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    A Finnish guy studying game development. Hobbies include bodybuilding, video games, music, movies, etc.
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  1. Too many bindings for controller support.
  2. I'm considering to buy myself the DLC so this might come in handy. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Kalle M.

    Mission name problem [SOLVED]

    Doesn't work for me if I only fill the parameters in the editor. I must also create description.ext and define briefingName parameter there to make it work properly.
  4. Kalle M.

    Mission name problem [SOLVED]

    You have to use both description.ext and fill the same parameters in the editor.
  5. Kalle M.

    Can't joint any server with Prairie Fire

    Check that you have activated the DLC when joining a server.
  6. Kalle M.

    Old Man: can't play since update

    Restart the mission. Old saves can't be played with new versions.
  7. Kalle M.

    Karjala Flashpoint mission pack for FDF Mod

    Hehheh, there probably won't be any as this game has seen its prime 😉
  8. @Gunter Severloh It might actually work the same way as if you linked a civilian to a BLUFOR group in editor. The civilian will become a hostile to OPFOR and will fire weapons and so on. The trigger won't detect him as "civilian" anymore.
  9. Kalle M.

    Karjala Flashpoint mission pack for FDF Mod

    You sure? It worked just fine for me. It should take you to OneDrive.
  10. Kalle M.

    Move player to commander seat

    Check this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/inputAction
  11. Kalle M.

    you need supercomputer to play this game

    I can run it fine with R5 2600X and before with i5 7500.
  12. Kalle M.

    [SP/MP] Spooky Skeletons- Happy Halloween!

    Hi, the link isn't working so could you send me a copy of the mission? It seems interesting. Thank you.
  13. Kalle M.

    Altis shoots down the game

    I would verify the game files.
  14. Kalle M.

    help me please

    Buying keys is a terrible option. If you get banned for no reason then you should always contact administration before doing anything extreme.