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  1. rewan

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Reaction Forces

    Nitpick central here but I just noticed that the LDF version of the AH-11F actually had the same denomination as the WY-55. i.e. : for NATO AH-11F is "Hellcat" vs AAF WY-55 "Wildcat" but for the LDF both AH-11F and WY-55 are "Czapla". Maybe find it another polish bird name ? Also on the topic of the Air Control, I was a bit unlucky and got nicked by two/three 20mm rounds in the first day, of course I was like "well my chopper is fine" (as I didn't seem to have taken any damage to any critical area) but apparently the hit still managed severed the fuel tank (it was still showing white aka low damage) and I was forced to emergency land near Galati. And frankly once I did that, I was legit out of fuel and without a clue as to what I should be doing... what should I have done ?
  2. rewan

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Reaction Forces

    Thank you very much and keep up the good work !
  3. rewan

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Reaction Forces

    It's different from what I'd like to see. But thanks regardless. 😛 (Side door is side door, front turret & pylons is front turret & pylons) On a unrelated note, we installed RF on our dedicated server but apparently now trying to NOT launch RF on it causes some weird bug where the interface for the advanced flight sim mode is active at all time. (And yes, even for folks playing without any mods & disabling all mods on the server) Any idea what could be going on there, did we mess something up or did the spaghetti rear its ugly plate ?
  4. rewan

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Reaction Forces

    I'd just like to thank you folks at Rotators for providing content to the base setting of the game. I am a bit disappointed that the NATO Cougar doesn't come with a side door 20mm variant (as the Puma Pirate was one of my favourite OFrP piece of hardware - and frankly a gunship variant for the Tanoan Gendarmerie would be a great assets to fight against Syndikats boat runs) but we get what we get. If I had to list every small variants we could get some mileage off, it would never be ending (anyone mention Speedboats with different front configurations such as a front AA/AT/Canon ? No ? Anyone ? - or to keep in the DLC added vehicles just a HAT variant of the MOOSE, or OPFOR actually using a variant of the MMG MOOSE with the Navid rather than the SPMG, etc...) and well, yeah, gotta stay realistic. Just one thing I would think I can actually realistically ask you to add is a toggle to make the floaters deployed by default in the mission editor. I assume there is a scripting command one could use to do that but a toggle either in the unit attributes or vehicle customization would honestly be cool for scrubs like me. Frankly, keep up the good work. (And I hope to see more content before ArmA 4 is released)
  5. Thanks for the quick answer, we'll keep our eyes peeled. Good luck & keep up the good work !
  6. Congratz on the release ! I'm actually really liking what has been done, I think some more things could have been done (as usual with users, oh so demanding users) such as a SFIA variant of the AAF A-143 "Buzzard" plane (especially since the CSAT was initially planned on getting it) and the WY-55 Hellcat (as a light transport option, TK style). (Plus l'm so not quite sure why the Tura aren't allowed to use non-armored offroads but hey). I just have a question - by any chance would anyone have any idea as to why our team's Linux dedicated server wouldn't be able to launch the expansion ? Launching the CDLC on its own apparently crashes the server on startup, launching with other mods (such as CBA) allows the server to properly boot, but ws apparently still won't launch itself. (mission list empty and all - even with a custom mission made and added to the server, so the island is just no recognized I'm going to guess). Files have been checked, double-checked, triple-checked. Tried to rename the CDLC folder in case it was messing up, no luck. Server still runs perfectly fine with other addons/CDLC's (such as SOG) so it's kinda taking us aback. Just throws us something like this apparently (as I'm not one to manage the server, I'm just decent at english) : Mods : ws; 17:42:09 SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features won't be accessible! aa3server@ns3024128:~/www/manage$ 17:42:09 Initializing stats manager. sh: 1: /sbin/ifconfig: not found 17:42:09 Stats config disabled. 17:42:09 sessionID: 98b0b4c5a4dd098c0c8793efd21d54ff6e91c608 Error: can't resize AutoArray to negative size! /home/aa3server/cmd_arma3.sh: line 50: 1821316 Segmentation fault (core dumped) ./arma3server_x64 -port=2302 -name=server -config=cfg/server.cfg -cfg=cfg/network.cfg -mod=${mods} >> /home/aa3server/rpt/server_$(date +%s).rpt Mods : ws; aa3server@ns3024128:~/www/manage$ I'm going to guess we're doing something wrong but we can't see it.
  7. Well as I already said I'm not an expert, just some fanboy that likes OFP/ArmA/ArmA II. I was a bit too eager facing the idea I could finally play something really different into ArmA II and I guess skipped every piece of relevant info. :( (Tho I'll keep on hoping they make a JSDF DLC someday since it's obviously not for this time)
  8. I would say it's not ACR but really JSDF. I ain't a military expert and the vehicles and stuff all look alike anyways because they are made for the same objectives/missions, so they are built the same way, look at the L39/T4 => both avanced training planes and IRL they appear to have a lot in common looking at Wikipedia pictures; I do know that BIS likes to troll us but only on 1st aprils and not so hard, but for I have made a (poor) retexture of the L39 for the Tigerians units I actually believe the plane canopy doesn't "profile" exactly the same as on the L39 we already have in game. But again I do really hope it's JSDF because it was - with FDF - one of my favorite mod for OFP, so I might by biased in the matter ! And it would maybe also mean a total overhaul of the Russian Army - that would be the most logical OPFOR along with the chinese. Wait n See ! =D