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  1. Kalle M.

    Move player to commander seat

    Check this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/inputAction
  2. Kalle M.

    you need supercomputer to play this game

    I can run it fine with R5 2600X and before with i5 7500.
  3. Kalle M.

    [SP/MP] Spooky Skeletons- Happy Halloween!

    Hi, the link isn't working so could you send me a copy of the mission? It seems interesting. Thank you.
  4. Kalle M.

    Altis shoots down the game

    I would verify the game files.
  5. Kalle M.

    help me please

    Buying keys is a terrible option. If you get banned for no reason then you should always contact administration before doing anything extreme.
  6. Kalle M.

    help me please

    I recommend contacting anyone from administration.
  7. Kalle M.


    Your PC obviously has a problem. If I were you I would just format my hard drive and reinstall everything.
  8. I just bought F.E.A.R. Platinum and after finishing the original game I began Extraction Point and I'm about to finish it too. I also bought Deus Ex for 0.99 € and Deus Ex 2.
  9. Kalle M.

    multi threaded support

    Intel works slghtly better for Arma but Ryzen is not a bad option.
  10. You should have used quote marks because it is a string value.
  11. Have you thought about using saveGame?
  12. You can use the official soundtrack in your A3 missions. If you want to be 125% sure, give proper credit to BIS in mission briefing for example.
  13. Kalle M.

    Arma 3 GeForce Now

    Arma ain't made for optimization! 😂
  14. You should have thought about it in advance. It's not their fault if they are effective in terms of tactics, you should accept that fact. Cheating is the lowest thing to ever do.