way to find out if (and how much probably) a place is illuminated? checkVisibility seems to only check line of sight but is not affected by weather, fog or nighttime. While it wouldn't be too difficult to check for any streetlamps in the area, it does become a bit tricky for anything more dynamic, like vehicles or soldiers with gunlights, firing flares etc. So if anyone has an easier solution it would be appreciated.
  11. Clayman

    EDEN Editor BUGS

    Not sure if this is a bug or if I missed something, as I couldn't find anything about this (not sure what to search for anyway), but it seems weird behaviour and I can't imagine that it's intended. When an AI group starts a mission as cargo of a vehicle which is part of the group, but not the leader, the vehicle won't move or follow any waypoints. Only if the driver (or vehicle commander) is the groupleader, it will move at all. - Place an AI group - Add a truck next to the group - Group truck to group leader - Drag group into truck cargo - Give group a move waypoint - Preview mission: truck won't move - Select truck driver as groupleader - Preview mission: truck will move to waypoint Same with any other transport vehicle / APC / whatever where the groupleader is in cargo position. This appears to only happen when dragging the group into the vehicle in Eden. When moving the group in cargo via script (assignAsCargo / moveInCargo) it works just fine. So, what am I doing wrong?
  12. Clayman

    [SP] Evil's Last Will

    Hey Undeceived! Great mission, just finished it. I expected it to be longer than that initial sniper task, but wow, what a journey. Took me nearly four hours ingame time to complete, not counting the countless reverts. ;) Have to agree with IndeedPete, this mission has a very special atmosphere. I like missions that develop over time and just keep going on. I didn't encounter any showstoppers, no frozen units or missing tasks like mentioned by other players. (Didn't use any other mods, except a weapon sway fix and some additional islands.) The only issues where messed up voice files and the weird fade-to-black effect, but these have been mentioned before. What was a little bit disappointing was the empty landscape. After the first objective I expected to be hunted down by lots of enemies, but I rarely encountered any enemies away from the objectives. Therefore the walks in between where quite long. But apart from that I had a lot of fun playing. Thanks for this mission. Looking forward to a Black Lands port. :D
  13. Clayman

    [SP] Evil's Last Will

    Hey Undeceived! Nice timing, I just started playing Dying Ember. (I'm late, I know...) Looking forward to play this mission, too. Sounds very promising. And +1 for a Ftloaf port. :D
  14. I said I'm done with BIS the day when MANW was announced. And now I'm back just to comment on this... Have quit playing Arma3 long time ago, before going final, and didn't pay attention to the competition at all. Therefore I can't really say anything about the entries, finalists, winners... BUT: I do remember how impressed I was when playing Zub. The mission had its glitches but you kept improving it. I'm sure you continued to do so and Whole Lotta Altis is the evolution of your mission concept as good as it could be up to this day. Without a doubt you put a lot of work into this. Seeing all the praise in this thread, I do believe you actually did deserve to win. From the beginning I said it's a stupid idea to bring money on the table. It will cause more problems than it's any good for. Even if I hadn't quit playing Arma, I wouldn't have participated in MANW, just because of the insane amount of money involved. Playing / moding / editing Arma has always been a hobby for me, not a business. I do indeed like the idea of a competition, the OFPEC MEC '11 was great and it was an honor to compete against you. OK, I was a bit pissed off that you won - for like a day or two. ;) But hey, I won a T-Shirt. And you're the better mission maker after all, no doubt about that. The 'real' reward however was the feedback I received for my mission. Seeing that people enjoy my countless hours of work. You right here have like 3.5k replies full of praise for your mission, I could only dream of. You have 2.5x the votes by community than any other entry. Obviously you're the winner of hearts. Who cares for that f?!*ed up competition anyway? It's only money after all! I haven't touched any Arma for about 1.5 years now. Just recently I started toying around with CWR2 mod, just for the fun of it. I still enjoy messing around in the editor. Maybe one day I'll return and throw out a mission or two for the public, or maybe not. I don't know today. When I'm in the right mood, it's great fun to do some editing. But if not, well... you have an impressive amount of spare time for other hobbies when not playing Arma. :D It's your mission. It's your game. It's your hobby. You decide how much time you put into something, how much pressure you put on yourself. You don't owe anything to anyone. Just keep that in mind and have a good time. :) Kind regards! Clayman out.