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  1. Alex_LT

    Remove Exploding vehicles

    I hope you are right
  2. Alex_LT

    Remove Exploding vehicles

    Well, Armed vehicles, vehicles with suplies, IFW's, helicopters, A4 tanks and jets should.They just need to overhaul damage model.Idealy it could be like GHPC or Warthunder, but sadly, I dont think it is possible
  3. Alex_LT

    help to understand

    Not really. IF A4 is based on reforger, (A4 is reforger plus singleplayer content and bunch of cold war era assets) then yeah, but if it is separate project set in different setting , like pre Vietnam war or somewhere in 2035 then they have to start almost from scrach.
  4. Alex_LT

    help to understand

    I just re watched their old Future of Arma release stream, and in the very end the MAN himself, the CEO, Marek Španěl, said, that "ARMA 4 is worked for quite some time". The stream was nearly two years ago, and it makes me curious..why didn't they show us something from A4 ? Was that statement about A4 complete BS, or are they working on it secretly, just showing public Reforger as a filler, distraction from A4 ?
  5. Alex_LT

    an island without boats?

    well..BTR is amphibious as well as incoming BRDM and LAV
  6. Alex_LT

    today i switched to Reforger

    Never gonna happen.Wait for A4
  7. I am still not sure , what setting they might choose. I think, because of russian invasion of Ukraine, they might be scared to show something from current period, just because someone might use their content as fake news, as it happened in the past. Still, I'd love to see similar to Arma2 content as it was perfect setting. Arma 3 is kinda meh because of near future setting, with some scifi weapons and vehicles from different countries.RHS and CUP fixes that. Arma/OFP always had Abrams,T72,BMP, Bradleys, classic M16 and Ak74s , so I hope they stay with it Arma4
  8. Alex_LT

    Interesting fact

  9. Alex_LT

    Interesting fact

    So. I just found out alternative Reforger meaning. Turns out Reforger is not just "test bed for Enfusion and Arma4", but it was actual term during Cold War era annual military exercise conducted by NATO , meaning "REturn of FORces to GERmany"
  10. Alex_LT

    My vision of perfect Arma 4

    Mindset of a clever gentleman
  11. Alex_LT

    My vision of perfect Arma 4

    go play something else.it is that simple
  12. Alex_LT

    My vision of perfect Arma 4

    Arma is not about small maps
  13. Alex_LT

    My vision of perfect Arma 4

    What do you mean we dont need EDEN ? That is main part why arma lives that long .SDK is not the same
  14. Alex_LT


    I am waiting for A4. Reforger is not my type of cookie
  15. Alex_LT

    Crossplay might kill Arma

    we dont need simlified features. its not an arcade game