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    Game development, music, movies, military, firearms, armored vehicles, war history, cooking, sex and other shit :)

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    A Finnish guy studying game development. Hobbies include bodybuilding, video games, music, movies, etc.
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  1. Kalle M.

    arma3 editor

    Hi and welcome to Arma mission editing! Learn to use waypoints and especially triggers! A guide for learning about the trigger system in Eden editor: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor:_Trigger
  2. Kalle M.

    Replayable Open world Historical Coop Set in 1920 Ireland

    Cursing in Irish is one that makes me want to try this. Free Ireland!
  3. Kalle M.

    1988 - Return of The Red Star Redux | RELEASE

    Redux version 1.0 is out now. Feel free to comment etc you know the drill. Don't expect too much but not too less.
  4. Kalle M.

    How do I enable multiple saves?

    You can't. If you want to save multiple times, just use the cheat code SAVEGAME. Or if you make missions with the editor, you can make a radio alpha trigger and set it to repeatable and type in activation field "saveGame;" without the quotes.
  5. Change activation to "Anybody" and type to the condition field: {alive _x} EAST countSide thisList < 1 && {alive _x} GUER countSide thisList < 1 See if that solves it for you 😉
  6. Kalle M.

    1988 - Return of The Red Star Redux | RELEASE

    Meanwhile I have something else to provide for you folks! These missions display my current skills as a mission developer. Enjoy.
  7. Kalle M.

    Karjala Flashpoint mission pack for FDF Mod

    It is here finally, version 2 with some additions. Enjoy.
  8. Kalle M.

    1988 - Return of The Red Star Redux | RELEASE

    I apologise for not making progress on this project. My conscription service and social life have taken most of my time. I have not forgotten my work but I need to prioritize my tasks. My hands are full but I'm aiming to finish the release within this year if there are no obstacles.
  9. Kalle M.

    Karjala Flashpoint mission pack for FDF Mod

    Announcement! My conscription service ends on June 16th so the new version will be released within a month max. Version 2 includes more missions and the older ones with several fixes and alterations where deemed necessary.
  10. Kalle M.

    Trying to mod the campaign

    I'd like to try this "politically correct" version of the Cold War Crisis campaign :D
  11. Kalle M.

    Sound Problem

    Check your speaker settings
  12. Kalle M.

    You've played to much Arma when:

    For me it has gone to the point where I spend time in the editor instead of playing the actual missions 😄
  13. Kalle M.

    [SP] Mabuta pack, CWR² v.1.6 demo

    I already have that mission pack. I was asking about the status of Mabuta pack.
  14. Kalle M.

    [SP] Mabuta pack, CWR² v.1.6 demo

    Hello there. What is the current status of development? Are you still working on this mission pack? Cheers