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  1. razor6014

    Jet DLC?

    I know a few people who thought CCIP in jets was an arcade addition an was against the sim :386: :391: Yea the flight model is easy , but its so easy its kind of embarrassing to not even put in some effort to improve it.
  2. razor6014

    Jet DLC?

    The argument is that if you want fun dogfights you need the physics as they are and always have been forms of energy fighting, no energy physics means no fun. Otherwise its just making missile platforms in the air. Now to me that is just no fun. I mean what fun is there in pushing a button faster.
  3. razor6014

    Jet DLC?

    And for the love of god, separate throttle , and airbrakes, Seriously whoever thought that was a good idea?
  4. razor6014

    Jet DLC?

    When the DLC i have to pay for is focused on jets , YES i bloody CAN. Do i expect the same detail , no , but i do expect concepts that are present in EVERY sim that has jets. You cant even do a High Yo-Yo now to bleed off speed. That i could do in sims from 1990s. Heck you can do that in helicopters in arma, but not in jets.
  5. razor6014

    Jet DLC?

    I must be the only one thinking air superiority jets without a system of energy states and how each aircraft approaches them is pointless. Standard ACM maneuvers cannot be executed and mean anything as you cant even control airbrakes , throttle and afterburner separately. Energy fighting, Boom and Zooming, Turn fighting are mostly the same for every aircraft Acceleration is mostly the same for every aircraft. I mean war thunder has theese thing more fleshed out that arma , thats kinda sad.
  6. Sooo will BI, expand the flight model for jets to include energy fighting as right now doing scissors , high and low yo-yo's does absolutely nothing in regards to energy state ?
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuous_delivery First user acceptance test will always remain useful, thats all devbranch is. ;)
  8. razor6014

    Apex Weapon Feedback

    Did they fix ERCO bullet path being to the right of the ballistic reticle ?
  9. look i understand that in foward back direction the aircraft is slughish .. but left right and up down roll and yaw should be a bit better ... pitch is understandably slugish due to the position of the rotors
  10. You might want to increase roll speed by about 10%
  11. razor6014

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    I kinda dig the BugPredator look ... its like someone thought .... super scary + jungle = predator .... csat has bug helmets ... well why not .. Just be glad we dont have shoulder mounted 50cals :D :D Also +1 on making the mx series a little bit more british racing green
  12. MotherFu.... :D BI ... you guys are awsome :D :D
  13. razor6014


    since we have the gendarmerie ... can we have a unit called Crabtree from Alo Alo ? :D :D :lol: :lol:
  14. anyone experiencing crashes when switching to auto mode using cyrus in RC ?
  15. razor6014

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Can we get a slider option for how far the grass renders ? Or the better question , how far out can we push the grass and shadows past 200 ?