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  1. imutep

    OFP Addon request thread

    Thx for searching ;) Jep, i think this is the right one. Thx zulu...great :)
  2. imutep

    OFP Addon request thread

    I'm searching for the Gaz67 addon, it's an soviet ww2 addon. I don't know the autor, but i need this addon for my ww2 Ostfront 43 campaign i've made. Hope anybody can help. Thx and greetings
  3. imutep

    ArmA Mission Center [AMC]

    Yes, i'm on it. But it needs time to translate all things and test it. But it comes... :)
  4. After a lot of work we proudly present the ArmA Mission Center. With the known Assault Mission Studio, this is my second project for the ArmA Community. Here we create, support, archive good-playable missions & campaigns from the ArmA community. You've got scenarios and want them in a large library to accommodate great missions, rate and leave comments. Then your work is abolished the right place at AMC. We do not want to mark your missions, but leave it to the members based their feedback and review whether your mission in AMC Archives lands or not. We are pleased about every mission or campaign which decorated AMC, because without your great missions, the page is only half as valuable and interesting. At the moment AMC is in german language, but maybe in future we've make a english section. We'll see... :) AMC is and will remain a non-profit project and is freely supported by the ArmA community. Best regards Imutep (Oberyn) http://www.arma-missioncenter.de/
  5. imutep

    Attaching camera to bullet?

    Bulletcam http://www.assaultmissionstudio.de/forums/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=158 Bullet Cam Script http://www.assaultmissionstudio.de/forums/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=94 :) Hope this helps
  6. imutep

    Spawn a jet problem

    You have to create a vehicle, not a unit. example: jet1 = createVehicle ["O_Plane_CAS_02_F", position player, [], 0, "FLY"]; enGrp = createGroup east; jpilot1 = enGrp createUnit ["O_Pilot_F", markerPos "p1", [], 0, "FLY"]; jpilot1 assignAsDriver jet1; jpilot1 moveInDriver jet1;
  7. Thx for the script and the idea! Give a try...
  8. imutep

    HuntIR script

    Good idea, will try out. Thx for the release.
  9. imutep

    Camera Script

    Follow the link to AMS and you find many tutorials from A2, also helpful in A3. There is also a camscripting tutorial... http://www.assaultmissionstudio.de/forums/index.php?action=downloads;cat=2
  10. Very nice set of script. Good to use!
  11. imutep

    ArmA3 Object Library

    Hmm sorry, seems to be a cookie prob? Session ect. :confused: By clicking a second time it works. I'll take a look.....
  12. imutep

    ArmA3 Object Library

    Nope, free access to the ObjLib. I try as guest and it works. It's not my way to force a user to a registration.
  13. imutep

    ArmA3 Object Library

    What doesnt work? It's all fine....
  14. Last days we started to create an object library for ArmA3. There are pictures of all units, vehicles, objects and everything else to see in arma3, together with the Class Names and many other useful information. The missing classes will be added together with new content as soon as possible. We hope that the library for you is a useful reference work. Any errors or additions you may like to share here in this topic. "Crown and the ring" goes to our Clayman for his great work! :cool: Link to the ArmA3 Object Library Link to the ArmA3 Object Library Forum -german See ya, soldier!
  15. Amazing ARJay! Thx for your work! :)